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The books drop in10 days but the free 4 part adventure has fully dropped. Current Guidance is to use last year's UA on spelljammer for races.
Spelljammer Academy Part 1 you will need to print out 21 sheets of paper. 3 for each person playing. One map. One security code. And one for handout 2 parts one and two. I may get one or two kills on the security check points.

I will be running this on Saturdays.

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Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 1


Day 1 to Day 2 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 9 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start time 6:30 End Time 8:20.

Gain a level. 50 GP. 10 Downtime Days. One free weapon.

Story Award Naughty Narc for Ben 3 and Bytho Modau. You saw something unethical go down by the docks. You reported like a good cadet. The office is now in the brig. Other cadets are not going to be happy with you.

Story Award Spelljammer Pilot. You are now synced to be a navigator in a Spelljammer vessel.

Note All Inspiration carries over to the end of the Academy. The Officers are giving out like candy.

I had a weak group of four. Pebbles Life Cleric 1. Ben 3 Artificer Autognome 1. Bytho Modau Astral Elf Wizard 1. Bob Plasmoid monk 1.

The group are fighting on a ship. What ship? Why is another ship above us? Why is this guy trying to kill me? Us?

Captain Sardax, “Gentlemen prepare to defend yourselves and the top deck of the Moonraider. Arrgh” They are pinned to the wheel by a neon green ballast bolt. Bythol looks around. She her friends and three other sailors are the only ones left.

Bythol, “Why are you here? Can we join your crew? Can I surrender?” The reaver cocks its head to one side with a slightly puzzled look. “No, you can die sailor.” She ducks out the way. Pebbles remembers the name of the ship. Remembers Wildspace. Remembers Reavers use Forgot myself dust. Bob and Ben 3 attack. A few seconds later Bob nearly dies but is healed by Pebbles.

“Watch this,” cries Ben 3. He throws a fire bolt at the last reaver who ducks. The firebolt hits the smoke powder keg at the stairs. A huge explosion tosses everyone into wildspace. The air gets thin.

“Okay cut the sim.” Bosun Tarto a half winged Hadozee enters the holodeck. In a smoky gruff voice, she looks at the captain at the wheel., “McCoy if you ask about how dramatically you died again. I will turn on the shock option next time. Welcome the Spelljammer Academy space cadets. The gas will totally wear off soon. You are cadets. You will address everyone in rank weather real or cadet rank above as Sir. Do you get.”

Bythol, “Why? There are many?”

Bosun Tarto, “There are many races. There are many sexes. We have robots, elves, elves, elves, elves, elves, Autognome, Hadozee, humans, variant humans, owl folk, Caitians, Hippo folk, in total to day were have over 54 know races. So, in the pass ‘Sir’ was consisted a generic placeholder the Academy decide all superiors would be addressed as Sir. Do you understand cadet?”

Bythol, “Well.um”

Bosun Tarto, “The first and last things coming out your mouth cadets will Sir. Sir Yes. Sir. Sir. No. Sir. For those who cannot speak a salute with your right hand will do.” The group request in a positive matter and were told what they did wrong. The bosun then gives them their orientation handouts and answers some of their questions. After a few questions she needs a smoke break. “Choose a cadet captain for your squad and get on with your tasks.”.

(DMs. Print out the handouts, including some of the sidebars. Give the group a few minutes to look at the map. Do tell them to do the tasks in the order they are on the list. Do not watch Full Metal Jacket the week before DMing.)

While on the way to the administration they are stop by Hippo Folk Bosun Harcourt who assigns them four bunks. Well three bunks, and a gold bucket for Bob. But Bob is issued a small six-inch bunk which they have to make sure in the morning it will have the appropriate scaled six-inch fold down, fluffy pillow and hospital corners. They are given thirty minutes for this task. During this time Cadet 3 Venna forces Bob to swap bunks. They agree but asks Wildspace what would a Plasmoid turd look like? (Note Cadets are broken down into weeks. Week 0 cadets will be Cadet 0 name.)

At the administration desk the Thri-kreen Bosun Sor’Ku takes about half a minute of clacking her mandibles before communication happen. The bosun issues them after they were scanned two correctly sized red uniforms. An United Nations Blue Safety Helmet. A 50 GP voucher for supplies.

At stores they meet Mr. Blip an Autognome with a gold mustache and bowler hat. They have 50 GP any left-over amount will go to the Spelljammer’s retirement home. Spelljammers who are on active duty for 60 percent of their life span; can spend their last ten percent of their life span at the Spelljammer Retirement House. Which is schedule to start construction in ten years.

Cadet Captain Bythol takes them to the nexus were Bosun Saerthe fits and calibrates their helms. After a serious of questions, a few ships destroyed, and a fly a course they are now calibrated to Spelljammer.

At the Sky Dock Ben 3 notices something strange going on at Dock 2. He mentions to his Cadet Captain Bythol who attracts the attention of Sailor Pik. About an hour later Officer Sparrow is busted for smuggle rum. His last words before being taken to the brig is “Why is the rum gone!”

Cadet Captain Bythol told the DM he could not write about the gym montage.

Finally, as they get back to Cadet HQ with the door to dorm just in sight and only fifteen minutes till likes out. They seen Bosun Tarto. Who applies gold foil to their caps. Tarto, “Take this crate up to Mirt the Merciless quarters. Do not drop the crate. Do not inspect the crate. Do place in Mirt’s HQ. Move out!”

A long long climb of many levels follows, the guards let them pass. As they enter Mirt’s HQ which is his bedroom. He being half asleep and four sheets to wind instructs them to put the crate quietly on the rug. That does not happen as six negoi hatchlings break out. Another hour later after the combat after the investigation and after no chow since breakfast.

Commander Mirt, “50 GP for a good fight. You will tell no one about what happen. You will go straight to your beds. You will not speak to anyone about this except those who I authorize. Now go.”

They finally get their bunks and bucket at 2350.

Note. This will be a heavy handout adventure. Please return all handouts at the end of the game. You can make notes on the handout. I am going just diving to what every Science Fiction movie, or genre as necessary to get the action moving. The Chapters appear to take two hours each.

(I can see the mixed of civilians and officers who are important are going give me headaches. Some of the timing does not make sense. So bad basic training movies, bad navy movies will be the DMs inspiration.)

End of Session 361.


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 2

Trial by Fire or Burning TPK

Day 2 0700 To Day 2 1800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 24 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start time 6:19 PM End Time 8:53 PM

Gain a level. 100 GP. 10 Downtime Days.

I had an average group of six. Bob Monk 2 Plasmoid. Bythol Modau evocation wizard Astral Elf. Udziro Druid 1 Wood Elf. Kim Rogue 1 Life Cleric Aasimar. Taz Rogue 2 Swiftstrider. Ben 3 Autognome Artificer.

Welcome Udziro first timer D&D and Adventure League. First time for a Swiftstrider too.

Note Space Combat rules were created from multiple sources including watching some podcasts about Spelljammer. Spelljammers must have a caster level. This may change when the books drop.

Bob was peacefully sleeping in his golden bucket. He was dreaming of earthquakes. Bob wakes up in midair and splashes on Udziro’s bunk. As the Cadet 0 class is rudely awaken by Venna.

Venna, “Wake up you zeroes. Twenty minutes to wake up. We get up early to eliminate waste matter, make out bunks, and.” Bythol gets into Venna face and is about to say something when Miken gets between them.

Miken, “Venna you are being an ass. They just got a new member. Were up past lights out. And if they throw down on you, I am not going to help. In fact.”

Suddenly the lights come up to twice normal. Three trash cans are hurled down the dorm between the bunks. “Drop your… Your dreams and grab your socks. Twenty minutes till roll call and meals. You will. What is this?”, LT Needlemire a Hipp sees the group. “What is this. A possible fight? Are you people stuck on STUPID?”

Bythol, “I like being smart. In fact, my int stat.”

LT Needlemire, “Cadet 0 Class you are going to stuck on STUPID if that is the last thing you do. Do you get me. Cadet Venna. Be STUPID for me.”

Venna, “Sir, yes, Sir. S for Sanitation. You will perform excellent sanitation routines to keep your body healthy. T for Training. You will train your body and mind to be a Spelljammer. U for Uniform. You will keep your uniform clean and squared away at all times. P for Preparation. You will prepare yourself to become a Spelljammer. I for Initiative. You will take initiative in all tasks to become a Spelljammer. D for Dedication. You will dedicate your body and mind to become a Spelljammer. I will be STUPID at all times when I am a cadet. I will live STUPID. I will study STUPID. I will help my fellow cadets be STUPID. I will die STUPID. If you are not STUPID you will be a wash out cadet. SIR I AM STUPID. SIR.” (Thanks, Bob, for reading Stupid out loud.)

Lt Needlemire, “Good. Good. Now for trying to start a fight. 1 Demerit. Lost of Captain duties. Lost of Spelljammer duties. In 18 minutes, I want this dorm squared away and dress right dress. You will then form up to roll call. After roll call you march to chow. You will eat your chow weather organic, or non-organic base in a swift matter. Carry on!” (Try to match a DI chewing out with a mixture of races is interesting.)

Breakfast is being served by Petty Officer Winston Ryeback (a Hipp) serving his gunpowder chowder. Organic is fried meats or veggies served with sticky starches. Non-organic is a smoothie thing.

PO Ryeback, “Oh Cadet Zeroes. I heard you were up late last night. Pass curfew.” When his fishing does not get a response he continues, “Simulation today for you and Class 3. Don’t worry. It is not a timed mission. Be calm. Take your time.”

As the cadets get out of line, they see Miken has been banished to the Nerd Table and all the other tables have only one chair left. Bythol goes to sit with Class Three. The others sit the Nerd Table. Miken is trying to juggle eating with studying and doing badly. He is very nervous. The group the group thanks him for his help an encourage him.

Meanwhile Bythol and Venna are throwing insults at each other. Bythol tries to make peace and fines out Officer Sparrow would allow cadets to sniff the rum in his flask as morale boost. But peace is not made before chow is over and they have to report to the holodeck.

On the way to the Holodeck, they pass a visiting Hipp Colonel who cuts a huge fart. When the cadets start to giggle the officers attending to the Colonel tell them to move on. Arriving at the Simulation room, they are assigned a ship. Mister Blip gives them a map and sketch of log book they need to find.

Mister Blip, “I heard what happen with the Class Three. You have ten minutes to decide on a Spelljammer, Captain, and Crew. You will follow the waypoints. Obtain the log book and return. There will be challenges on the way. The standard ship load out is one ballista and two mangonels. I do happen to have my reconfigure key with me. And can drop the actions to use the weapons by two.” He describes the weapons systems and the group decides on two ballistae and one mangonel. He adjusts the loading time. “I would preload the weapons as you leave the dock. You will have infinite ammo for this session.”

Taz, “Cool. Rear Gunner. I am going to zero this sucker until I can part the hair on a weretiger at three hundred feet.” He starts randomly firing.

Saerthe, “Cadets this is not a timed mission. You have until 1700 to finish. This is a graded mission. The grade… Cadet Taz quit firing. CADET TAZ!” They press a button the ballista powers down. A Whammy from Press Your Luck appears and beats it to pieces. The Whammy shakes it finger at Taz.

Saerthe, “You will hit your way points. You be on the look out for various navigation hazards like asteroids. You will recover the log book and return. Simulation begins in three, two. One.” The holodeck fades. A space dock and wildspace appears. The group casts off.

The group hits the first waypoint with no trouble. Deals with the space eels. Nearly lose Taz to an asteroid knocking him off ship and the ship takes minor damage. Arriving at asteroid, the sensors highlight the general location of the log book. A ship is scatter along the length of the asteroid. No survivors. Kim aligns the gravity plane with the gravity plane of the rock. (What this means will be discovered when the books drop.) As Captain Bythol is trying to figure if mage hand or other spells will retrieve the book. Bob and Ben 3 break into stores and launch an anchor harpoon. Then slide down to the rock and start searching.

Captain Bythol, “I did not tell you to leave the ship. I.” A Whammy appears on deck with a sign saying “Mutiny. Mutiny on the Wildspace sea.” The crewmen recover the log book and climb the harpoon line back to ship. The captain says some choice words.

Kim is able this time not to bump into any rocks and heads toward the next waypoint. As they approach the next waypoint, a mind flayer ship drops out of warp and attacks. Battle stations are manned. Kim uses an opposed charisma check (From a podcast) to get advantage for the weapon systems. Unfortunately, she is not always success full. The Flayers destroy all the groups weapon systems. So, the Captain boards the Flayers ship herself. Knowing she is trouble, most of the group follow with Kim supplying spell support. It was a great battle. Kim was the last to fall with only the Captain and Navigator of other ship being alive. (Should mentioned the retreat procedure. Oops.)

The group comes to one hour later with one hit point and a level of exhaustion. They head for home. Just before port they see Miken and his ship adrift and needing a tow. Bythol nearly has a second mutiny on her hands but decides to throw the Class 3 ship a tow line. They dock and as the simulation ship is fading from the holodeck, the holodeck explodes. A few healing words later from the rescue team, the group is ordered to medical. They ignore the order and snoop.

Snooping around they find two sigils of the Vocath. Mister Blip takes them. Snooping more they over hear the Bosun and Saerthe talking about a rival merchant house who wants to take out Milo the Merciless. They are again ordered to the medical bay.

While waiting on to be discharged, Saerthe in a burned uniform gives them the results. They did not get six points. So, they will be retaking the sim at a later day.

Saerthe, “Keep quiet about what happen at holodeck. You are dismissed from medical. Report to your quarters and get a good night sleep.”

End of session 363.


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 3.

Realmspace Space or Splitting the party works.

Day 3 0200 to Day 17 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 21 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start time 6:13 PM End Time 7:25 PM

Gain a level. 300 GP. 10 Downtime Days.

I had a very weak group of three. Udziro Druid 2. Kimberly Rogue 1 Cleric 2. Ben 3 Artificer 3.


The cadet crew of Flying Foundling are grumpy. Why wake them up at 0200 when it was going take them days to get the abandon Tyrant Ship. Why make them study and learn ship board chores.

Four days later Bosun Tarto gets a message for one of his sending stone. He then arrests Venna and strands her on an asteroid. Saerthe runs them spellcasting rules and regulations. Finally on Day 16 they arrive.

Captain Udziro, “You NPC stay up here, while we secure the command deck because NPCs are useless.” He leads Cadet Class 0 down.

Ben 3, “Why are we going to Command Deck first. The Cargo Deck is first.”

Kimberly, “Learn how to read a map Ben3. Command Deck, Hollow Deck, then Cargo Deck. Do want the map to include all the features like pilot console, navigation, communications, view screen too?”

Ben 3, “Yes.” (DM well at least the command console.)

The group moves down the gravity plane to the deck. Looking around Kimberly sees the command console and start examining it. The ship starts spinning clockwise and gravity is reduced to the moon.

Captain Udziro ells, “What button did you push?” as he bounces of the ceiling and floor. Ben 3 uses his rope of climbing to secure himself.

Kimberly, “This one.” The rotation changes direction and Udziro is bouncing off the walls. Udziro, “Quit pressing button…” He is nearly slammed to the floor. “Found the right button.”, snarks Kimberly.

While the adventurers took no damage Petty Officer Winston took some. And Miken an apprentice wizard, Krik’lit Thri-kreen carpenter’s apprentice, and Pffred Plasmoid Deckhand are unconscious. Healing spells and three potions of healing get them to their feet. Udziro orders Kimberly and Miken to work on the Spelljammer Helm which will take eight hours to install. Petty officer Winston will temporary secure the supplies on the command deck and check for breakage. Ben 3 will take shaft 2 down a deck, the other NPCs will take shaft 3, and Udziro will take shaft 1. They will meet and explore the Hollow deck.

Arriving on the Hollow deck, it looks like junk. Some table saw noises are heard. When Captain Udziro’s light falls on the clockwork horror, it attacks him. Four rounds later.

Krik’lit and Pffred, “We did miss one dagger throw and took down half the hit points of that horror. Still think NPCS are useless?”

Udziro, “Belay that and search the deck.” They find Wizpop an Autognome survivor. Since Ben 3 is Autognome he is order to fix the broken Wizpop while the others secure the cargo deck.

Ten minutes later Udziro calls a meeting. Udziro, “Kimberly and Miken will continue building the helm. Ben 3 will continue repairs on the Wizpop and try to get his voice box working first. Winston with the rest will start securing the supplies and kitchen on the Hollow deck and.”

Petty Officer Winston, “Cadet Captain Udziro. The stove will put out some smoke. I would like the cargo deck so the bridge does breathe smoke.”

Cadet Captain Udziro, “And I would like the enlisted to keep quiet until I ask for questions. Set up on the Hollow Deck. We just breath smoke and think of Texas Barbeque. Move out.”

Two hours later, Miken goes down to see if lunch is ready. Thinking he is not seen; he pulls a spell scroll out. Which is blasted from his hand by Ben 3, Winston punches his lights out and secures him.

Miken reveals he is pay of the mercane. Cadet Captain Udziro makes a decision and sends a message to Bosun Tarto.

Message reads. “Miken Traitor. Secured. Need Pick up. Awaiting Orders.”

DM Notes. Udziro killed part 3 with his orders. Miken fail an int check not to be stupid. Twenty five words suck for sending stones.

End of session 365.


Rotten DM
A few writing problems. The authors give away a big clue with only one cadet having two names. No word in the Spelljammer books on what happens when you flip through the gravity plane. I gave the cadet captain two levels for nuking the plot.


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 4.

Behold H’Catha

Day 18 0800 To Day 53 1700

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 25 Villains Captured 4 Villains Escaped 1

Start time 6:18 PM End Time 7:55 PM

Gain a level. 500 GP. 10 Downtime Days. Two potions of healing. Choose one of +1 Rod of the Pact Keeper, +1 Shield, +1 weapon, Bag of Holding, Googles of Night.

Gain one musket and 100 Rounds.

I had a weak group of 3. Udziro Wood Elf Circle of Moon Druid 4. Ben 3 Artificer 4. Kimberly Rogue 1 life cleric 3.

The Flighty Foundling pulls up next to the tyrant ship and Tarto glides across.

Bosun Tarto, “Only Class 0 cadets will be staying with the tyrant ship to recover the adamantine meteor. Officer Saerthe will command the ship. I will continue your training. Petty Officer Winston will take the linked sending stone to the Academy. Winston will proceed under stealth, pick up cadet Venna, and return to base.”

(DM. I love it when military NPCs get stupid for plot reasons.)

Later in the day, Tarto drills the cadets on space maps and distance.

Bosun Tarto, “Is the Planet Dirt sometimes call Earth, closer to sun than Coliar? Coliar is 100 million miles from the sun. Earth is 93 million miles.

Mars is 142 million miles from the Sun Toril is 200 million miles.

Earth’s Asteroid belt is 230 million miles from the Sun. Karpri is 300 million Miles from the Sun.

Chandos is 400 million miles from the sun. Jupiter is 487 million miles from the Sun.

Saturn is 889 million miles from the sun. Glyth is 1,000 million miles or 1 billion American miles.

Garden is 1,200 million miles or 1.2 billion miles from the sun. H’Catha is 1,600 million miles or 1.6 billion miles away from the sun. Or 2.3 Light hours. Uranus and while in the gawds names would the dirtlings name a planet a naughty name only the gawds know. Uranus is 1,790 million miles or 1.79 billion miles. Be aware our Sun and the earthlings sun have different properties. In fact, no one can fly on the Planet Dirt. I mean Earth.

Now homework. Use Earth as base line of 93 million miles from the sun. How many days travel it would take to travel from Earth to each location mentioned. A ship can travel 100 million miles per day. How many rations both travel and Class A ration would a Hammerhead ship need? How many space barnacles would need to be remove? Assume a five-foot square. Space Barnacles accumulate 2d12 five-foot squares per day. It takes mending or carpenter tools to remove a five-foot square. And takes an hour to do so. Space Barnacles eat one hit point per day per five-foot square. Space Barnacles slow a ship by one foot by each five-foot square.”

(DM Note thought would be interesting to see how the solar systems compare. And one paragraph about sunlight had my mind going that is not right.)

The tyrant ship Rock slowly creeped up on H’catha. Landing a mile away, the red shirted cadets are issued a Bag of Holding and Sending Stone. Creeping up on the landing site they discover ogre track paralleling the trench the meteor dug. Entering the cave, it slid into they hear two beholders chattering in their language. Peeking around the corner they see two Spectators, which are beholderkin. A bored ogre is slowing pounding a rock against his forehead. The Spectators agree to let the Hugh man Beans decide who gets ownership.

Greelob, “I was in my RV which I stole from Harry and the Henderson. The meteor broke my RV and I follow the rock. The meteor is mine.”

Orlob, “I was napping good. When came huge boom destroy good dream of Me and Rockettes. I own meteor.”

A quick group huddle later. Cadet Captain Udziro, “Good claims. But none will be happy if other get rock. So, the court will pay Greelob 300 GP for RV damage. Court will pay 200 GP to Orlob for being woken up out of nice dream. The court will seize the rock and throw back into space and tell it not to be naughty. “

Ogre, “Thank you. I have a good sleep since this thing landed twenty days ago.” The group returns to the Rock.

Four days later on the flight back to Toril. They drop out space into a small asteroid field. Bosun Tarto, “Go below to the Hollow Deck and look out the windows for other ships. Here take this sending stone. What. You know giving you a sending stone is stupid. I can see you trying to decide what message to send as the space monster is eating your face off. Here take this walkie Talkie. Or better yet, YELL LOUDLY. I only one deck away.”

Entering the Hollow Deck, they each take a window. (Think Star Wars force field screen.) They see nothing but small asteroids and one mile plus asteroid. During their coffee break, a Githyanki Warrior female knocks on the inside of window.

Qitru, “Greetings Class 0 cadets. I am here for Miken. Please turn him over. Yes. Yes. I don’t believe your lies. So, I must inspect the ship myself. The mercane will not be happy if I don’t.” A quick combat later, Qitru, “Vocath does not hire stupid mercs. I surrender. Vocath is a mercane and we all know what a mercane it.”

Udziro, “I don’t.”

Qitru, “You need to quit playing go fish with the Spelljammer Ship Recognition. Draw the Spelljammer Races Recognition Deck from stores and play spades with Ben 3.”

Udziro, “I thought a spade was a just a different shovel.”

Qitru, “Robot Ben 3, please torture me another way. The Vocath has various ships searching for you and this tyrant ship. I don’t think you will make back to Toril. But you could send a message out.”

Bosun Tarto, “No we can’t because the plot will not allow it.”

A few days later the group makes land fall at Toril on the remote island which is not on any of the Forgotten Realm’s map. They are told to get a good rest and report back to the gym balcony where the Flighty Founding will be docked. (Hmm Spelljammer ships have an auto hover mode?) Do not contact Miken in the second storeroom.

Ben 3, “Why is he in the store room?’

Tarto, “Because the dormitory is open bay bunk beds. Or the authors really didn’t look at the map. You choose. And pull carpenter tools or your mending spell in the morning. And after having your cooking for twenty days. Lunch will be an MRE. Fall out and get some sleep.”

The next morning passes slowly. Something about a Spelljammer Helm interferes with Mending spells. They all get Beans and Winnies for an MRE. Around 1400 another Hammerhead ship dives pass the Foundling and fast docks at the cadets’ quarters. A metal insect ship hovers over the cadets. Two Giff land on the deck after fast roping down.

Cadet Captain Udziro, “What type of ship is that?”

Bosun Tarto, “Udziro. You ate up cadet. You are supposed to be studying the ship recognition ships cars AS you are playing go fish. That is a Damselfly. But more important, it is time to repel boarders.”

The cadets learn the hard way that grenades hurt. One Giff is killed and one captured but Tarto had to retreat to the cabin for healing potions. Hearing an explosion on Cadet Quarters deck, the adventurers beat feet toward their dorm. Arriving on Cadet country, they see some dead cadets, dead guards, and dead Giff. Two Githyanki warriors are dragging Miken by the arm.

Miken, “Move or.”

Ben 3, “Die! Firebolt in his face DM.” A moon beam goes up in front the warriors. Miken body drops. The two warriors look at each other and try to cut through Cadet Class 0. Too bad about that grenade that had the pin pulled but was not thrown. One big explosion later and a few long rests.

Bosun Tarto, “You have finished your training. You will no longer be Stupid. You will be Smart. Seek the Adventure. Make the Adventure. Always Adventure. Reach for Adventure. Take the Adventure. Attention to orders. Cadet Class 0 having finish Space Academy training are promoted to the rank of Sailor. Due their extreme heroics they are also honorary “Boo” “Suns”. You are authorized seven days’ shore leave. You may now throw you caps. SMOKE THEM IF YOU GOT THEM!”

NOTE. No official guidance on firearms. So, Bullets are 3 GP for 10 shots in Spelljammer Adventures others wise 10 GP per shot. Firearms are Martial Range weapons. Lose all the Inspiration you gain during the Academy.

End of Session 367.


Rotten DM
The Spectators part does hint that combat will happen if you take the meteor but read the whole section. Why the Bosun was trying to give away sending stones is mystery and why she didn't keep one which connects to the Academy is just bad writing.


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 5.

Seeds of Destruction Part 1 and Part 2

Day 60 1200 To Day 60 1800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 43 Villains Captured 9 Villains Escaped 5

Start time 6:28 PM End Time 8:35 PM

GP 500, and nothing else.

Treasure up to 3 weapons of your choice FREE from Player’s Handbook.

Story Award. Ship Thief. You stole Dark Star and set adrift. The Astral Elves will not be happy when they discover this.

I had a weak group of four. Ben 3 Battle smith Artificer Autognome. Krush Half-orc Totem Warrior Barbarian 5. Udzirc Druid Bard total 6 Wood Elf. Taz Rogue 5.

(Note I downloaded the Flash theme. For introduction of different parts.)

The Spelljammer academy cadets um sailors are on seven days shore leave. Ben 3 has taken a job at a tavern to experience drunken frat boy bazooka barfing. About three days ago, falling stars started happening over No Named Island. Bob The Blacksmith straggles in.

Bob Blacksmith, “Last night Miss Lovett’s Bakery was hit by a falling star and a huge crystal pea vine started growing out of the ground. It killed her son Jack. But hey Hermes must have got tired of her bad tofu impossible meat pies. I will have a beer and some of the three-day old stew Ben 3.” Suddenly the earthquake hits. Most of the crowd and the party makes it out with no damage. Looking south the crystal pea vine has grown to a hundred feet. The earthquake continues and three crystal peas shoot from the vine and toward Krush. The crowd parts rushing toward the docks or their homes. A human sailor trips over Ben 3.

Elaina, “You cadets should head toward the docks. Or you could fight those things. See you at the docks.” The three crystal peas crash next to the ruin end and morph into.

Ben 3, “Two of Spades. Astral Blights.”

Udzirc, “It was one of Spades.”

Krush, “Spades, Hoes, whatever. It will eat my axe.” After a swift but tough battle, they explore the bakery. The pea vine has grown to a thousand feet and turning the town crystal. The Academy Sailors know this is not good. But can’t remember which class which told them it was not good. Arriving at the docks they see Elaina.

Elaina, “Captain Elaina Sartell. Of the galleon Moondancer. Those punks lead by Taevus are blocking my ship and the other two longships.”

Ben 3, “Taevus. Head of Sea Dog Dock Gang. Serve and call cops immediately. Threat level CR 2. No problem. Charge!” A Thunderwave drops one of thugs into the drink, another up the gangplank, and the third holds fast. Krush rolls under the third’s Attack of opportunity and engages the thug who is now on the ship. Ben 3 attacks the thug on the dock and Udzirc fumbles for his spell pouch. Captain Elaine organizes the mob to attack the gang on the two longships. Just as the wet thug is about to climb on the ship. Udzirc casts sleep dropping the thug into the water and both Taevus and the other thug drop.

The group, Captain and twenty commoners board the ship. Over the intercom, “This is your helmsman the Fabulous Flapjack. Going up up and away.” The ship does a vertical take off.


Universe, “Where is he. Do you mean this group is going to save me. I am….”

Part 2.

Captain Elaine, “Well you weren’t crushed to the deck so you must be Academy Sailors. You Ben 3 check stocks. You Helmsperson go check in with the helmsperson. You Barbarian calm the commoners down.”

Krush, “Commoners Calm Down. Or Krush axes you in face until I calm down.” The commoners calm down.

Udzirc enters the bridge. A Flumph with a Tricorn hat is piloting. “I am the Fabulous Flapjack. VTOL you want to learn newbie. VTOL I will teach you. See how I roll.”, sings Flapjack. The ship starts to roll. “Flapjack if you roll this ship while we in a gravity plane. I will put my boot in your nether parts you be a waffle!”, yells Elaine. Flapjack, “She is a bit uptight. Attention commoners and crew. Approaching mile limit. Prepare for Spelljamming speed in ready steady NOW!” Suddenly the ship and crew are in space.

A short rest later. Taz is found in stores having eaten all the fresh rations. Leaving only iron rations for thirty days for ten crew. Since the crew is now six with twenty commoners this is not good.

Captain Elaine, “Thanks Ben 3. What else could happen today.”

Flapjack, “Strange object in the imperial vortex. Um. Klingons on the starboard side. Um Star Moth approaching from stern. We are crashing to normal space. I am the Fabulous Flapjack and will out maneuver this moth.”

The group and commoners man the weapon platforms two ballista and one mangonel. The combat goes well. Due to Flapjack the crew gets advantage on the weapon system. They don’t get sneak attack Taz. The crew and commoners make a good showing except for one mistake by Taz.

Honor, “Poor Joe Buckley. Floating thru space forever!” She watches as the poor commoner is lost to space due to Taz rolling two Nat ones. Once they take out the weapon platform of the Star Moth Dark Star and get within two rounds of the ship. The group switches to targeting the crew taking out half the Hadozee shipmates before they are boarded. Once again Udzirc uses Sleep on the enemy and takes out only one Hadozee.

The boarding action is tough with two of the group nearly dropping. Flapjack crashes the ship into the Star Moth just as the last Astral Elf and Hadozee surrender. The Star Moth tries to jump to warp but bad things happen. The ships drop out of warp space just a few hours from the Rock of Bral. They loot the Dark Star and destroy the Spelljammer Helm and cut the ship adrift.

The two astral elves know the following. The astral elves, by order of Emperor Xavan of the Xaryxian Empire, are responsible for dropping astral seeds on the party’s home world.

The leader of the astral elf forces in this Wildspace system is Commander Vael. Most of Commander Vael’s fleet has already begun sailing back to Xaryxispace. The Dark Star was left behind to monitor the astral seeds’ progress.

The vines and astral blights will feed on the planet’s energy and that of its flora and fauna until the party’s home world is a dead husk, a process that takes several months. The energy then will be transmitted in a single, enormous burst of light back to the astral elves’ home system to be absorbed by their star, Xaryxis.

Once the astral seeds have begun their work, there is no way to stop the process.

The Hadozee shipmate knows The Dark Star’s cargo hold was packed with at least a hundred astral seeds, which were jettisoned one by one into the atmosphere of the party’s home world.

The astral elves hail from a faraway Wildspace system called Xaryxispace.

The Dark Star was one of several astral elf ships that traveled to the party’s home world. The rest of the fleet has already departed.

The Moondancer goes to warp but drops out warp in a half hour. Captain Elaine, “Great a Mind flayer ship. We are beep.”

End of part 2.

End of Session 271.


Rotten DM
Hm. I think if two of my players did not have to leave we could finish the chapter before 10:30. But the adventure is on the rails and I trying to embrace the loony toons of it.


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 6

Light of Xaryxis

Seeds of Destruction Part 3

Day 60 1800 to Day 60 2300

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 48 Villains Captured 9 Villains Escaped 5

Start time 6:28 PM End Time 7:35 PM

Take a level, 1,000 Gp, 10 Downtime days

Story Award Quad the Quaggoth. You adopt a Quaggoth. If any one in the party speaks Undercommon you can have him help out.

Magic Items Scroll of Air Bubble, Spelljammer Helm, Scroll of Wall of Force, Ioun Stone of Reserve with Shield spell, +1 Breastplate

For any who played in session 6 or 5.

I had a very weak group of three. Pois Magnis Conjuration Wizard 5. Ben 3 Battle smith Autognome. Boop Battle Master Fighter 5 Bugbear.

The mind flayer ship came around the asteroid. It was a derelict.

Captain Elaine, “Loot party away. I mean anybody but a commoner gets across and loot. I mean you three.”

The group grabbles the ship and pulls it closer. They find Ben Kralazar the only surviving food source. Um Survivor. They ship him back to Moondancer.

Exploring the ship is hard. The light is dim. The doors must be pulled open. And some the crew pets are still on board. Killing spiders with 8 brains, Psychic puppy worms, and Jasper; was medium combat. But Boop and Pois adopting Quad the Quaggoth was the strange thing.

Just as they all the loot and stores are being stowed away.


End of part 1 Seeds of Destruction.

Part 2 Terrors of the Void to be announced.


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