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Rotten DM
The player running Kimberly died two weeks ago. He was a regular and help round any groups at tables. Two others have moved into a new home and have dropped out.
So this book will be going on hold for the near future with me running just modules on Saturday.

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The player running Kimberly died two weeks ago. He was a regular and help round any groups at tables. Two others have moved into a new home and have dropped out.
So this book will be going on hold for the near future with me running just modules on Saturday.
The player? Wow, if that's so, I'm terribly sorry to hear that.


Rotten DM
Tom’s Looting Party

Serious and funny in remembrance post.

Bothersome Bard, “It was Fall of Eleint 14, 1500 when news of Epic Rogue Cleric Tom “Make Peace” Wagner death hit Waterdeep. Due to an exotic dancer assassin and evil dragon.”

Harry Heckler, “Actually Tom Wagner Died in his sleep on Sept 14, 2022.”

Bothersome Bard, “Women of Dragon Con swooned. Dryads cried. And…”

Harry Heckler, “We were all sad. And are still mourning.”

Bothersome Bard, “Evil plans were laid. Adventuring parties gathered on Marpenoth 1 to raid the dead man’s lair. To find artifacts and magical math rocks. The party of 7 gathered. But the gawds of fate, and travel had other plans. Three members did not make to the lair. But finally on Marpenoth 3 the thieves arrived at the lair.”

Harry Heckler, “Well Actually Tom’s Sister flight was delayed. She did arrive in town to late Saturday. So clean up was moved to this past Monday.”

Bothersome Bard, “The wizard searches the arcane papers. The warrior battled huge cobwebs. The Thief looked for shining math rocks. Piles were created. Arcane papers, tomes, picture tomes, paintings of family and DragonCon, math rocks, figurines of wondrous power, and other piles.”

Harry Heckler, “Tom’s family was already cleaning and sorting his stuff when I arrived. The gaming stuff went to the group. His Church has said they would take and sell the books and comic books. The photos were split into two piles. Family photos and Tom’s huge collection of DragonCon photos. His sister was sorting through all the paper work, while her husband and I cleaned and sorted.”

Bothersome Bard, “Three and a half days of looting….”

Harry Heckler, “THAT IS HOURS.”

Bothersome Bard, “Poison Traps were encountered but multiple bags of holding, dozens of trunks, and arcane robes were looted.”

Harry Heckler, “You saw a few cockroaches and decide to flea bomb your trunk to make sure they didn’t make to your house. Twenty minutes later you popped your trunk and took a deep breath. IDIOT. It was on full Kia Forte Trunk of gaming stuff. The dress jackets went to the Parolee’s charity.”

Bothersome Bard, “Two and half weeks of sorting and inventory took place…”

Harry Heckler, “HOURS. IT WAS HOURS. “

Bothersome Bard, “The Kingdoms await the announcement of the wake.”

Rest in Peace Tom. A good gamer friend.


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 7

Light of Xaryxis

Part 2 Terrors of the Void

Chapters 4 thru Chapter 6.

Day 60 to Day 62 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 64 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 7

Start Time 2:15 PM End Time 5:35 PM

This is Part 2 of the hardcover adventure. And it is confusing with book being broken down in parts and chapters.

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 3,000 GP.

Magic Items Spell Book Air Bubble, Grease, Haste, Rary’s Telepathic Bond, Wildspace Orrery, Fish Suit.

Story Award Oh Captain My Captain. Syrdur is now Captain of the ship and crew.

Story Award Plank Walkers. All of you wanted the Vampirates survivors to walk the plank. He will remember this.

I had a weak group of four. Ben 3 Battlesmith Artificer Autognome 6. Baratur Evocation wizard 6 High Elf. Lt. No. Captain Syrdur Arabett Assassin 6 Drow. Xasys Drunk Monk 6 Plasmoid.

Three Neogi are entering attach range of the Moondancer

The Fabulous Flapjack, “On my stars. Oh my tentacles. WE are going to die! Wait what is on my radar. We are saved!” The Rock of Bral Navy patrol drops out of warp on top of Neogi pirates. The pirates flee with some ships in pursuit.

Commander Daar’vik, “Hello Captain Sartell. You will join the patrol and make way to the Rock. You will not any sudden moves. Follow along like a good captain which is totally out gun under out photon torpedoes.”

Ben 3, “But photon torpedoes are Star Trek and Spelljammer does not have them.”

Captain Sartell, “Ignore the Autognome. His gear slips and his mouth runs when not supposed to. Moondancer will follow you.” The patrol jumps into warp speed and goes as fast as the plot ignoring the rules of the book. Arriving at Bral, the group is told to seek out Commodore Krux a hippo (Giff but the DM thinks there too many G races.). Krux should be at the Happy Beholder. Yes, it is ran by a Beholder name Luigi. Be nice in the tavern because sweeping out the trash has a new meaning here.

Krux is well informed about most of the survivors’ problem of their planet getting eaten by the Crystal Shards.

Ben 3, “That was Salvatore fourth book of Drizzt.”

Krux, “Whatever. Your planet is in danger. I command the Second Wind. But I know some people who also hate the astral elves. We travel to Doomspace. But first we make some contact with some information brokers. We need more information on the Xaryxian Empire and allies. Perhaps this visit to Doomspace will be different.” The group tries to get more information out of Krux but all they discover is the Second Wind limped into the Rock with only a third of the original crew.

Arrive at the Second Wind, the group find the ship has been booted and locked to the dock. Ben 3 offers Fel Ardra a thousand gold pieces to get the ship out hock. The party will still owe Fel two thousand when they return. Ben 3 takes the helm and leaves the dock only to be followed and boarded by the Ruthless Reigar Hastain who does get to finish their monologue before the adventurers put them down.

While the group is taking a short rest and Krux is trying to find the right star to steer by, the first mate introduces themselves as Fashionable Flinch a Hadozee who makes fun of everyone’s fashion choices. The Second Wind is a Living Ship with a treant named Starbough. The other crew are random members of the Rock.

Second Wind docks at Topolah’s Tower and Sea Food. A small little asteroid ran by a Topolah, her first hobby is studying the stars of Realmspace. Her side business is fresh seafood um space sea food? His minions are numerous autognomes name Orwyck. Lots of sea fowl fly in and about the tower. Topolah gladly gives the group some Doomspace maps but they want the Orrery. Which they get by swapping the dead huge Void Scavver (Space Shark) for it. Being bored and knowing the group will not find Gargenhale’s Fleet without her, she joins the crew.

On the way to the fleet, space debris toss up three Vampirates which the crew make walk the plank as Commodore Krux will not allow on board. Some small space sharks do take a bite out of Lt Syrdur. At last they find the Last Breath with Captain Gargenhale in charge. But his ship is down to a third of its hit points. He is upset that his former lover Topolah is at the helm but he is willing to join forces.

The crew and Gargenhale dicker, who is joining who. But the subject is tabled when a mutiny occurs on the Last Breath and if races off into space. Flinch who is possessed by the ghost Agony laughs at everyone and tells about the mutiny. The Second Wind gives chase and is made invisible by Gargenhale. A few minutes later, the adventures and Vampirate Captain board the Last Breath and put down the mutiny.

Gargenhale, “Pay no attention to the elf Princess in the cell.”

End of part 2.

Crew of Second Wind Fashionable Flinch Hadozee explorer First Mate. Helmsperson Topolah Mage. Environmental Control Starbough treant. Quartermaster Commodore Krux giff shipmate.

Crew of Last Breath Vampire Captain Gargenhale.

End of Session 377.


Rotten DM
Tom's Looting party part 2 aka the gamer wake. We had his wake yesterday Oct 23. I guess I was host or mc? His gamer stuff was my car minus the front seats. And Tara's Suv with about 7 boxes. Lots of people offered to help organize but with four us unloading boxes and organizing on the two game table we had enough help.
People brought some food and snackage. The game store kicked in two pans of chicken.
I asked people if they were "Willing and Able" to mention how they knew Tom and how he helped with the game and the other stuff. Then they could pick one or so items. After I every one in the store said there part and did a pick, we opened the loot up to everyone.
Most people were reluctant to be greedy until one of older gamer started yelling who wants orcs. I was handing out gallon ziplock bags, bags, and the occasional box to encourage stuff to go. Around 3, I encouraged people to take whole boxes of modules and stuff.
One couple left their pc sheets on the loot tables. We don't know who they went home with.
All his photographs and Dragon Con professional photo albums were not chosen. Most of his autograph pictures which was about a three inch stack were not wanted. And a few poker and other cards were left. These I tossed when I got home.
We had 3 full tables of people playing a homage game for him. I stayed until around 5 when wife, headache and other factors sent me home.
Good Bye Tom. See you at a future game.


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 8

Light of Xaryxis

Part 3 Chaos in Doomspace

Chapter 7 Trust Issues

Day 62 0800 to Day 93 1212

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 71 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 7

Start 7:40 PM End Time 8:25 PM

Loot Choose Pistol or a Musket and 200 rounds of Ammo and Smokepowder

NO Level, No GP, No Downtime

I had a very weak group of three Ben 3 Battlesmith Artificer Autognome 7. Geeraunt Transmuter Gnome 7. Kalimha Black Dragonborn Rogue 7.

Ben 3 releases the Princess Peach only to get beating up by a plumber.

Ben 3, “Grrr.”

Releasing the Princes Xedalli, the group discovers the following. Emperor daddy is dying. Brother Prince Xeleth is behind the crystal shards which is eating the Realms. Emperor Daddy is going to be shot into his locate sun called Xaryis. This will cause a nova which will be the final energy boost which will destroy the adventurer’s pitiful planet called the Forgetting Realms. Only a royal blood can shut down the chain reaction.

Kalimha, “So go with you. Stop your brother. Put you in charge and you stop the destruction. Okay we in. Full impulse power Mr. Sulu.”

During the next 31 days they fish and nearly become eel supper. They take pot shots a passing asteroid, and see space unicorns with out any mind alternating drugs.

Making land fall on moon of Aruun, they find shipmate Warwyck weeding. Ok the weeds were trying to eat him. Killing the weeds and saving Warwyck, the adventure continues later.

End of Session 382


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 9

Light of Xaryxis

Part 3 Chaos in Doomspace

Chapter 8 Arena of Blood

Chapter 9 Discord & Diplomacy

Day 93 1212 to Day 106 Noon

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 79 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 7

Start 6:55 PM End Time 9:28 PM

Everyone who played in Session 8 and Session 9. Take a level. 10 Downtime Days. 4,000 GP.

Magic Item +1 Chain Mail, +1 Great Sword, Portable Hole

Story Award Ring Bearer Kai Raziel. The Princess gave you ring.

I had a strong group of six. What Up Cleric 5. Tyler human Fighter 5. Geers Transmuter Gnome 7. Kai Raziel Warlock 7 Custom Lineage. Akin Starwalker Wizard 4 Monk 1 Astral Elf. Kalimha Black Dragonborn Rouge 7.

Two Bulettes attack while the spy Warwyck Balstimoff a Giff tries to board the ship. He has information on the various factions of Doomspace. They group boots the monsters off the ship twice before making to the stars. They are going to the Vocath a Mercane merchant. The mercane are a giant blue race who are always in telepathic contact with each other. They tell each other things.

Arriving at the dock Geers makes forms with Hadozee and Aarakocra factions. Then are summon to the Vocath. He is an arrogant merchant. But he will not get in the royal war but will provide a conference room for their business. For a price. Fight and win in his arena because his cable is out.

The arena is about 60 by 120 hexagon of death. Vocath, “Sorry I did not mention it was to the death. Oops. The group fight four-armed giants who nearly make a wish out Akin. Vocath, “I think teleporting spells are cheating but the audience like it.”

The next round is flying space sharks and another giant. The Flying shark does eat Akin but is barf up due to not being washed beforehand. The last monster is a 40-foot centipede. As they kill off then centipede. Prince Xeleth crashes into the arena and demands the Princess hand and the rest of her. (Note As soon a one group was killed, I teleported the new monster immediately.)

The Princess Xedalli gives Kai a ring and mentions he will need this.

The conference goes mostly okay. Tyler wrestles Vortshu the head of weed faction. Well Actually the head of Aartuk faction. They are living star fish or living weeds. Akin brides the Ssurran faction with Kai’s Sentinel Shield and cash. Kai manages to insult the Thri-keen faction.

The fleet takes 10 days to prepare. The space galleon of Rocking Realms with the party in charge. The Aarakocra squadron has five shrike ships including the Skyrra. The Aartuks squadron has five lamprey ships including the Remora. The Hadozee squadron has three space gallons including the Tarrasque. The final squadron is the Ssrran with six Wasp ships with the Gadabout.

Two hours into space, Astral Sea spins out an Ancient Red Dragon with a rider in Golden Plate.

End of Session 383


Rotten DM
Spelljammer Academy Session 10

Light of Xaryxis

Part 4 Saviors of the Multiverse

Day 106 Noon to Day 109 Noon.

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 87 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 7

Start 6:50 PM End Time 9:45 PM

If you are not permadeath. Take a level. 5,000 GP. A Level.

Magic Item Oil of Sharpness.

I had a weak group of four. Ben Sprocket Artificer Battlesmith Autognome 8. Geers Gnome Wizard 8. Fleet Admiral Kai Raziel Dao Warlock custom lineage 8. Kalimha Rogue 8.

The fleet punch out last episode just as they are going to enter Astral Space, Space spits out a young red dragon with a golden paladin in plate. The dragon starts to make attack run.

“What do we do? Ask the Captain? Who is the captain?”, askes the table. A few seconds later Kai is promoted to Fleet Admiral. The dragon is about 500 feet away Fleet Admiral Kai takes action. He teleports away!

Arriving on red dragon, Kai, “What do you want?”

I am Dagaz, a knight of Tu’narath,” she says in a haughty tone. “By order of Vlaakith the Undying, Queen of the Astral Sea, I declare that you are guilty of the crime of trespassing. As your punishment, it is my solemn duty to decapitate your captain. So, which one of you dung-eaters commands this barge?”, replies the golden paladin.

Kai, “Me.”

Dagaz, “Dude. Way to bust my chops. You just killed my entrance. Do you have any mind flayers on your ship? And do you mind if I check?”

Kai, “Go ahead.”

While the knight is inspecting the ship, the dragons stomach rumbles. Red, “Hmm I getting snakish. Mr. Fleet Admiral Kai, do you mind if I have a short snack. After all you have two gnomes here. And autognomes are pretty crunchy. They also have the benefit of flossing my teeth. A great fleet admiral would provide snacks to high-ranking visitors…”

Kai, “You are only high ranking because you didn’t brush or floss after your last meal. No eating the crew.” Dagaz announces to his disappoint the ship is clear, “but if one was on board, it would be a light lunch. Bring out your ships log and I give permission to pass into Xaryxispace. If you hear of any mind flayer ships or lairs, drop a line to the nearest outpost. So long.”

Dagaz sends Red out ahead. “Watch this. For the Glory of Tu’narath,” He leaps off the ship but misses the dragon. “I MEAN TO DO THAT!” Red dives down and catches the paladin.

Three days later they break into the major solar system. A fleet of thirty star moths punch out to meet them. (Mini game. 5d20 + Fleet Admiral spell modifier vs 5d20 + Astral Elf Honor Guard spell modifier. Loser loses a ship.) 3 ships are destroy before the flag ships get in range of each other. Helmspersons begin rolling ships (d20 + spellcasting modifier) to gain advantage. Geers is commanding the Mangonel and Ben the ballistas. Right after the Star Moth’s Mangonel is destroyed, Kai teleports onto the enemy ship alone.

Various crew men leave their posts to deal with him. Elf Fleet Admiral, “Start aiming at the crew don’t worry about the weapon systems. Ramming speed.”

Ship crewmate, “But Admiral, ramming speed is just normal speed.”


Kai uses repelling blast very well. (Not Gave the person a saving throw not to be toss overboard.) The last ballista is destroyed by Ben just before the ship collide. The crews are intermixed. Especially the ones who changed hulls and climbed up the good guy’s hull right after ramming. Commodore Krux starts giggling, “who wants to receive?”

The Elf Admiral climbs over the back to space galleon and attacks Geers. Geers locks him down with a spell and runs away to front cabin. He is being chased by two astral elf shipmates. Kalimha takes to air in their winged boots. Ben and Dog board the enemy ship and engages the enemy crew.

Ben, “I not going to marry them just kill them.”

Kalimha, “Is there a difference?”

Geers, “Some help please.”

Commodore Krux, “Are you willing to receive. Nades it is.”

Geers, “THAT GRENADE FUSE IS LIT.” BOOM! 17 HP for everyone. Krux, “I am generous. Grenades for all. Hawkmen Division Forty DIVE!” Mass confusion reigns. The Elf priestess is killed first. The second to drop is Geers.

Geers, “I am only mostly dead.” The two shipmates leave his body to attack Kai. Kai repelling blasts one back toward Geers, and nearly kills the other.

Elf shipmate, “Hmm let me make sure of this one and stabs at Geers. YES NAT 20 TAKE THAT invader of my home.” (Okay Kai did more the elf back toward Geers, and I don’t play my monsters totally stupid.) After killing Geers, the shipmate gets another grenade to his face while facing Kai. The party wins with Geers being revivified in time.

2 short rest later. (Group. Why is the DM giving us two rests together. And why did go to bathroom?)

The group has cross load their weapon platforms onto the Elf Fleet Admiral’s Star Moth. Flying the enemy flag, they pull into the Star Moth Map. (Yes, it does look like a moth.) Arriving at the commoner docks because Fleet Admirals park where they bloody well want to, they leave the ship. About halfway through the city they meet up with a patrol which supports the Princess.

“I am Commander Corelleth Ring bearer. We will travel with you to mount Mordor. Um Princess Xedalli sends her regards. And wants us to get to funeral of the Emperor before the new one is crowned.” The group catches the end of show. But with no ring the princess is not a legal heir.

Kai, “I have the ring. And we challenge you to MORATL COMBAT! For the good of ….. PLOT!” The group is having to the guardian Zodar the Black Not actually Armour Knight. Zodar uses his teleporting blast to good effect. Most of the party is on death saves. Zodar is struck down by Kai.

Zodar, “I would have won if wasn’t for you rolling a Nat 20 on your death save.” He crumbs into dust. Kai is being given a hug by the Princess.

Emperor Xedalli, “My ring please. And I must thank my loyal schmucks. Um Companions. Guards seize them.!”

Zodar wearing a brown trench coat, “Just one more thing. I wish. TAKE THE RING OF STARS INTO THE HEART OF THE STAR WHERE IT WAS FORGED, AND YOUR WORLD WILL BE SAVED.” The adventurers are returned max hp and greater restoration is casted.


Zodar, “NO I said greater restoration. And I break your finger if you press long rest on your app.”

Kalimha grabs the ring from Kai, “FOR THE GLORY OF THE REALMS THAT SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN.” He jumps into the light and is beamed into the local sun. The rest of group makes a mad dash toward their Star Moth during the post credit scene.


End of Session 384

Afterword, there was a discussion. Everyone hated the stupid moral choice. I ruled if they would let the Realms died, their pcs would be locked out any AL play that took place in the Realms. Leaving only to play in Spelljammer, or plane hopping stories like Radiant Citadel.

Kalimha asked some good questions about just getting a ship up to speed and then bailing out with the ring nailed to the mast. Other suggestions were offered. Some sounded good if I had more rules for Spelljammer.

I would say if you are going to run this. Get into the Kiddie Roller Coaster view. Because this is an adventure on rails. So, buy into the silliness. And play with more than three people.

End of Afterword.


Rotten DM
Action report from Fleet Admiral Kai
Ship to Ship combat 30 Star Moths vs the fleet. The Elf lost six ships. The hero fleet.
I ended up losing a total of 11 ships (55% of the starting combined fleet):

3 Shrikes from the Aarakocra's forces.

3 Lampreys from the Aartuks

2 Space Galleons from the Hadozee

3 Wasps from the Ssrran (not sure I copied that right.

We also gained 1 Moth Ship from the Astral Elves,

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