DDAL Jasper Runs DDAL05-04 In Dire Need


Rotten DM
Sunday I ran this and cheated cheater cheat on me. Yes I cheated my beep off. All right I adjusted the play and ignored some of the power gamer abilities so everyone would have a chance at combat and other stuff. Very Strong party of seven pcs. Lowest was a Cleric sixth level everyone else was nine or ten. Armor Class ran from 14 to 25. Perception ran from 9 to 25. The two 25s was the power gamer.
The two factions were present so three of the players had more skin in the game. This adventure has time element of how many dead npcs and when the boss arrive. So it amazed me when they took the slow option.
I threw the owlbear encounter at them. Most of the group passed the stealth check. The ones that didn’t I placed an owlbear next to their mini. The power gamer objected at the placement. I told let other people have fun and I am cheating. The combat was over in three rounds due the difficult terrain but not much damage. The avalanche was a nickel and dime hit point drain.
The Ogre Patrol was done in by all but one ogre failing a die roll. I should called when the Hypnotic Pattern was cast but I was hoping for maybe a monster to get a few swings in. No the party all targeted the one that saved. And went from next monster to next monster. I called after 3 dead monsters.
The group made a group stealth check during the night and behind cover to make it up to firebase Birthright Stones.
The Skirmish was over quick as the group laid out caltrops, ball bearings, and other traps to prevent the monsters from getting into the camp. I had the players roll a bare d20 to take out some npcs.
The second avalanche only hurt one pc. I was having people lose interest in the game so I started the Set piece encounter. I had the group divide up the npcs, pcs and tablet on the two sleds. It was getting late so I dropped the saves for staying on the sled. I gave the pc 1 attack action to target the remaining monsters. The monsters got 2 attack actions. I describe as a drive by shooting. If the pc could locked down a monster with a spell no attack actions from that monster. If a monster took damage from a weapon, the monster lost an attack action. The power gamer was mad because he did not pay attention. I placed the first set on monsters up and said more would appear downhill. He went first and locked down two ogres with a spell. Then wanted a do over when I mention again the giants were toward the bottom. At the end of the day the group lost another npc, and some of the group took up to 35 points of damage which endangered no one as the lowest hit point was 39.
I gave max xp and max treasure out.
Oh the power gamer was running variant human with feats, Bard 5, Rogue 4, Fighter 1.

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