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D&D (2024) Jeremy Crawford Gives an Overview of the New Unearthed Arcana

The largest Unearthed Arcana ever, with 50 pages of playtest material!

The upcoming Unearthed Arcana playtest packet for One D&D gets a preview from WotC's Jeremy Crawford. This is apparently the largest of these playtest packets so far, and the biggest Unearthed Arcana they have ever done, at 50 pages long.

It contains 5 classes, new spells, new feats, a revised rules glossary, and the new weapon mastery system.


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Todd's social says the UA drops tomorrow
Hmm... I wonder if that's correct. There was never any reason that I could see for it to have been Thursday, of all days, that they dropped them before. Perhaps the Last Wednesday of Every Other Month is now a schedule that they feel that they can keep. Here's hoping.


For those of us at work or otherwise unable to watch, what is being covered?
Main points.
1: One 5 classes not six, the monk will be in a future ua.
2: Weapon mastery talks.
3: Feat for anyone to get weapon mastery.
4: Rangers and possible others (I'm thinking specific arctypes) will get weapon mastery in further ua.
5: Notes about everything that has been changed so you can quickly compare between 2014 and 2024
6: reassuring that before the book is released they will go back through the earlier 5e so that there are not compatibility issues.

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