Job Board (Random Table)


I do not like the way the rewards are repeated all the way down the chart. You could just make big blocks to show a large sum of money on a roll of 1-40. It makes it hard to follow.

You can also list a reward of acceptance into a group. Say the Art Guild wanted o recover something and they offer membership as a reward. The guild saves money and the PCs get access to favor and power.


A Job Board used to be a big part of my WFRP campaigns, but I have not used them much in 5e. Food for thought. Thanks for the chart to get the wheels started for posts on the job board.


If you're ever stuck without an idea and you can find a copy the Traveller little black book 1001 adventures is a great tool to have.


I think the job board could be even better if it had a random outcome table. So based on the performance of the players, there could be a random positive or negative outcome, depending on how well they did.

You could also add a random bonus objective table, to add a bit of extra flavor to each job. So maybe the players not only need to carry item X to location X, but they must also do so without damaging it, or without being noticed by anyone, or without spilling any blood.