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Coming (Job Posting) Flagbearer Games is looking for a Adventure Module Designer

Flagbearer Games

5e Publisher
Indie publisher Flagbearer Games is looking for an Adventure Module Designer to write historically based adventures covering key moments in the American Revolutionary War for our historical 5e setting Nations & Cannons. Each adventure will be a 20-30 page module, including combat, roleplaying scenes, puzzles, and intrigue / infiltration. The goal of these adventures is to create an immersive experience where players can learn about the history of the American Revolution while playing as larger-than-life characters based on actual people who lived and fought in the war.

Candidates must have:
  • A passion for history and roleplaying games
  • A deep knowledge of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules
  • At least one previously published work on DM's guild or through independent publishers (any TTRPG system)
Ideal candidates will have:
  • Significant (2+ years) experience working as an educator in a professional setting OR hands-on experience gamemastering TTRPGs
  • A history degree, involvement with reenactment societies, or other subject matter expertise of the American Revolution
  • An extensive knowledge of Haudenosaunee language, culture, and history OR knowledge of other woodland tribes of the northeast
This position asks for a part-time commitment of 10 or more hours per week for at least 4 months, over which 2-4 adventure modules of ~10,000 words each will be written for our upcoming publication. We are offering a starting rate of $800 per adventure module for this position. We want to be respectful of our writer’s time and are open to an hourly rate or a per word rate if an applicant would prefer. Nations & Cannons is an up and coming new TTRPG and there is the potential for additional work for future Flagbearer Games publications. The Adventure Module Designer will be assisted by our Researcher who will provide historical background, NPC bios, and some guidelines on the plot of each adventure.

If interested, please email contact@flagbearergames.com with the subject line “N&C Module Writer” along with your resume, portfolio, and other relevant details.

Diversity statement:
Flagbearer Games is committed to equitable inclusion and diversity amongst its content and contributors. We welcome contributors of all backgrounds and seek to actively promote collaborations with contributors whose heritage, identity, and/or experience aligns closely with the subjects of our work. We are actively looking to highlight marginalized voices, and to include the stories of individuals who played active and instrumental roles in history, but have frequently been written out of colonized narratives. We strongly believe that bringing those stories to the table is part and parcel with our broader commitment to equitable inclusion in the present, and seek contributors and collaborators with the same or similar vision.

Our Mission

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