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I'm running Greg Gillespie's excellent OSR, Labyrinth Lord compatible megadungeon Barrowmaze for a group of 7 (though our average attendance seems to be about 4-5 players per session). If there is any chance you might ever play in a Barrowmaze game, avoid this story hour like the plague. We hew close to the source material, although I have transplanted the dungeon from its haunted moor setting to the underbelly of a Lankhmar-inspired city. This story hour is drawn from session reports, so it's largely a just-the-facts style account (though some of my later session reports are more story oriented, and eventually the players took up the chore and have really done a great job with it, starting at Session 8). I hope you enjoy it.
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Jodo Kast

First Post
Session 1 (Life in Death, eh?)

Cast of Characters

Doc Dino (David) - Cleric 1 (Thar)
Thyle (Eric) - Magic-User 1
Wyvar (Austin) - Fighter 1

Henchmen and Hirelings
Duff - Man-at-Arms - cottar, pudgy
Thad - Man-at-Arms - kisses weapon after combat
Gump - Torchbearer - stable boy
Adney - Man-at-Arms - mercenary, ends sentences with "eh?"

Day 1
Grael. A populous, cosmopolitan city, rife with corruption, decadent and squalid in roughly equal parts. Its bustling, labyrinthine streets rest atop the ruins of civilizations past. Here the treasures of lost worlds may yet be found. However, the ancients are jealous of their grave goods, and the work of prying it from their cold, dead grasp is not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, there are those bold or desperate enough to delve the depths of the old city in search of wealth beyond their imagining. This is the tale of one such adventurous, foolhardy group.

Doc Dino, Thyle and Wyvar met in The Yellow Fang, a seedy inn in The Paw, a notorious crime-ridden district in Grael. They soon found that they shared a common interest in the legendary catacombs beneath the city, and the treasures interred therein. Thyle set about methodically recruiting hirelings, paying the sallow, unsavory innkeeper Muncaster to round up likely candidates. Muncaster returned with the pudgy former cottar Duff (longsword, dagger, leather, shield), the ex-soldier Thad (light crossbow, dagger), the shield-maiden Fresa (warrior woman with a figure befitting a diva of the opera), the mercenary Adney (hand axe, dagger, chain mail, shield), and the stable boy Gump.

All hired on with Thyle but for Fresa, who explained that while she may be desperate, she's not crazy. Doc Dino equipped Thad with chain mail, and bought studded leather and a mace for the stable boy-turned-torchbearer, Gump. Adney proclaimed that the new hirelings would be loyal to Thyle and fight for him, so long as "you don't ask us to do anything you wouldn't do yerself, eh." Thyle reminded Adney who was in charge by casting sleep on him and his fellow men-at-arms. Upon being roused, the others were suitably impressed (if slightly unnerved), and Adney was duly chastised.

A vaguely sinister teenager skulked into the bar and sought out Thyle. He introduced himself as Hemlock, apprentice to the apothecary Malfeasance. He explained that Malfeasance desired rubbings from a stone monument in a section of old crypts beneath the city, and that his master was willing to pay 50 gp. He provided a map of the crypts, indicating the monument (the so-called Standing Stone of the Chosen), as well as a chamber which he claimed contains an entrance into the catacombs proper. Thyle accepted the commission.

The would-be tomb robbers spent the night at The Yellow Fang – all except Wyvar, that is, who made his bed at a "festhall" called the Brazen Strumpet. There he was rigorously entertained by a very thorough young woman named Hemgrid. Wyvar left the Strumpet having spent all of his coin, and in debt to Hemgrid for an additional 7 gold pieces. The policy of the Brazen Strumpet is "Sorry, no credit. Don't ask." However, Hemgrid makes an exception for her "add-on" charges. She knows that her older sister, Fresa, will collect from any deadbeats.

Day 2
The next morning the party set out in search of the crypts and the monument. Following Malfeasance’s directions, the party entered a crumbling, abandoned church once dedicated to St. Ygg. There, they found stairs descending to a moldering basement, wherein they found a hidden trapdoor entering onto an abandoned section of tunnels.

After about a half day of casting about and backtracking in the dark, damp, eerily quiet tunnels, the party found the section indicated on their map. Soon after, they were beset by 4 skeletons, which they dealt with swiftly. Wyvar noisily dispatched three himself, while Thyle remained judiciously out of the combat and Doc Dino healed a wound to the hireling Duff. Adney was also injured, but shrugged it off stoically - "flesh wound, eh."

They soon came to an intersection of two tunnels, in the middle of which was a monument. It appeared to be the Standing Stone of the Chosen indicated on the map provided by Hemlock. Time had worn away some of the runes on the stone, but others could still be seen, and a great skull could also be made out atop the stone. Thyle deciphered the runes, which were written in the Black Tongue, the secret language of necromancers and the Underworld. The runes exalted Nergal, the ancient God of the Dead, and acknowledged his Chosen - a fanatical sect of Nergal’s faith. One remaining passage ominously read "Life in Death."

While Thyle was rubbing the stone, 3 more skeletons lurched forth from the dark. These skeletons proved a greater challenge than the last bunch. Wyvar was wounded, healed by Doc Dino, and wounded again. Doc Dino dropped a few skeletons with his spear. However, Adney was fatally wounded during the combat ("I'm dead, eh?!"). At Thyle's command, Duff and Gump dragged Adney back through the tunnels, and the party regrouped at Yellow Fang. Duff, the chubby farmer, shook so badly after witnessing Adney's death that he spilled beer all over himself. He resigned, prompting Thyle to ask for a refund of his advance. Duff dutifully returned two days’ pay to the magic-user and left, trembling and ashamed. Hemlock arrived and paid for the stone rubbing as promised. He also offered (perhaps too enthusiastically) to dispose of Adney's body. Thyle refused, and instead made arrangements for Adney’s burial at the Church of Mitra. He also stripped Adney’s arms and armor, selling them for a tidy sum.

Monsters Killed: 7 skeletons
PCs Killed: None (!)
Henchmen/Hirelings Killed: Adney (eh)
Treasure Recovered: 50 gp for standing stone rubbings, 30 gp from sale of Adney’s gear
Items of Interest: Standing Stone of the Chosen rubbings ("Life in Death!")
XP per PC: 35
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Jodo Kast

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Session 2 (Look Out Above!)

Cast of Characters

Corum (Andy) – Thief 1 (dwarf)
Doc Dino (David) – Cleric 1 (Thar)
Meucci (Robert) – Thief 1
Thyle (Eric) – Magic-User 1
Wyvar (Austin) – Fighter 1

Henchmen and Hirelings
Thad - Man-at-Arms - kisses weapon after combat
Gump - Torchbearer - stable boy
Hemgrid – Shieldmaiden – former prostitute, seeks her sister Fresa, constantly mutters under breath when party dallies
Uts – Man-at-Arms – burly, half deaf

Day 5
With Adney in the ground and the party feeling recovered and emboldened by their survival, Doc Dino, Thyle and Wyvar plotted their next expedition into the catacombs beneath Grael. Muncaster, the unsavory master of The Yellow Fang inn, introduced the thieves Meucci and Corum to the party. An accord was struck, and the rogues signed on as full share members.

Meanwhile, Thyle sought out some replacement muscle for hirelings Adney (dead) and Duff (fled). He didn’t have to look far, as the prostitute Hemgrid sought out the party. Her older sister, Fresa, had signed on with a competing band of tomb robbers and did not make it back from the undercity. Two members of the outfit returned but could barely speak, and what blathering they could offer made little sense. Taking up shield and spear, Hemgrid joined the party as a hireling in hopes of finding her sister somewhere below. Besides, she figured, sewer crawling and battling the living dead couldn’t be much more revolting than her current profession.

Navigating long abandoned tunnels beneath the city, the party came to a labyrinthine section of ancient crypts. Finding one such tomb, they excavated fallen rubble and took sledges to the bricked up entrance. The noise drew the attention of nearby skeletons (4), who lurched out of the darkness to attack. The party vanquished these foes and entered the crypt.

Inside they found a stairway descending steeply, and elected to explore (over Wyvar’s superstitious protestations about lower levels being a bad thing). On the stair, giant centipedes (6) dropped from the ceiling onto the party! Several party members were bitten (resulting in the sinister sound of dice rolls behind the DM screen) before the centipedes could be crushed.

The stair opened into a family crypt with four stone sarcophagi – a father, mother, son and daughter. The party plundered each sarcophagus, recovering two gold rings, a jeweled necklace, a gold circlet, an ivory comb, a silver ring, and a bone handled dagger for their troubles. Unfortunately, Corum and Thyle succumbed to the poisonous bites of the centipedes and became violently ill. The party was forced to quit the catacombs and return to the surface. Back in the Yellow Fang, the party rested until the dwarf thief and the magic-user recovered (10 days), checked their loot for magic items (none), and fenced the grave goods for a pretty sum (245 gp).

Day 16
At last returned to full health, the party was ready to rob more tombs. However, they could not find their resident strongman, Wyvar, who had grown impatient waiting for the “frail weaklings” to regain their strength and set out carousing. Thyle recruited a replacement, a hireling named Uts who was half deaf and short of brain, but long of brawn. And down they went.

The party put hammer to a bricked up crypt, again attracting unwanted attention from the shambling dead, this time in the form of a zombie. They rained blows upon the undead abomination, but it wouldn’t seem to fall. Instead, it clutched Uts’ neck in its foul grasp and ripped out his throat! The survivors were able to finish the zombie off. With a wary eye on the ceiling, they entered the tomb. A carved wooden funerary casket in the shape of a man rested on a dais in the center of the room. Shelves on the walls were lined with decorative amphorae (8), which the party bundled into their packs and returned to the surface. The amphorae fetched 35 gp each when fenced.

Monsters Killed: 4 skeletons, 6 centipedes, 1 (peculiarly resilient) zombie
PCs Killed: None (!!)
Henchmen/Hirelings Killed: Uts
Treasure Recovered: 245 gp for grave goods from family crypt, 280 gp for decorative amphorae
XP per PC: Wyvar = 56; everyone else = 121

Jodo Kast

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Session 3 (You're Going To Want To See This...)

Cast of Characters

Corum (Andy) – Thief 1 (dwarf)
Thyle (Eric) – Magic-User 1
Xeniar (Ken) – Cleric 1 (Aglaos)
Xandar (Ken) – Ranger 1 (half-elf)

Henchmen and Hirelings
Thad - Man-at-Arms - kisses weapon after combat
Gump - Torchbearer - stable boy
Hemgrid – Shieldmaiden – former prostitute, seeks her sister Fresa, constantly mutters under breath when party dallies
Morfirth – Torchbearer – Gump’s cousin, stable boy, terrible acne
Kaldoon – Man-at-Arms – scimitar-wielding foreigner, fortune teller

Day 17
While Doc Dino, Wyvar, and Meucci attended to other matters (most probably involving new and inventive ways to spend their ill-gotten spoils in Grael’s pleasure dens and back alleys), Thyle and Corum returned to the dangerous but lucrative work of finding dead people and stealing their stuff. As usual, they commenced this endeavor in the taproom of The Yellow Fang, a seedy inn in the crime-ridden district of Grael known as The Paw.

The inn master, Muncaster, introduced the party to an armed man known as Xeniar. Xeniar bore the symbol of a torch with a blue flame. Xeniar explained that he was a cleric, and his holy symbol was the mark of Aglaos, god of torches and artificial light, a friend to adventurers and seekers into the unknown. Thyle and Corum exchanged glances – this guy might come in handy in the stygian depths of the undercity. And as their resident holy man, Doc Dino, was nowhere to be found, they quickly welcomed Xeniar into the fold.

Thyle also recruited the man-at-arms Kaldoon, a mysterious, swarthy southerner who spoke with a thick accent and smelled of exotic spices. The man carried a wickedly sharp curved sword and told fortunes with bone dice. Alas, he was a dismal prophet and his dice wretched liars. Thus, Kaldoon did not foresee that joining the motley band would lead to his swift demise.

Delving into the catacombs, the party discovered a crypt that had already been opened. Surmising that other tomb robbers had beat them to the spoils, the party nonetheless elected to explore the tomb. It was empty but for a broken sarcophagus decorated in bas relief with skeletons dancing in the underworld. Gump accidentally depressed one of the skeletons, causing the sarcophagus to shift and revealing a slender staircase lined with dust, cobwebs, and distinct footprints – this stair was used recently!

The party set about blocking the sarcophagus so that it could not seal them in if they explored the stairs. Unfortunately, the horrible grinding sound caused by the shifting sarcophagus had attracted the attention of nearby monsters. “Master, you’re going to want to see this,” Gump called to Thyle. “Giant scorpions,” muttered Kaldoon, cursing his bone dice. “You said there would be fluffy bunnies.” That would be the last time the dice failed him.

The party engaged the scorpions at the entrance to the crypt, using the narrow hall to their advantage so that only one scorpion could attack at a time. Regrettably, the lead scorpion was a mighty foe. First Kaldoon, then Hemgrid, fell prey to the monster’s oversized claws and deadly sting. Xeniar charged to the forefront, his mace singing through the air. In an instant, the scorpion’s sting pierced his heart. As his vision went dark, he saw a blue torch in the distance, beckoning him. He went into the light, and was gone.

Thyle, meanwhile, had requisitioned Gump’s lamp oil and began hurling flasks of it into the hall. Corum and Thad set the oil ablaze and the scorpions were eventually charred. The survivors stripped their fallen comrades of valuables, deposited them in the sarcophagus, doused them in oil, and burned their mortal remains. Then they retreated back to The Yellow Fang, having lost three of their own and none the richer for the effort.

Day 18
Thyle had little luck recruiting men-at-arms to replace the group’s losses. Despite hiring a crier to spread word of the job openings, the best he could muster was Gump’s cousin Morfirth, a squat young man with terrible acne who could at best serve as a porter and torchbearer. Fortunately, the street urchin/crier did meet the half-elf ranger Xandar, and directed him to The Yellow Fang. After some discussion, Xandar joined on as a shareholder. Despite Thyle’s misgivings about returning to the undercity with the party weakened, they mustered their courage and set off.

The group opted to explore the secret stairway they had discovered beneath a sarcophagus the day before. Returning to the scene of that ill-fated outing, they found that the charred giant scorpions had been eaten by something. With Corum on high alert for traps and threats from the ceiling, they delved downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs they followed a narrow hall that opened into a wider passage, and soon found an opening into a small room. The room was mostly non-descript, and the party was about to move on when Corum’s discerning eyes spotted an irregularity in the stonework – a secret door! The door was partially blocked by a pile of rubble. Happily, the party investigated the rubble before attempting to move it and found that it was writhing with giant centipedes! They safely destroyed the nest and opened the door.

Behind the door was a larger room with two unique features. The walls of the room were lined with small, rectangular burial alcoves. In the center of the room was a short sealed stone mausoleum. It’s stone door was engraved with runes in Ancient Common, which Thyle read aloud: “Klexx the Maligned.” The area smelled of old death and rot.

The party took their time searching the alcoves and recovered some coin (131 sp). Before they could investigate the sealed mausoleum, however, Gump, who had been stationed as a lookout, called out. “Master, you’re going to want to see this.” The this turned out to be a wandering band of skeletons (6). The party rapidly dispatched the threat, largely with precise ranged attacks and the liberal use of flaming oil. Still, disconcerted by the encounter with the walking dead, they opted to quit the catacombs while they were (marginally) ahead. They rapidly made their way back to the surface and The Yellow Fang, where Thyle pondered just who “Klexx the Maligned” had been, and whether his (or her?) tomb held a reward worthy of whatever challenge lay within.

Monsters Killed: 2 giant scorpions, 6 giant centipedes, 6 skeletons
PCs Killed: Xeniar (Ken)
Henchmen/Hirelings Killed: Hemgrid, Kaldoon
Treasure Recovered: 131 sp
Items of Interest: Secret staircase, sealed mausoleum of Klexx the Maligned.
XP per PC: Xandar=32; Corum, Thyle=184

Jodo Kast

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Session 4 (Welcome To DIE, Population YOU!)

Cast of Characters

Corum (Ken (for Andy)) – Thief 1 (dwarf)
Doc Dino (David) – Cleric 1 (Thar)
Meucci (Robert) – Thief 1
Thyle (Eric) – Magic-User 1
Xandar (Ken) – Ranger 1 (half-elf)

Henchmen and Hirelings
Thad - Man-at-Arms - kisses weapon after combat
Gump - Torchbearer - stable boy
Bartram – Man-at-Arms – refers to himself in third person as “The Captain”
Ralf – Man-at-Arms – makes ridiculous threats, brother of Remy
Remy – Man-at-Arms – facial deformity, mute, brother of Ralf
Ulf – Man-at-Arms – bastard of minor nobility from a warlike race of sea faring people

Day 20
Here’s a riddle, friend. A pen is my voice, a mask my face. Who am I?

I am the riddle, and the riddle is me. This pen tells the tale which my mute mouth cannot utter. The brave, stoic mask on my helm is a truer reflection of the man within than the deformed visage that is my face. I am a lowly hireling. (But I am not without ambition. I aspire to become a henchman – how my heart soars at the thought of henching and a share, if only half of one, of the treasure! O, to stand in for a slain character, if only for a session, until the player rolls a new character and I am again relegated to the familiar role of meat shield and DM puppet!) My name is Remy. This is my story.

My brother Ralf and I arrived in Grael without food, coin, or prospects. We traveled with Bartram, a popinjay of a man with a ridiculous plumed helm in the habit of referring to himself as “The Captain.” As he was slightly more amusing than annoying (though that balance was shifting with each passing moment in his company), and he tolerated even Ralf’s most vile insults, we stuck with him once inside the Great City’s gates. We could not buy into Grael’s better quarters, and so stole our way into the Paw, a rat-infested, plague-ridden district choked in equal measure by the black smoke of a thousand fires and the brutal grip of the thieves that hold sway there.

We went unmolested, thanks to our strength of arms, obvious lack of anything worth stealing, and Ralf’s propensity to hurl absurd, violent threats at anyone who looked our way. He might shout, “I’m gonna pick my teeth with your face!” Other times, he would lovingly growl, “I’m gonna stroke your lifeless body.” I knew that Ralf was a gentle, misunderstood soul, but his outbursts kept the world at blade’s length. It was inconvenient and isolating at times, but in the Paw, I was thankful for it. It kept the watchful eyes and sharp blades in the shadows, and out of our path.

It was not long before a street crier alerted us to an employment opportunity. He sent us to The Yellow Fang, a public house adjacent to a recently burned out stables. Inside, we found what every hireling’s heart desires – a party paying cold coin for warm bodies! I observed carefully while Bartram worked out the details with a magic-user named Thyle, and Ralf made conversation with other bar patrons (“Look into my eyes when I stare at you!” “I’m gonna rip you a THIRD bunghole!”). Arrangements were made, gold changed hands, and soon we were off.

This party – the mage Thyle whom I have mentioned, the dwarf Corum, the cleric Doc Dino, the burglar Meucci, the half-elf Xandar, their man-at-arms Thad, and the dimwitted torch-bearer Gump – was in the business of tomb robbing. It was honest work for decent pay, and we were glad for it.

The group had recently found the mausoleum of one called Klexx the Maligned and was bent on exploring it. What could go wrong? We made our way beneath Grael’s thronging streets, through twisting tunnels, down a secret stair, and to the foreboding tomb. Our hammers rang out in the eerie silence, laying open the sealed crypt. Corum and Thyle entered cautiously, bidding Thad, Ralf and me to follow. Inside we found a sarcophagus, and the usual business ensued, to wit, a seemingly lifeless corpse arose as a flesh-eating zombie and attacked! We quickly drubbed it into submission, but that is when things took a turn for the weird – and deadly!

As the zombie lay dead (again) in its sarcophagus, the dwarf Corum approached with his axe to make certain the deed was done. Suddenly, the creature rose (again), pure hate blazing in its dead eyes! I do not know what came over me, but for the first time in my career as a hireling, I turned and fled in sheer panic.

As I ran mindlessly through the benighted halls of the catacombs, some part of me was aware of the sounds of battle behind me. I heard Ralf screaming. “I will feast on your mother’s sweat box! Welcome to DIE, Population YOU! Get on your damn knees and grovel for me, monster-bitch!” That last bit was choked off at the end, but I was still able to make out one of Ralf’s familiar and more frequently employed curses. It was the last time I would ever hear Ralf’s sweet voice.

When I came to my senses, I was at the top of the secret stair. Thyle, Thad, and Corum were with me, all looking as confused as I felt. We had no time to gather our wits, though, as we were met by six skeletons, probably drawn by the sounds of combat and Ralf’s echoing shouts. They fell upon us with ferocity. First Thad, then Corum, fell to their savage attacks. I myself succumbed, gashed by one skeleton’s ancient blade. As I fell to my knees, I thought of Ralf, and vowed to find him in whatever realm lies beyond this accursed world.

That was not to be, however. I was roused by the strange, bestial chanting of Doc Dino, who restored my vigor with his magic while shaking something that looked like a huge chicken bone at me. Before they said a word, I knew that Ralf was dead. Thad, a fellow hireling, had also been slain. For a fleeting moment I considered deserting. But then I realized that this party could have left me for dead. Instead, they had healed me. They gently informed me of Ralf’s demise. And one of their own, the dwarf Corum, had lost his life in the fray – these were not cretins content to cower behind their hirelings, but rather men of valor ready to risk their own hides for illicit monetary gain. I decided on the spot that I would see things through with this group of brave, well-meaning grave robbers.

We returned to the mausoleum below where I said my final farewell to dear Ralf. He would have been so proud had he but lived to see the party lovingly strip a golden crown and two jeweled bracers from the vanquished abomination.

We retreated back to the surface and the sanctuary of The Yellow Fang. After several days of rest, and quaffing rivers of cheap beer to steel our courage, the party recruited another hireling. His name was Ulf, and he claimed to be a bastard of minor nobility among the seafaring people to the north. The pungent smell of dried urine about him, and the quick way he resorted to fighting words over the smallest slight, real or imagined, reminded me of Ralf. I was glad to have him in our company.

Day 23
We once again ventured into the catacombs, where we retraced our steps. Near the site of Ralf’s death, three skeletons lurched forth from the dark and attacked, but we quickly dealt with them.

Exploring farther, we found a large room filled with statues dedicated to long-forgotten gods and a broken altar along the southern wall. The room was otherwise empty, but Meucci and Xandar carefully explored every crevice of the room. Their thoroughness was rewarded, as behind one of the statues they found a secret door. The door opened onto a hall that stopped in what appeared to be a dead end, but was actually another hidden door.

We emerged on the arse side of a stone statue the height of three men standing atop one another. The statue was the likeness of a four-armed demon. In each hand it held a skull marked with an obscure symbol. While exploring the vaulted crypt antechamber, the half-elf Xandar managed to fall into a pit. Fortunately, it was a short drop and he was not badly hurt.

While we retrieved Xandar from the pit, the thief Meucci checked a door to the north. It was locked, and despite his best efforts he was unable to open it. Next he tried the door to the south. Regrettably, he was able to open this door. Peering into the room, he saw an entire family of ghoulish figures wearing strange masks. Meucci sounded the alarm, and Thyle coordinated our efforts as we ignited a barrier of fire outside the door and rained flaming flasks of oil into the room beyond. The choke point provided by the doorway was likely the only thing that saved our skins that day. Well, most of our skins, at any rate.

The fire was doing its trick, and we soon smelled the vile stench of roasting ghoul flesh. However, the flames could not hold back the monsters entirely. Some of them sprang from the room, vaulting flames to attack. Bartram and Ulf were laid low by these blazing ghouls. I myself was paralyzed by one of the creatures, but Doc Dino’s magic soon released me from the cold grip of the ghoul’s power.

We turned that section of the catacombs into a furnace, hurling flask after flask of oil and loosing flaming arrows until the ghouls – eight of them! – were sent smoldering back to the grave. The death masks they wore turned out to be mithril, inlaid with electrum. Meucci was confident that they would sell for a king’s ransom, but Thyle was more interested in determining if they had any magical properties.

Down two men-at-arms, wounded, and reeling from the epic battle, we quit the catacombs and headed back for the surface. On the way we stumbled across three hungry zombies, but they proved little match for our fire and steel. We limped back to The Yellow Fang and called it a night.

UPDATE: After the session, Thyle confirmed his suspicion that the death masks the party recovered from the ghouls were in fact magical. He consulted with the sage Toren, who agreed to attempt to identify the masks at a cost of 200 gp. It required a full day, as he consulted with the Sorcerous Cabal's libraries and wealth of knowledge regarding magical artifacts.

Toren shared the following information with Thyle: “Ages ago, when Grael was known as Asperia, the catacombs beneath the city were used as a place to lay the dead to rest. Before the arrival of Nergal's cult, death masks were an important part of ancient burial rites. Death masks varied in design. Some depicted the deceased, the gods, or ancient heroes. Others portrayed the faces of the seasons, animals, or the elements. They were as unique as the deceased.

“Death masks are made of precious metals or alloys, such as copper, brass, silver, electrum, gold, platinum, and even mithril, although the latter are very rare. Other masks are carved from wood or bone. Select death masks are magical in nature and bolster the strength and power of the dead who wear them. They will not function for the living, however. Your masks are very rare and valuable, indeed.

“There are those who seek out artifacts such as these, and pay a premium for their acquisition. However, those who deal in such goods may not be trusted, and you may wish to avoid their attention. My inquiries alone risked drawing covetous eyes. I can put you in contact with an agent for such a collector, but I would warn that bargains struck with the one known as Scarab often carry an unseen price. Of course, the mithril alone is of great value. I can direct you to a dwarf who may be interested in your wares, and who has little regard for the Potentate's law. I'm no expert in such matters, but I imagine he would pay a small fortune for these masks.”

Thyle sold the two least ornate masks to the dwarf, Ubrun, for 50pp each. He reimbursed his out of pocket expenses in identifying the masks and finding a lead to a buyer (200gp), leaving 800 gp remaining to distribute among the PC survivors of last session -- or 200 gp each!

Monsters Killed: Klexx the Maligned, skeletons (6), masked ghouls (8), zombies (3)
PCs Killed: Corum (Ken (for Andy))
Henchmen/Hirelings Killed: Ralf, Thad, Bartram, Ulf
Treasure Recovered: Golden crown (1,000 gp) and jeweled bracers (2) (1,400 gp each)
Items of Interest: Mithril and electrum death masks (8) [2 masks sold for 50 pp each]
XP per PC: 1,108 xp each (Doc Dino, Meucci, Thyle and Xandar)

Jodo Kast

First Post
Session 5 (Scourge of the Scarab)

Cast of Characters

Doc Dino (David) – Cleric 1 (Thar)
Durnik (Andy) – Thief 1 (dwarf)
Meucci (Robert) – Thief 1
Ottway (Elmer) – Ranger 1
Thyle (Eric) – Magic-User 1
Xandar (Ken) – Ranger 1 (half-elf)
Wyvar (Austin) – Fighter 1

Henchmen and Hirelings
Gump - Torchbearer - stable boy
Fletcher – Man-at-Arms - archer
Lampy – Man-at-Arms – sword & lantern
Oaf – Man-at-Arms – big hairy oaf
Remy – Man-at-Arms – facial deformity, mute, brother of Ralf

Day 25
A new day found Doc Dino, Meucci, Thyle and Xandar gathered in the taproom of The Yellow Fang, along with their surviving hirelings, Gump and Remy. They were surprised to find Wyvar, who had not been seen by the party in some three weeks, already deep in his cups at the bar. With him was a tall, cloaked man of grim countenance. This was Ottway. A sniper by trade, Ottway accompanied crews of sewer workers, surveyors and engineers into Grael’s undercity and dispatched the monstrous vermin and occasional undead that lurked there. When he met Wyvar and heard his tales of riches in a forgotten section of crypts and catacombs, Ottway decided to join in the venture.

It was not long before the dwarf Durnik showed up in search of his brother, Corum. Alas, he was informed, Corum met his doom in the tunnels below. After “pouring one out,” a dwarf ritual in which a libation is poured upon the ground in tribute to a departed spirit, Durnik signed on to exact revenge against the haunted place that claimed his brother (and perhaps to extract some coin, as well).

The party decided that their first order of business would be fencing their remaining death masks. After briefly flirting with the notion of selling them to the collector known as Scarab, they opted for the seemingly safer option of doing business with the dwarf Ubrun, to whom Thyle had sold two of the masks. In a brilliant bit of planning, Thyle carried all of the masks in his pack. What could go wrong?

When they arrived at Ubrun’s shop, they quickly discerned that something was amiss. The door was kicked in, and inside were signs of a struggle. Ubrun’s lifeless form oozed blood on the floor, and a vault in the storeroom had been opened and emptied. Meanwhile, Ottway observed guards rapidly approaching! The party split up and scurried away.

Thyle and Gump were intercepted by rogues in an alley. While Thyle managed to neutralize the first wave with a sleep spell, still more materialized. Thyle was forced to surrender his pack. During the exchange, Thyle and Gump managed to flee, sans masks, and darted back to Ubrun’s shop, where they reported the rogues to the guards and suggested that the rogues had been responsible for Ubrun’s murder. The guards, with Thyle and Gump in tow, investigated. The rogues that had fallen to Thyle’s spell were no longer simply sleeping – their throats had been cut! Honor among thieves, indeed.

In response to questioning by the guard, Thyle indicated that he was staying at an inn called The Secret Serpent, and promised that he would remain there until the investigation was complete. Thyle booked a room at the Serpent to corroborate his story, and found the place to be a house of assignation where men of status could discreetly sate their appetite for manflesh.

The party seethed and stewed over the filching of the masks, but after a bit of investigation decided that there was little they could do about it for the time being.

Day 26
Having had their fill of urban intrigue for the time being, and their ranks swollen with the addition of Wyvar, Ottway and Durnik, as well as newly recruited hirelings Fletcher, Lampy and Oaf, the party decided to head back to the friendly confines of the dungeon! They initially set out for the secret site that Doc Dino had dubbed “Demon Schlong” after a 16 foot tall, four-armed, ridiculously well-endowed demonic statue. However, remembering their deadly encounter with the masked ghouls, they decided to change course and seek out lower hanging fruit.

Venturing in another direction, they came to a room with a broken and defaced statue on the floor, where they did battle with a group of giant carnivorous flies (5).

Entering another burial chamber, they heard a low snarl echo from nearby. Investigating, they saw shadowy humanoid figures down the corridor. Their movements were bestial and savage, unlike the lurching, unnatural manner of the undead they had encountered so far. The party poured flasks of oil onto the floor and lit them to keep this new threat at bay. The figures retreated into darkness. Exploring the circular alcoves in the burial chamber, the party found chewed bones and some coin (51 ep).

The next room the party explored contained 72 square burial alcoves choked with dust, bones, and cobwebs. As the party entered, six skeletons in tattered black robes dragged themselves out of alcoves. Though unarmed, the touch of these terrible dead was lethal. The hireling Oaf fell prey to their touch, and Doc, Ottway and Wyvar were injured and later realized they had been afflicted with a hideous flesh eating disease at the location of their wounds. The party earned a hard-fought victory, and recovered a pouch with three gems (worth 10gp, 1,000gp, and 1,200gp) from one of the undead abominations. Thyle deduced that the creatures had been low level priests of Nergal, the ancient god of the dead, in life. Looting the alcoves, the party found a pair of earrings (worth 30gp) and a small bag that improbably held 123gp.

The party elected to return to the world above and lick their wounds. On the way back, however, they were surprised by a stirge that swooped down out of the shadows and alighted upon Fletcher’s shoulder. Before they could vanquish the thing it had drained the hireling of a huge amount of blood, and he died along with the creature.

Upon arriving back in town, Doc Dino and Ottway sought out a priest who was able to cure their disease, albeit at a steep price. Wyvar dismissed the flesh eating disease – after all, he had contracted worse in the Brazen Strumpet and it hadn’t done him in. He surmised that sufficient quantities of alcohol would probably neutralize it. Alas, he was reduced to a rotten, festering corpse within a day. Curiously, his brawny brother Guyvar showed up at The Yellow Fang shortly thereafter…

Monsters Killed: Giant carnivorous flies (6), huecuva (6), stirge (1)
PCs Killed: Wyvar (Austin)
Henchmen/Hirelings Killed: Fletcher, Oaf
Treasure Recovered: Gems (x3, 2,210 total gp), earrings (30 gp), 123 gp, 51 ep
Items of Interest: Small bag that improbably held more gold coins than its apparent volume would suggest possible … magic?
XP per PC: 492 xp each
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Session 6 (They Are Coming!)

Cast of Characters

Doc Dino (David) – Cleric 2 (Thar)
Meucci (Robert) – Thief 2
Thyle (Eric) – Magic-User 1
Guyvar (Austin) – Fighter 1

Henchmen and Hirelings
Bubba – Man-at-Arms -- farmer
Gump -- Torchbearer - stable boy
Lampy – Man-at-Arms – sword & lantern
Remy – Man-at-Arms – facial deformity, mute, brother of Ralf
War Dogs (3)

Day 28
Meucci recruited a pitchfork-wielding farmer named Bubba to join the crew as a hireling. Doc Dino purchased three trained war dogs, and recruited his own hireling, the man-at-arms known as Leeroy Jenkins. “All right, chums, let’s do this!” Leeroy declared in a deep, slightly insane voice before charging out of The Yellow Fang. He would soon return, and with a sheepish grin admit he had no idea where the party was going or what they had planned.

The group decided to pick up their exploration of the catacombs where they had left off. Behind a set of double doors they discovered a previously unexplored hallway. The corridor was lined with three doors on each side, and the party carefully checked for traps, listened at each door, and poured some oil to serve as an emergency flame barrier if needed before investigating beyond.

Behind the first door, the party found what appeared to be a dead elf lying face down in a pool of congealed blood. It turned out that the elf was only playing dead – he had risen as a ghoul, and sprang to attack the party. The elf-ghoul (ghoul-elf?) was dispatched without much trouble. Guyvar stripped the elf of his only remarkable possession, a pair of gauntlets that had been stuffed into the stiff’s belt, and promptly donned them for his own. Ominous graffiti on the wall promised, “They are coming!” There was no indication who (or what) the “they” might be.

The next door was slightly ajar. Inside, four white corpses posed as dead – they too were ghouls. A pitched battle ensued, in which the war dogs proved their usefulness. The living prevailed over the undead and searched the room, finding an odd tablet inscribed with runes. Thyle attempted to read the tablet, and though he could not translate the runes, he felt a sense of invincibility wash over him. Thyle’s delusional -- er, perfectly legitimate -- feeling of invulnerability aside, the party decided to head back to the world above and regroup.

Back at The Yellow Fang, Guyvar discovered that his newly acquired gauntlets allowed him to climb the vertical wall of the tap room with relative ease, though his attempt to scurry out onto the ceiling ended in tears (of pain for Guyvar, of laughter for his companions). A song was sung about a swine with arachnid properties (which sadly did not include the ability to swing on a web, or so the ballad went).

Day 29
Second verse, same as the first! Back in the catacombs, the party ventured further down the corridor that was the focus of the prior day’s exploration. Finding another door slightly ajar, the party carefully ventured in, with Guyvar scurrying along the side of a wall. The party spied some shiny amongst the debris on the floor of the room (two copper rings – 20gp each).

Also hiding in the room was an abominable humanoid creature that appeared to have the body parts of a number of different animals, including one goat-like leg, one bird-like leg, and a large lobster claw. After the party plied him with rations, this cowering wretch identified himself as Grr’Woof-nub (well, that might have been his name, or he could have just been trying to work up a hairball). The creature spoke in a broken version of common intermixed with some orcish as well as animal-like whimpers, cries, growls, yips, and what seemed to be ambient dungeon noises.

Between devouring several bundles of rations, Grr’Woof-nub revealed that he was terrified of someone called “the great master” whom his brethren now served, that other “mongrelmen” like him had been watching the party since they first entered the catacombs, that the room across the hall was occupied by “biters,” and that a “skull face” and his “bone men” stalked the area to the south.

The room across the hall did indeed contain would-be “biters” in the form of four rather aggressive zombies. After dealing with them, the party explored two more side rooms (a crypt that appeared to have been looted long ago, and a room with moldy and decaying tapestries).

A door was set in the corridor’s southern terminus, and despite Grr’Woof-nub’s warnings about Skull Face & The Bone Men (new album on sale now!), the party did what parties do – they entered. A massive stone obelisk rested in the center of the huge chamber. Thyle noted that the obelisk outlined certain dark rituals of Nergal’s faith written in Black Tongue, Elvish, Dwarven, and Ancient Common on its four sides. He took rubbings, which could be of value to a sage -- perhaps the apothecary Malfeasance, for whom Thyle had previously done some rubbing (no, that activity did not take place within the friendly confines of The Secret Serpent!).

There were four doors in the room, and the company of tomb robbers opted to explore east. They found a long, grand, hall-like room with a number of passages leading off of it. In the center of the room they observed a man standing with his back to the party, his right arm raised. The man did not move. Hirelings were sent to get a closer look.

When Bubba got close to the figure, the air around it seemed to shimmer, heave, and lash out. The figure leaped off the ground, suspended in mid-air, and twisted so that the party could see that the front side of the body had been dissolved! Hurled oil flasks outlined a square shape – one side of some sort of gelatinous cube, in which the body was suspended! The thing engulfed Bubba, prompting the party to set it ablaze. They were able to reduce the cube into jelly, though Bubba was digested/burned into a bubbling mass of cheese-like substance in the process. Leeroy observed his fellow hireling’s remains and, thoughtfully munching on a drumstick he had secreted in his belt pouch, muttered, “At least I have chicken.”

Exploring the long, narrow burial crypts that branched off from the room, the party found that each of the vaults contained a number of burial alcoves of a shape unique to each vault. The shape and contents of the alcoves is summarized thusly:

Burial Vault 1:
Burial Alcoves (50): Square with urns.
Contents: 165ep, 1 rough polished agate (detects as magical)

Burial Vault 2:
Burial Alcoves (51): Circular with bones.
Contents: 183gp.

Burial Vault 3*:
Burial Alcoves (53): Triangular with bones.
Contents: 107sp, ivory carving (666gp), bracelet (60gp), fire opal (100gp), glass box (20gp).

*A maze of rough-hewn passages extends from the end of this finger crypt. The party did not explore these.

Burial Vault 4:
Burial Alcoves (48): Octagonal with skulls.
Contents: 21 sp, jade idol (300gp), earrings (60gp), copper inkwell (15gp).

Burial Vault 5:
Burial Alcoves (52): Hexagonal with full skeletons.
Contents: 162ep, ornate plate (18gp), mithril brooch in shape of elven tree (detects as magical).

Burial Vault 6:
Burial Alcoves (52): Trapezoidal, bronzed skulls.
Contents: Necklace (20gp) and a coral (50gp).

Burial Vault 7:
Burial Alcoves (52): Triangular, disturbed remains.
Contents: Ruby (70gp) and brass cup (60gp).

Burial Vault 8:
Burial Alcoves (52): Hexagonal, hastily searched.
Contents: 87gp and circlet (50gp).

There was another opening off of the large room, this one barred by a portcullis, but the party elected to quit while they were ahead (and while the PCs all still had their heads) and return to the world above.

Monsters Killed: Gelatinous cube (1), ghouls (5), zombies (4)
PCs Killed: None (!)
Henchmen/Hirelings Killed: Bubba
Items of Interest: Obelisk rubbings; gauntlets, agate, and brooch (each detect as magic)
XP per PC: 467
XP per Hireling: 233

Jodo Kast

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Session 7 (I'm Not Going Into That Room)

Inez Hull, ask and you shall receive!

Cast of Characters

Doc Dino (David) – Cleric 2 (Thar)
Meucci (Robert) – Thief 2
Thyle (Eric) – Magic-User 2
Guyvar (Austin) – Fighter 1
Xandar (Ken) – Half-Elf Ranger 1

Henchmen and Hirelings
Gump -- Torchbearer - stable boy
Jethro – Man-at-Arms – bumpkin manchild
Lampy – Man-at-Arms – sword & lantern
Remy – Man-at-Arms – facial deformity, mute, brother of Ralf
Sacco – Man-at-Arms – steely-eyed crossbowman
War Dogs (4)

Day 31
After several days off, the party did some banking at an establishment called The Rusty Copper, and recruited two men-at arms, the oafish Jethro and the steely-eyed Sacco. Meucci purchased a war dog (Nibbles). Back to the dungeon!

Not long after reentering the catacombs, the party was waylaid at a crossroads by three skeletons in black, tattered robes. The party had encountered similar undead creatures before – former low-level priests of Nergal, Thyle surmised – and were aware of their lethal, flesh-eating touch. Thus they wisely elected to use fire, dogs, and hirelings to deal with the threat, except for Guyvar, who charged into the fray. The huecuva were dispatched, but Guyvar, Jethro, and one of the war dogs was wounded.

The party returned to the great room where the hireling Bubba had been reduced to a bubbling, oozy mass inside a burning gelatinous cube. They considered entering the maze of rough-hewn passages extending from one of the finger crypts leading off the room, but elected to leave it unexplored. Instead, they forced open the portcullis on the north wall, beyond which lie a room covered in small rock debris and cobwebs with two doors opening off of it.

Jethro, who by that point was distractedly scratching at the wound he had received fighting the huecuva, entered one of the rooms. Sacco watched from outside, his crossbow at ready. “Coin!” called Jethro, just before he was yanked out of view. Crunching, slurping noises followed. “Sacco, don’t go in there!” warned Meucci. “Don’t worry. I’m not going into that room,” Sacco sardonically replied.

Thyle approached and loosed a sleep spell into the room, and two thuds were heard. The crypt was decorated with frescoes of men in short white tunics running in footraces. Coin glinted at the back of the crypt. Two giant crab spiders, bloated and gore splattered, were collapsed upon what remained of Jethro’s corpse. A third, unaffected by Thyle’s spell, dropped from the ceiling, but alone proved no match for the party. Exploring the room, the party found that the meager sum of 37cp had lured Jethro to his doom.

Behind the second door off of the cobwebbed room, the party found two sarcophagi, empty aside from their skeletal inhabitants. Guyvar was now scratching obsessively at his own huecuva-inflicted wound. “You might want to get that cured,” Doc Dino admonished. “Same kind of wound did your brother in.” The party decided to head back to town.

However, reentering the huge hall with a massive obelisk in its center, the party found they were not alone! At the same time they entered the room from the east, the door to the south opened. A man with a half-skull mask over his face and bones stitched into his black, hooded robes entered, surrounded by eight skeletons who did his bidding. The party sprang to the attack, and was able to prevent the necromancer from unleashing any spells. Leroy suffered a vicious blow from one of the skeletons, but managed to hang onto life long enough for Doc Dino to revive him. The party recovered the necromancer’s spellbook and a pouch with some coin (13pp).

The party made their way back to the world above and The Yellow Fang. Guyvar had his wound cured, thus avoiding the fate of his brother Wyvar. The wounded war dog was not afforded such care, and succumbed to the flesh-eating disease. Thyle spent some time studying the necromancer’s spellbook, and learned that the necromancer's name had been Kelmok and that he served the god Set, son of Nergal and brother of Orcus.

Day 34
Beneath Grael, the party once again made their way to the large, hexagonal room with a massive stone obelisk, where they had defeated the necromancer Kelmok days before. From there they chose to explore to the south. They found a long hall with six doors, three on either side. They liberally applied oil to the floor, and Doc Dino sent Leroy to the end of the hall. Doc then had Leroy throw open the doors and run back to the party. “LEEEEEEROY JEEEEENKINS!!!!” In this manner, the party drew out and quickly dealt with four fossilized skeletons and two ghouls.

Exploring one of the rooms, the party handled a skeleton covered in yellow mold from a safe distance. In another room, they found a sarcophagus, its lid ajar. It contained ornate golden chalices and three lethal looking cobras. Not wanting to damage the treasure, the party sent the war dogs in instead of torching the sarcophagus. Two dogs, one of them Meucci’s beloved Nibbles, fell prey to the cobras’ poisonous fangs.

The party’s exploration of this area netted 130gp from the sarcophagi of the fossil skeletons, two gold chalices worth 15pp each, and another strange runic tablet. Thyle attempted to decipher the runes on this one as well, and a sense of foreboding and impending doom washed over him, negating the sense of invincibility the previous tablet had instilled in him.

Monsters Killed: Huecuva (3), giant crab spiders (3), Necromancer of Set (1), skeletons (9), fossil skeletons (4), ghouls (2), yellow mold (1), spitting cobras (3)
PCs Killed: None (!?)
Henchmen/Hirelings Killed: Jethro
XP per PC: 260
XP per Hireling: 75

Jodo Kast

First Post
Session 8 (You'll Put Your Eye Out)

Beginning with Session 8, I had PC's take over session reports in exchange for bonus XP. This write-up comes courtesy of David (Doc Dino).

Cast of Characters

Doc Dino (David) - Cleric 2
Meucci (Robert) - Thief 3
Thyle (Eric) - Magic-User 2
Guyvar (Austin) - Fighter 1
Xandar (Ken) - Half-elf Ranger

Gump – Torchbearer
Lampy – Man-at-Arms
Leeroy – Man-at-Arms
Remy – Man-at-Arms
Sacco - Man-at-Arms
Dogs (5)

Doc Dino’s Journal entry Day 32:
After restocking supplies and buying more dogs we headed back out to the catacombs with the intent of returning to the large room with the Obelisks. This time we brought with us a total of five dogs. I could not help but think that the dog trainer is making more money than us at 25 gp a piece.

On the way back in while we were heading down a hall with doors on either side we were suddenly ambushed by four Mongrel men babbling away about “the master” Since they came at us from side rooms as we passed two of them bypassed the dogs and came at me and the mage with two more jumping out in front of the group to block our passage. After a brief fight I asked who was injured and healed myself and the mage. Apparently Guyvar was also injured in the fight but never said anything.

We then continued to the large room to explore the area off to the right. When we opened the door we discovered a large room with burial alcoves similar to the room that had the Gelatinous Cube. Upon entering the room to the right we wasted no time in getting Gump to start poking around the room with a 10 foot pole. Just as Gump found a pit trap with the pole people start to get bored and greedy and then the next thing I know some people were running into the burial alcoves to start searching them before the main room was even searched.

When people entered the alcoves it triggered 24 skeletons to animate and they start to come at us from every direction. Overwhelmed Thyle, Remy and Gump started to madly spread oil all over the floor to try to cut off the skeletons in the second half of the room from reaching us. I attempted to turn the undead and managed to cause 10 of the skeletons to cower in the back of the room. That was when I alerted to Guyvar’s death by Meucci’s frantic shouts to check Guyvar’s pockets. While the mage was struggling to get the oil on the floor spread out and lit on fire one of the dogs went down. By the time the fire was started it was easily 6 feet wide and completely blocked off the back half of the room. This kept the skeletons on the back side of the room at bay while the fighting raged on in the front.

After destroying the skeletons on our side of the room the party decided that the room was large enough that engaging the skeletons in the back of the room with flasks of oil was not feasible. As such it was decided that we would have to wait for the fire to burn down to finish the battle. The party decided to finish searching Guyvar’s pockets and the two alcoves on our side of the room while we waited on the fire to subside.

After the flames died down; the fighting started back up again with another dog quickly going down. I could tell that this was going to be a bad day. At 25 GP each those war dogs were far too expensive to be losing them at this rate. Luckily we won the fight without losing any more dogs. After searching the room, alcoves and Guyvar’s pockets we found a total of 355 CP, 225 SP, 66 PP, 51 GP, a sling, a cloak, and two scrolls.
Meucci and Gump took the last three dogs into a very small side room and the next thing I knew they all came running out real fast. Gump and the dogs ran in the direction of the exit and Meucci ran and hid in an alcove. After waiting and seeing nothing come out after them Meucci calmed down and we decided to head back in the direction of the exit and see if we can find Gump and the dogs. We did not have to go far; we found the dogs dead in the next room with 8 tomb raiders waiting in ambush for us.

One of the tomb raiders had the nerve after killing my expensive dogs to ask us to surrender the treasure and our weapons. Luckily the mage was as mad as I was about the dogs and got a sleep spell off before they could react. We quickly killed the rest and then killed all but one of the ones sleeping in order to question him. After looting the tomb raiders we grabbed 4 Slings, 4 Short Swords, 4 Light Crossbows, 40 Crossbow bolts and left the rest.

When we woke up sleeping beauty we discovered that he was a total loser with no honor or self respect. He claimed that they just happened by on us, but after the mongrel men ambush I did not believe him. Then the next thing I knew people started to talk about letting him go; I was forced to end the discussion. There was no way that I was going to allow him to go and report back to anyone.

When we go back to town it was discovered that my sling, the cloak and an hand axe that Meucci had grabbed were all magical. The sling turned out to be a Red Rider Sling with runes in a strange tongue that translate to “You will put someone’s eye out”, the cloak was a cloak of protection, and the hand axe was a Hand Axe Of Light. One of the scrolls was a magic-users scroll containing Mirror Image and Dark Vision, the other was a cleric scroll containing 2 cure light wounds, 2 spiritual armors, and protection from evil. We quickly divided up the loot giving the cloak to Thyle, the axe went to Xandar.

Monsters Killed:
24 Skeletons
4 Mongrel men
8 Tomb Raiders

PCs killed
Guyvar, brother of Wyvar
Hirelings Killed:
5 Dogs

Treasure Recovered:
355 CP, 225 SP
66 PP, 51 GP
+1 Red Rider sling
+1 cloak of protection
+1 Hand Axe of Light
4 Slings
1 Sheild
4 Short Swords
4 Light Crossbows
40 Crossbow bolts
1 Magic user scroll and 1 cleric scroll.

XP earned:
Hireling men-at-arms earns 102 XP
Thyle, Xandar and Meucci each earn 204 XP
Doc Dino nets 329 XP

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