D&D General Johnny Stanton interview: Inside the Elite NFL D&D club


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Today on The Character Sheet we had the huge privilege to speak to Johnny Stanton, the NFL player and Dungeon Master behind The Heathens, the NFL Dungeons & Dragons club featuring huge football stars like Myles Garrett, to talk about how he managed to get some of the biggest names in Football to join him in a D&D campaign that made it onto ESPN!

How did Critical Role and Stranger Things help him turn NFL

All Stars into avid D&D players...what other NFL players and sports stars are joining in the campaign...and just how did Johnny Stanton even come up with the idea for turning his

NFL teammates into an Adventuring party?

Find out in our exclusive The Character Sheet Interview with The only DM with an NFL Touchdown...Johnny Stanton!


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Looks great. NFL is the greatest sport in the world (apart from rugby, of course!) and D&D is the greatest game. They mesh!

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