Kickstarter Jon Hodgson Map Tiles 2 launches next week! EDIT: LATE PLEDGES OPEN

Jon Hodgson

I'm back with the imaginatively titled "Jon Hodgson Map Tiles 2" Kickstarter! You can check out the campaign preview here!

Here's a quick look at two of the new sci fi Map Tiles sets on offer, from guest star Paul Bourne:
The campaign launches on Tuesday the 28th of January!

My map tiles are 6 inches square, full-colour, double-sided and come in sets of 30. They're printed on playing card stock, so they're really portable and affordable. Through the magic of Kickstarter I can offer some really great bundle deals, which include all the sets from Map Tiles 1.

Hope to see you there!

Jon Hodgson

Awesome! You are of course very welcome!

We should do a mini set of digital sci-fi tiles for EN Publishing patrons!