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Jon Hodgson

Here’s a quick rundown of where we’re at right now! We launched on the 19th of June. In just four days we’ve grown to a group of over a hundred patrons. Fantastic!
So what rewards have my patrons enjoyed so far?

First there was June’s map of a hillfort. A 27x32 incher, this bad boy came with an extras version (ruins on the hillfort) too, so that’s 2 Maps for $2.

For those who pledged another dollar, they also enjoyed a variant map of the hillfort, with remixed terrain making a different hillfort location.

This also had a version with extras. So that’s four maps!

Then there was also a short pdf and ebook with my research notes and inspiration for using hillforts in your game. It also has a fun 3 part hillfort name generator.

All patrons also enjoyed a 25 minute process video as a thank you for their support.

We broke through our first community goal at 50 patrons, which gave everyone another location map, which also had an alternate version.

All of the maps come gridded, hexed and plain, and also in multipart home print versions you can run off on A4 sheets or US letter.

That’s a lot of stuff! And we’ve been running less than a week! Next month the theme is barrows (tumuli, rather than the single wheeled gardening cart), and you can expect a bounty of maps for burial mounds, along with more pdf content and new videos.

Just a few patrons more and we unlock the next community goal - we’re going to vote on which location will join onto the first community goal map, as we embark on making a gigantic joined up super community goal map!

Join us!

Jon Hodgson

In July our theme will be barrows (the burial mound kind, not the one wheeled garden cart)
In addition to a bunch of awesome maps, Extras Tier patrons will get video content from my hike to... well watch the trailer and find out.

Jon Hodgson


July’s first round of content for patrons is here, with 3 variants of the Barrow map for basic tier patrons ($2) and an additional 2 maps, miniPDF about barrows and a video for Bonus tier patrons ($3).

Don’t forget all patrons also get free access to the community goal unlocks! Two gorgeous, big digital poster maps that join up!

Jon Hodgson

August's theme at is "ruins"! Loads of exciting content is coming together, with poster maps of ruined adventure locations (with or without hexes or grids), guest writers, amazing exploration video, mini PDFs and more. Get on board from just $2, and gain access to the two previous months' content too! AMAZE!

Jon Hodgson

As part of ruins month, I take a trip to Tappoch Broch on behalf of my patrons!

Jon Hodgson

I backed it, always love your work! Any recommendations for paper specs or printing method for making reusable 11x17 maps?
Thanks for your support! I use my local print shop, who also offer large format lamination. Most local places will have a variety of options. Currently I'm looking at printing a batch of poster maps on the vinyl used for pull up event banners. If it works out well we'll maybe have a little Kickstarter to fund a small print run!

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