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Hey you! This free sampler at DrivethruRPG gives you a small slice of the kind of monthly content available via Patreon at

At the heart of it is a FREE 27"x32" PDF map of a hillfort, customizable with layers that you can switch on and off in Adobe Reader.

Also included is a FREE mini PDF about hillforts, with lots of inspiration for using hillforts in your games along with a handy hillfort name generator.

There are also two FREE 120dpi jpegs of the Hillfort map for Virtual Table Top (VTT) usage.

Check it out: Becoming a Patron is just $2 a month to get a map a month. $3 for all the cool extras.

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Jon Hodgson


I've just uploaded a map of a ruined broch, just like the one I explored in this month's Exploration Video for my Extra Tier Patrons at
Join today and get this map along with a bunch of others, plus videos exploring ancient sites, mini PDFs of gaming material on subjects like Hillforts, Barrows and Ruins! Patronage starts at just $2!

Jon Hodgson

Here’s a look at one of the maps from printed out. They’re huge!

This marsh map was a free bonus for patrons this month. This month's theme was Ruins, and our guest writer was Gareth Hanrahan! Next month's theme is "Under the Earth", and we have a guest writing spot from the mighty Stuart Boon!

Jon Hodgson

To celebrate the joy of being alive, and being able to play games, let's all have a free GIGANTIC MAP! (Actually, it's thanks to your support, my wonderful Patrons, that I'm able to share this one with all gamers! Thank you!

The Chasm Run map is four 27x32 inch maps that join up into one long chasm run. You can happily use them individually or as a titanically long single map.
Get it here:

Jon Hodgson

It’s hard to think of a more exciting shot of my miniature backdrops in use than this one of Rick Priestley, author of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Ancient Battles, Warmaster Ancients, Gates of Antares and The Red Book of the Elf King, among many other amazing games.

Here’s Rick setting up a shot of a Red Book of the Elf King game. I dropped in an elf tower to the scene especially for Rick and co.

Huge thanks to Rick for allowing me to share the photo, and thanks to James for delivering it to the game.

Find out more about The Red Book of The Elf King here:

To celebrate such a truly exciting thing, everyone can download a special edition of the backdrop as used by Rick here:

The full width version is available to Art Tier patrons here:

Jon Hodgson


Every month I'm going to be giving away a little slice of the good stuff available to patrons to everyone absolutely free. If you like what you see there's loads more content available to patrons from just $2!

Grab your 6 free characters here:

Permission is, of course, given to use these for personal use in your home games and for personal use on Virtual Table Tops.

Check out the other freebies so far:
Miniature Backdrop:
Chasm Run Map:
Hillfort Sampler:

I hope you enjoy them!

Jon Hodgson

An 8 page PDF featuring Kadrik the Ogre by Jared Earle (Wizards of the Coast, Nightfall Games) is now available to Extra Tier Patrons:

It's just $3 a month to get on board as an Extra Tier Patron, and you'll instantly gain access to my whole back catalogue including gaming PDFs from Gareth Ryder Hanrahan, Stuart Boon, Jared Earle and myself. As well as a TON of maps, videos and more!

Jon Hodgson

Loads of new content is available now, including Mountain Pass Map, Mountain Tiles, the Chief's Hall map and a 32 variant portrait! If you sign up as a patron you'll get instant access to the entire back catalgue for your level! That's months and months of maps, art and PDFs!


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