Just a little scrap of paper


First Post
The darkness, the beautiful black dotted with stars slips into a deep purple on one horizon and the stars fade until the night comes again. Then you get this glorious cascade of colours... purple softens into violet, then reds and pinks and oranges and blues and whites all flow around... until the darker colours are gone and the huge yellow white of the sun leaves only some oranges to play with, but then even those go. And the sun comes up - you can see it getting bigger, it's amazing to watch... and you suddenly realise that the sky is no longer dark blue but now almost a light blue, and you can see everything around you in twilight light...

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**Nashira wanders by the cork board and pauses to read the postings there. She notices this one and stands for a long time, staring at the parchment unaware of her surroundings and the hailings of a merchant. She walks away, dazed almost and mumbles to herself**

"......could see it clear as day..."

Epic Threats

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