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Kaylmba: African inspired RPG

I haven't seen mention of Kalymba on here so I thought i'd bring it up if anyone's interested.

Looks to be an African mythology inspired RPG that seems to have some really cool ideas and great art.

I'm not connected, just a backer and I'd like to see it succeed.

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Looks like generic fantasy to me.
Swords and magic. Check
Ruins from old civilizations to explore/plunder. Check
World threatening catastrophe heroes have to oppose. Check.

Only that picture with the modern soldier getting shot into the back throws me off.
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So it turns out it's a brazilian RPG that was originally produced in 2013. This is an update and translation of it.

Core rules are basically 2d6+attribute+skill against a fixed DC, or sometimes opposed. Sounds like it's a fairly light system.

And you can buy armour for your hen, so there's that.

There's a tonne of illustrations in the books and I like some of the designs like the armour, the hive buildings, and the small kroot riding a battle emu.


Seems to be a rather high goal for just a translation, although I do not know how the shipping crisis affect the cost of book printing.

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