Kerall vs. Nikodemus


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Wicht said:
Nikodemus Your victory makes you an Enlightened Master 3. Truly villains tremble at the sight of you.

All except the one villain that I never got to have a death match with! What do ya say, Wicht? Wanna pull out the old undead monster for one final Deathmatch with his Nemesis of the Light!?

C'mon! The old rules are going away anyway and if it's just between us two for a one-shot fight, then his undead status won't affect anyone else or upset the game. Besides, you're the new Grandmaster Judge so if you say it's okay then who's gonna gainsay you?

C'mon! Bring on the Wolf of Hell! Let's finish it once and for all!!

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Thanks for the fight, Niko. I hoped it would have been longer, but it's been good all the same. Here is what happens immediately after.


If you want to fight Wicht you are gonna have to have Sharlea look him up in his lair ;) Not to mention it would really mess up my story line for YBA if you killed Wicht in a match :p :D

Actually, I don't know that I will be on enough between now and Monday to have time fore a really epic match. I gotta do some errands this afternoon (trying to get things outta the way so I will have more time on monday for the reset) and will be busy most of tomorrow and Sunday... sorry.


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No problem, Wicht. That was just about the only thing Niko didn't accomplish in his career that he wished to. I'll just have to get Sharlea to pay him a visit and pass on the can o' whoopa$$ to Wicht from her ancestor Niko! :D

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