5E [ KICKSTARTER ][ 5E ] Memento Mori Campaign Setting

Link to the Kickstarter - http://kck.st/2VPEWC3

Mori is the first project from Luna Publishing now live on Kickstarter. It is a campaign setting designed for the 5E ruleset, and will be published under the OGL license. Memento Mori takes inspiration from dark fantasy, victorian age, steampunk, sword and sorcery, and even classical gothic literature. It takes place not in the medieval age, but in a time more closely resembling the age of enlightenment or the baroque period. New technologies and ideas are spreading across the world yet ancient mysteries and ways are still abundant. Magic is outlawed, and stems from evil sources. Ancient daemons attempt to infest the minds and souls of mortals. Witches cackle and spread their daemonic masters will. Firearms are becoming more and more commonly seen and used.

We are currently 90% funded with about 10 days left to reach our goal. Pledge soon and get a chance to get our three PDF's for only a $25 pledge.

New Races including the erudite Electus, the bestial Felisican, the cursed Kurz, and a unique take on Goblins.

New Classes including the Alchemist, the Witch Hunter, and the Witch. New archetypes for existing classes.

New Mechanics covering corruption, dreamscapes, and exorcism.

A uniquely built world covering over 2 years of design and playtesting.
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