[Kickstarter] Children of the Beast


Explore a living world where mountains walk the earth and the moon crawls across the sky

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In Children of the Beast you play as occult beast hunters who must work together to stop a spreading corruption from mutating the populace. The game focuses on exploration of a world born from a twisted, biological take on fantasy, with mechanics that are meant to be discovered over the course of play, such as fleshsmithing and favors from Elder Deities. Your characters can also control the corruption, mutating their bodies as they stretch the limits of their humanity.

It also features:

  • An optional companion app to streamline the experience
  • A new "Xd20" dice system
  • An included "Pick-up-and-Play" adventure that requires no prep from the GM

Check us out, and don't let the Warrens become a part of you!