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[Kickstarter Citizens of the old World by Axia and Heresylab]


Hello! Today I'm proud to present you the first kickstarter from Axia in collaboration with Heresylab called Citizens of the Old world!

These models are 28mm heroic scale, compatible with the newest miniature games brands set in a fantasy world. Warhammer fantasy, age of sigmar, mordheim, frostgrave, warhammer fantasy roleplay, D&D, all the ones that comes to your mind! We put all our effort in this project to give you models nice and easy to paint, good for gaming and for displays!
We are starting with 10 models but many more can be unlocked! There is no trick with the renders as you can see soon with the first printed model and that's a production model, not a 3d printed one or a special edition!
We have invested in this first mould to show how we work and what kind of quality you are going to receive! Help us funding the production for the rest of the line you will not be disappointed!

kickstarter link: "Citizens of the Old World" - Resin and STL by HeresyLab

Some production copies painted by Axia, to show you the quality of the cast and details! Help us unlocking new stretch goals!


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Just to clarify - this is not a kickstarter for painted models. The kickstarter is for unpainted resin models or .stl files of the models.

They look like nice models, but I thought the title might lead some to think they were pre-painted.


Hi! Of course like any miniature kickstarter they are not pre-painted, is also stated on of the goals is to "give you models nice and easy to paint "

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