[KICKSTARTER] Dungeons&Lasers Terrain Project feedback thread

Hello everyone,
I am from Archon Studio, company that creates tabletop games and terrains. And we are coming to Kickstarter this summer with Dungeons&Lasers ➡ https://www.dungeonsandlasers.com/

FB cover D&L v2 bez loga.jpg

What Dungeons&Lasers is?

DNL is a terrain system for RPG games. It's not requiring glue, allows you easy assembly and disassembly of your creation, made of plastic. We have created it with both fantasy and sci-fi in mind. It features plenty of designs, customization bits and companions!

D&L - 1x1 - core sci-fi set 2.jpgD&L - 1x1 - companions.jpgD&L - 1x1 - customization fantasy.jpg
D&L - 1x1 - unique fantasy location.jpgD&L - 1x1 - fantasy grid built-in iso.jpgD&L - 1x1 - fantasy scale 1.jpg

Yes, with sets are coming special extra miniatures of animals "Themed" either in fantasy-style or sci-fi. Yes, we got cats and RoboDog as well.

What I am looking for is your opinion guys :) We have plenty of manufacturing capabilities, we control 100% of work, we can implement basically anything.

My question is - what you would like to see in Dungeons&Lasers?

More info about project and us ➡ https://www.dungeonsandlasers.com/