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Kickstarter [Kickstarter] Remarkable Shops & Their Wares


The wildly successful Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks source book is now getting a worthy successor: Remarkable Shops & Their Wares.


This is a system neutral book usable with just about any fantasy RPG - brimming with world-building ideas, rumors, roleplaying resources and more.

Remarkable Shops & Their Wares is the ultimate guide to fantasy shops and how to roleplay them. From the classic general goods store to wildly exotic locations such as magic item artificers, black markets, underwater libraries, and traveling merchants.
Wonderful characters, items and history: Remarkable Shops is filled with interesting NPCs, wares, and history behind the stores. The pages are fully stocked with rich world-building details and rumors/story hooks to use in your campaign.

Common Goods & Exotic Items: Our book will not only list an extensive range of common goods, local produce, prices and services. It will be packed with imaginative exotic wares, rare goods, magical items and more. Prepare to be inspired!

Elevate your stores: This book, like Remarkable Inns, sets a new standard for what detail and roleplaying you can bring to a "cliche". With this book, you will no longer have the players simply dump their gold and move on. The core chapters describe everything from the classic general goods store, to item prices, services, how local products are sourced, and supply and demand. Never was there a more detailed source for roleplaying shops. Then we deep-dive into exotic wares, magical items, markets, festivals, traveling merchants, clandestine operations, and much more.

Build Your Fortune: The last section of the book is wholly dedicated to building your own store. This allows the GM to roll up (or choose from many, many tables) the most detailed shops ever to grace your world. From buying the property to hiring the architect to draw the plans. From sourcing building materials to overseeing construction. From the staff, grand opening to operating and becoming profitable. Have high-level characters that are ready for their next big adventure? Have them open a store!

(Full disclosure: I'm a contributor.)


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