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The Chapel on the Cliffs for Pathfinder RPG is Live on Kickstarter!

The Chapel on the Cliffs is a Pathfinder RPG horror adventure optimized for a group of 4-5 characters of 3rd level. In this module, the characters will need to explore the ruined village of Kennmouth and its surroundings, find out why a small army of skeletons rises from their graves every night to drive out intruders, and search for a way to lift this unholy curse. In this adventure, you will get:

  • Up to 10 hours of challenging gameplay
  • 35 pages of high quality content
  • Beautiful color illustrations and maps
  • New monsters and magic items, including the famed Hand of Saint Sidvela, and the Guardian Beast
  • New rules to deal with chases and sieges involving dozens of shambling skeletons

The can find the Kickstarter project here.
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The adventure is 80% funded. We're almost there!

One of our backers offered to convert the companion side trek Death in the Moors, so we decided to give it to all our backers. By backing us, you'll get two adventures instead of one!

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