D&D 5E [Kickstarter] Veranthea Codex: Grethadnis (100 NPCs and more for D&D 5E)

Mike Myler

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This 190 page sourcebook for D&D 5E details 26 nations and regions across the Fair Continent with statistics for 100 NPCs in a realm of medieval fantasy. An entire academy of magic instructors, thieves' guilds galore, zealous priesthoods—there's even 18 new monsters in here including a draconic bunny. It also has new heritage options (like feylves, pantako, motleyfolk, and shadetouched), new class archetypes (including the fiery Doonfist Pistolero and greedy Oath of the Merchanteer), and more than a dozen new magic items (such as the banners of the crusades and mirrored weapons)! Check out the full table of contents here.

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Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?

The funding goal has been reached!

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Over the past couple years I've been working closely with designers from across the world to help shepherd Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition into being. I am incredibly proud to announce that thanks to the excellent help of Josh Gentry (who tackled converting all the tiny details from O5E to A5E) and Thiago Rosa (who has written up several thousands words of additional story material) we have also prepared a version of Veranthea Codex: Grethadnis specifically for Level Up! This advanced version of the D&D 5E ruleset is backwards compatible so if you haven't made the switch yet, you can still pick up this version the book and enjoy it just as much—if not more. You can find out more about Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition here and see some of those designs at work on the beta of the free online rules index!

Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
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Hardcovers for the Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition version of Veranthea Codex: Grethadnis are now available!

Next up is the Grethadnis Bonus Pack:
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This book (which will only be available for O5E, there will not be a Level Up specific version) is Fugitive Scholar (a full adventure for 4–5 PCs of 5th–6th level), Bastards Revenge (a sidequest for 4–5 PCs of 3rd–5th level), the paradigm prestige class (be the dwarfiest dwarf, elfiest elf, or most halfinglest halfling!), and 30 new minor magic items all of uncommon rarity and with listed gold costs.

Anyone keen on getting a softcover of it will be able to increase their pledge to do so, but when this is unlocked everyone who's pledged to the project will receive the Grethadnis Bonus Pack PDF for free along with their other rewards!

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