5E [Kickstarter] "Witness Protection" side trek adventure for 5th Edition


Darklight Interactive - creators of the 2013 ENnie-nominated adventure A Night in Seyvoth Manor - have launched another Kickstarter for a small adventure called Witness Protection.


The adventure is a short side trek, theoretically playable in one session, for a party of 1st level characters that can be inserted into most urban campaigns. In this adventure, after a violent crime takes place the party is responsible for escorting the only witness to the city watch headquarters for questioning, while the "forces of evil" try to intercept the witness.

At the time of this writing the adventure is already funded, but additional support is greatly appreciated. Backer levels are available where you can get a package deal for a reduced price: this adventure, the full digital collection of A Night in Seyvoth Manor, and our past adventure The Coming Dark, Chapter One: Into the Light.