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PF1E Kingmaker - PF Kingdom Building or 5e DMG?


I'm currently running Kingmaker using the 5e system. With the advent of 5e's DMG, a new 5e "economy" has been established.

Has anyone compared these two kingdom-building systems side by side, and if so, could they explain which economy makes more 'sense'? I'm prnoe to believe I should ignore PF's altogether, but it seems to have a progressive building that 5e's lacks.

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Well I'd use the Ultimate Campaign kingdom building rules and not the rules included in the AP, though I can't say much about how 5e does it - I don't intend to look.


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Ultimate Campaign - the ones in the AP have some issues. That is not to say UC is perfect. Haven't looked at the DMG yet, but I shall do so.


Use the Ultimate Campaign rules, but augment with the superb add-on rules from Legendary Adventures' Ultimate Rulership supplement. Ultimate Rulership is by the same author who created the Ultimate Campaign rules; I can't recommend their fun and utility enough. The organization isn't ideal in either UC or UR, however, and I continue to waste time paging through them trying to find the thing I sort of remember being there.

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