Pathfinder 2E Kingmaker Preorders Open

Including the Pathfinder 2E version of the classic adventure path, along with bestiaries which enable you to use the AP with both Pathfinder 1E and with D&D 5E, Paizo has opened pre-orders for a revised version of its most popuar campaign. In addition, you can pick up kindom management tools map packs, and pawns, with 13 products in total available.


September 22, 2022 (REDMOND, Wash.) – Paizo Inc., publisher of the Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying games, has opened preorders for the massive Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path suite of products at The set presents a full-length campaign that chronicles the rise of a new nation—a kingdom built and ruled by the player characters—and contains 13 products with over 1000 pages of expanded and updated tabletop roleplay game adventure material based on the Pathfinder First Edition Kingmaker Adventure Path and the Owlcat computer game adaptation. It will be available to purchase on October 26 at game and bookstores worldwide and at

Over a decade ago, the Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path helped lead the way with an open-ended "sandbox" style adventure that encouraged exploration and conquest in a rugged wilderness. Its open-world narrative and kingdom-building elements gave players and Game Masters unparalleled freedom to explore and shape the world with their heroic actions. It became one of the best-selling and most beloved campaigns in Pathfinder's history.

In past years, Paizo published hardcover collections of the popular Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne campaigns, returning beloved out-of-print favorites updated with new bridging material, new illustrations and maps, errata, and numerous additional improvements. This release brings Kingmaker into the same fold, bigger and better than ever before.

The expansion includes content from Owlcat Games’ best-selling computer game adaptation of the Kingmaker campaign added new adventures, new mysteries, and more than a dozen new companions to accompany the players as they expand their holdings from a single fortress to a burgeoning empire.

This multi-product release includes Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path, a massive new deluxe limited-edition hardcover compilation updated to the latest Pathfinder rules. The Kingmaker Companion Guide presents seven fully detailed companions inspired by the Kingmaker video game, ready to provide all sorts of assistance, each accompanied by a fully detailed personalized adventure to go along with their story. The Kingmaker Bestiary 1st Edition and Kingmaker Bestiary 5th Edition help those who prefer to convert the adventure to their games. The suite includes many additional accessories to enhance play!

Players can find detailed descriptions on each product on the site:
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path (P2)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path Special Edition (P2)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Bestiary (First Edition) (P1)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Bestiary (Fifth Edition) (5E)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Companion Guide (P2)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Companion Guide Special Edition (P2)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Kingdom Management Screen (P2)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Kingdom Management Tracker (P2)
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Poster Map Folio
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Pawn Box
  • Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Kingmaker Adventure Path Campsite Multi-Pack
  • Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Kingmaker Adventure Path Noble Manor Multi-Pack
  • Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Kingmaker Adventure Path River Kingdoms Ruins Multi-Pack
Soon, you can face off against bands of bloodthirsty bandits, deadly and dangerous monsters, and mysterious menaces from other realities as you fight to claim the Stolen Lands as your own. Will you rule with justice and mercy, or will you become the very monsters you fought to oppose? In the Kingmaker Adventure Path, the destiny of the world’s newest nation is yours to decide!

Preorder today at

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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I ran Kingmaker for PF1, so the last few posts had me a bit confused. The original started out at Oleg’s trading post, then you set out to start exploring the region. I created a campaign on roll20 with the preview chapter, and it is indeed very different. It looks like they’re trying to follow the start of the computer game.

To be honest, I don’t like it. Kingmaker is supposed to be about exploration, and the original did a very good of getting you into the action right away while establishing a local threat. The Brevoy stuff wasn’t important. It was just there to give the party a default action. I’m curious what else has changed, but I’m not dropping the money on this to find out.

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