D&D 5E Kitchen Confi-dumb-tial


Saw this Sage Advice tweet, and per usual, enjoyed Chris Perkins' rejoinder:

@chrisperkinsDnD about to go into my first Adventurers League session. Any tips trick or sage words of advice?

— Matt Boyd (##########) November 5, 2016

Green slime is not edible. https://t.co/h5jnVPr214

— (((Chris Perkins))) @chrisperkinsDnD) November 5, 2016

... then this notion sprang to mind:

Kitchen Confi-dumb-tial: Green Slime Edibility Testing -

Experiment #37: GS + Beano

Result/Notes. Disastrous ... although the butt bubbles are real pretty.

Well, folks - anyone else hear anything from the test labs at Kitchen Confi-dumb-tial?
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I have actual first-hand anecdotal evidence that more than one party over the years have used a troll as impromptu everlasting rations...

On a side note, my 4E pixie druid who was refluffed as a shapechanging Fey crow spirit had a very crow-like personality... And a nasty habit of snacking on dead opponents, lol. :cool:


Lord of the Hidden Layer
The wispy Ghosts did not at all appreciate being attached to a dinner plate via a summoning diagram, so the entrees served would always appear fresh-from-the-oven piping hot.

Neither did my dinner guests.

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