Pathfinder 2E Knacks - an ability gained at birth (Gothic Western)


For my Gothic Western, Weird West setting I'm developing a mechanic I need ideas for...

I also want use in idea from Orson Scott Card's Alvin the Maker series, called knacks. Everyone is born with a Knack, these are minor abilities up to as powerful as a cantrip. Knacks often help determine one's chosen profession in life, giving you and advantage over others. Knacks do not confer Taint. I plan to create a random roll chart at character generation to determine your knack, potentially hundreds of possible knacks. I will credit by name, those who contribute knacks that I choose to utilize, both knack name and description. Here's my early list, as I'm developing it. Please suggest any, and if I choose your's I'll credit you as a benny!

Announce – project your voice 1000 ft.
Annoy – make target creature make saving throw or become annoyed at secondary target creature for 1 round.
Calm Animal – roll save throw to ignore.
Clock – know the exact time.
Cool/Heat – change temperature in 20 ft. radius up to 50 degrees F either plus or minus (maximum range 35 – 110 degrees F), lasts 8 hours.
Count – instantaneous count large numbers of any observable objects (cattle in herd, matches on floor).
Detect Poison
Determine Poison
– copy a page of text a minute up to 10 minutes.
Eidetic Memory – recall anything text or numbers you've read, and know exact dates.
Find North – detect true north even underground, inside a structure, at any location.
Find Water – utilizing divining rods find reliable source of potable water.
First Aid – only usable once per character per 24 hours, restores 1d4 hp.
Flavor – improve the taste of any meal you cook.
Fast Reload – reload up to 10 bullets in s single round.
Fumigate – kill normal vermin in one 5 foot cube per round of application, cannot effect monstrous versions of vermin.
Identify Scent
Know Depth
– know the depth of where you are underground, underwater, or inside a structure.
– Lift 1-50 lbs. At range of 20 ft and carry at 20' round speed.
Measure – exactly measure dimensions or distance by sight.
Mimic – mimic voice or sound you have heard.
Sense Taint – persons, places or things that possess Taint radiate to you.
Spark - create a fiery spark within 20 ft distance, which can start afire.
Test Water – potability or toxicity.
Translate – translate language upon hearing it spoken.
2D Illusion – create illusion within a 5 ft cube.
Ventriloquist – throw your voice up to 30 ft distance.
Weather Sense – detect changes in winds, pressure, temperature, humidity to determine weather in near future.

Make suggested Knacks, by name if you will!

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