Knightfall's Realmsian Dragonstar (Updated: Sept 08/10)

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I hope everything has been going well with your recovery. I kind of understand it myself now that I have sustained a knee injury that is keeping me from doing my job at the moment. It is very frustrating. Anyway, I was wondering when we can expect the next Realmsian Dragonstar update. Probably on the best stories that I have read. It would be great if Wotc would liscense Fantasy Flight Games to let them publish it as an alternate Forgotten Realms World. Well have a good one.



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Hmm, should I or shouldn't I? :p

Seriously, I've been thinking about bring this story hour thread back into the limelight. Writing it is a daunting task, however. Perhaps I should simply summerize some what is to come and skip ahead in the story. Basically, do for my Dragonstar universe what Sep did for Wyre.



World of Kulan DM
Still on hiatus, but...

Hmm, I think the great crash from last year deleted a few posts from this story hour...

So, here you go...

Part Three (conclusion)
The Warlock’s Bridge:
Thul Gulokas fumed as he paced back and forth.

The Deva Wing had disappeared into nothingness. The Commander of the Dragon Brigade still couldn’t believe it. The ship had likely plane shifted away, or had some kind of distortion shield. It was inconceivable that an Outlands force would have such technology. They had to be getting help from someone within the Dragon Empire, most likely one of the Qesemet Houses.

It made Thul’s dragon blood boil with rage. Such technology was restricted to military use only, and even so it was completely theoretical. Most likely it was some sort of ethereal or astral contraption, stolen from the desks of the Empire’s top scientists.

“Report,” the half-black dragon had immediately called for his scryers to find out where the Deva Wing had vanished too. “Tell me something or die in ignorance.”

Gulokas turned to the Warlock’s head diviner in frustration and grabbed the man by the throat. The diviner’s eyes bulged out in shock, as he had been deep in his spell. The look on his face told Thul that the news was grim.

“The ship has definitely left the Material Plane, sir.” The man tried to take a breath but Gulokas tightened his grip, choking him. “B- but I c- cannot see where it has g- gone. Need… more… time.”

“Time is something we don’t have, diviner.” Gulokas choked the life out of the man in frustration. “I relieve you of your position on this ship.”

The Commander turned to the rest of the ship’s scryers.

“Get off my bridge, you useless louts!” He bellowed. “Crewman One, status report on the Firewurm and the Spider Eater, now!”

“Both ships have been decimated. There isn’t much hope the ships can be salvaged, sir. Shall I send in the runnerships to pick up the ships’ crews?”

“No, let them suffer in their own stupidity.” Thul would waste no more time or resources on failure. “What about the Victory?”

“The ship is turning about. They will be on us in moments, sir.” Crewman One’s voice was deadpan.

“Hells, where did that ship get such technology? It doesn’t make sense.”

The bridge crew of the Warlock seemed unsure of how to react. They had never seen their commander so trouble in all their time aboard the ship. The silence was deafening, until Farhand, the soulmech, walked onto the bridge. He, no it, immediately knew something was wrong. Farhand ignored the blank faces staring at him as he glided effortlessly over the deck plates.

“Thul Gulokas, I have a bone to pick with you!” Farhand had never been overly diplomatic in its former life and it was even less so now. “How dare you destroy Imperial ships without cause or reason!”

The soulmech’s monotone voice raised to a pitched boom and all turned towards the being that would dare challenge their commander. Weapons were drawn, as the entire bridge crew moved to defend their liege.

“Be still,” Thul’s voice rose even higher than Farhand’s had. The half-dragon’s crew stopped in mid-stride. Farhand continued towards Thul. “Be still, soulmech or I’ll rip off your shiny new head.”

“Don’t threaten me, Gulokas. I might not be an Imperial Admiral of the core worlds, but you will show me the respect I am due.” Farhand continued forward, now near fearless in his new form.

“You have no respect here, construct. You are not even a man anymore. And once I tell the Dragon Emperor of your incompetence in the taking of this world, I doubt you will be allowed to captain a freighter.”

“Don’t talk to me of incompetence. You destroyed two Imperial ships when it would have been more favorable for the Empire that you only cripple them and take the ship’s crews hostage, in order to cover your tracks. You think that the Dragon Emperor will simply forgive you for killing his loyal subjects.”

Farhand’s servos stopped whirring only after it stood toe to toe with the Dragon Brigade Commander. Its soulmech body was nearly as tall as the half-dragon, almost. Farhand showed Gulokas no respect or any sign of fear.

“My failure was impossible to predict, but your crimes are apparent for all to see.” Farhand stared up into the half-dragon’s eyes.

“You are pushing your luck, tin-man.” Gulokas growled. “One word from me and my bridge crew will blow you to bits. How will you report anything to the Emperor then?”

“Maybe I’ve already sent Mezzenbone my report, dragon spawn. Did you ever think of that?”

“No signal leaves this ship without my or the Warlock Aspect’s knowledge.” Thul was beginning to admire this Farhand. It was a good bluff and Thul actually considered that the soulmech might have found a way to send a message without him knowing.

“Yes, that might be true, but magic is a wonderful thing. It tends to break the rules in ways you’d least expect.”

“You’re not that powerful, tin-man.”

“Sir, shall I have this thing removed from the bridge?” Crewman One knew Farhand’s ancestry.

“No, let it stay and watch.” Gulokas turned away from the soulmech waving his hand. The bridge’s crew went back to their stations, as Gulokas turned his attention to the Victory, which was now banking away towards the planet’s moon. “It may learn something about how a starship is suppose to be run.”

“Yes sir,” Crewman One handed a datapad to his commander as Farhand looked on, disgusted. “We do have some good new, it seems that the Spider Eater is still in fighting shape. They estimate that the ship is working as 60 to 75% of its normal abilities.”

“Good, inform the ship’s captain to begin a sweep around the other side of that moon. He’s to follow the Victory, but stay clear of her cannon’s range. Begin a full sensor sweep of the system for any other ships. No more surprises, understood?”

“Yes sir!” Crewman One looked out towards the moon of Toril just in time to see the Deva Wing return from the Ethereal Plane. “Sir, look!

“Ah, this captain is clever.” Thul walked to the glassteel window in order to study the Deva Wing more carefully. “He or she has Imperial training, I’m sure of it. Now, if I just figure out where he got that marvelous, working device. Crewman One, I want that ship and its captain captured.”

“It will be as you command, sir.” Gulokas’s second bowed and returned to his station.

What happened next, not even the Gods of Toril could have guessed.
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SpadeHammerfist said:
Bump? Said in a nervous kind of voice...
I'm not reallly updating this right now, just to let you know. I do have a bit done for part four, but I didn't want to tease people with something I'm not currently updating. I'm hoping to get back to it soon, but it's more likely that I'll update my Kulan story hours before I update this one.

So, the question is, do you want to see the two parts I have for Part Four, or would you rather wait until I've written more?

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