Release Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e

Welcome to a lore-rich, vibrant world of knights and legends. Following the popularity of its predecessor, Dark Ink breathes new life into the perilous world of Ezora. Players will find bliss and be endowed with infinite knowledge as they scroll through the core book's highly engaging, original dark fantasy setting.


Read it as you would Shakespeare! World immersion, starts the moment you lay eyes in its introduction page. Followed by 30 more, dedicated solely to Ezorian lore. 3e's compact design delivers everything you'll need to start your adventure, minus the bloat. Like they say, great things come in small packages.

Exploring The Core Mechanics​

Once players have been bestowed with basic knowledge, comes character creation. A variety of five different classes and three world races are available by default. Classes in particular, come with their own unique stats, which include pros and cons to each. Once a player picks a class, they're to choose a race. This is the second step of character creation. Race stats, are them summed up or subtracted from the class base stats. From there on, players have a limited amount of Kescs to spend on their hero's starting gear. This includes a variety of items, arms, and armour to pick from. It's advised players only take what's necessary, avoid being over encumbered.


What follows, is the selection of skills and wizardry from a diverse roster. Magick, includes a variety of benevolent and malevolent spells. Anyone can cast magick from the Incunabulum Arcana. From healing, to elemental, to summoning. Though, the Mage class will always have the upper hand when it comes to manipulating these arts. As your hero levels from amateur to master expertise, you'll gain access to even more powerful spells. Some are deemed so powerful, like Rapture, which summons a horde of demons to aid you in combat, that not only they'll consume mana, but also drain the summoner's life. One should tread carefully in the arts of blood magick, it could ultimately consume its user in the process.

This is a mere glimpse of a detail-rich, set of core rules that awaits within. Knights & Legends: Dark Ink, gives both player and Game Master alike, infinite possibilities with incredible flexibility and unique game mechanics. Whether you prefer short adventures or large and complex quests, the game got your back! Its DIY module is unprecedented to an existent, giving the Game Master and players total control of their uniquely crafted adventures through the vast and perilous world of Ezora. Now, featuring a nostalgic and consistent dark ink design with all new content, for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

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A quick example of the type of individuals I do not wish to have, or acknowledge as costumers
Few days ago I went to r/rpg to spread the word about my latest release. As expected, this type of behavior is often what I'll encounter. It's a good way to stay in the loop of who said what, etc. I'll assume these are teenagers, I certainly don't think an adult in this hobby would behave in such manner. My job in the community is to contribute with quality content that you can enjoy with friends, not deal with abuse. I am certain the community in general, has a lot more to offer than this. Enjoy the holiday weekend, and support your favorite dev!

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Latest Reviews​

5-Star Review: This is a great evolution of an already excellent product set by a dedicated designer. Well done.

Another Customer Commented
Fantasy factor is through the roof.
Superb artwork and writing.

It's customers like these that kept me going for the last 4 years. As a subscriber you're much more than just a customer, you're family. You'll always receive offers no one else has access to, including for the upcoming Dawn of a New Age.

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Just taking a minute to highlight how stoked I am Knights & Legends: Dark Ink is soon breaking Silver Bestseller. It's the fastest growing K&L title to date. But I'm also growing increasingly numb to its fair prosperity. In 2018, each new sale made me very excited. Today, I don't feel the same. The slow decay of the community in general, is something that has been consistently bothering me for quite some time.

Some will argue, it's as strong as it's ever been. No, it's not. And I really don't wish to hear anyone's opinion regarding the matter. This is how I feel. I think the hobby has seen better days, and I believe Dark Ink is a special enough title to end Knights & Legends within the next two years or so. It's just about everything I ever wanted for the game. An indie title with a professional feel that offers a solid alternative to other big names out there. It developed a fairly small, but solid cult following with like minded people who simply enjoy old school gaming. In that sense, my goal was reached. Like they say, if it's not broken don't fix it. Dark Ink, is my Magnum Opus.
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