Release Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e

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I'm so very excited to announce the winner for the sweepstakes has been contacted and is on track to receive his prize.
83 participants, 1 Winner! Having fans like these makes me very, very happy. The sky is the limit, and we're only getting started here.

As an extra layer of security, all entries have been deleted from the database. Once more, thanks for participating.
You can still get your limited and signed specialty hardcover copy of Dark Ink for a premium, from the game's official website. Link: Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e | Limited Hardcover – FANTASY GAMES BY FELIX, J.

If the price scares you, I'm sorry, my game's are often sold at affordable prices digitally. The hardcover edition was designed as a limited collector's item and there's no plans for print on demand, etc. 2 Remain available, get yours before it's gone. Support your favorite dev!

Naturally, you may want to see if Dark Ink is the game for you first.
Get the digital edition from DTRPG at an affordable price; Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e - Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG |

If you're looking for reviews, you might be disappointed. Unfortunately so far it's mostly the usual ad hominem, ad trollus, and toxic you'd expect from attention seekers. Check this one out!

Reddit Reviews (Yikes)​

Do you like games that are missing most of their vital rules, rule books that use a quarter of the page space on every page reminding you of what game you are playing, or a narcissistic author that thinks he created gold and will come out of hiding to rant like a rabbid weasel everytime he sees something negative on the web. Then Knights and Legends Dark Ink is the cursed tome for you.

To begin we will start with the first section labeled as the Introduction. Its only one page giving an idea of the world, game, and its favorite word “tis”. In other words nothing special, something every game has.

The next part Ezorian Lore, 24 pages of the worlds lore. Its a wannabe fantasy novel that the likes would be found on Nothing offensive but not really engaging either.

Next is the General Roles then the Player Classes, 6 pages of what classes can be played and what they encompass. Each class gives you the starting stats, pros, cons, weapons and armor. The pros and cons change the starting stats but are already added to the base stats. I believe each character starts with a 5 then the pros add some and cons subtract some. The book doesn’t state this, but its the only way that the end numbers make sense to me. The classes are the proud knight, the hardened savage, the dexterous ranger, the sagacious mage, and the astute samurai. Each class has a list of weapons and armor which I think is what they can use but the book doesn’t mention anything about it at all.

Next is the Player Races, one page of the races and what I think is how to level up. The races to pick from are human, elf, and dwarf. Each have their own starting hit points and mana points. Below that are elemental weakness for each race. After that it has amateur, novice, expert, and master each with a list of battles and stat increases. I guess you get a new rank after a set amount of battles but no where does it say that. Its just part of the chart with player races. And thats the theme of the book, it assumes you know what every little thing means without telling you.

The next 6 pages are hero creation, with the same character sheet and a tiny paragraph on each page. So lets go in order. Page one, pick your name and where your character is from. Page 2, pick your gender, age, race, skin color, and eye color. Page 3, buy equipment, list is on another page. Page 4, pick your class then write down all your stats. Page 5, pick your spells and skills. The list is on another page but it doesn’t tell you how many you get and neither does the player race page. So do I get one, two, or all from the rank I start at? Page 6, check over your character sheet and write down an ambition.

The next section is Battle Core, or how to attack. Its 2 pages on how to play the game. First is turn order, or who has the highest agility goes first going down the line. Then there are 3 attacks, base, magic, and skill attacks. So base attack is 1d12+1d20+str minus the targets def equals damage. Magic attacks dice from what spell is used + wis minus targets spirit equals damage. And finally skill attacks are dice from what skill is used + str minus targets def equals damage.

Now we are on to the Forge and Bazaar or the equipment page. There are 9 items to choose from such as exotic swords or common swords and the list of material as iron, steel, or damascus with a +2+3+4+5 at the top of the chart. But it doesn’t say which material gets the +2 or +3 or whatever. So at this point make up whatever you want.

Next is the Skill and Wizardry list which is one page with 14 abilities to pick from. Each is marked with amateur, novice, expert, and master and what they do. Then below it says to learn more skills go find a librarian or master to learn them. Okay so how much does it cost to learn a skill, it just doesn’t say.

Now on to the bestiary, which is again one page with the names of monsters, where to find them, and what their weakness is and that is it. No effing stats or health. So its back to making a number up.

Finally we are at the end. The next page is a map, then a blank character sheet, and then an ad for a video game. And that is the book.


IMHO, what this person really meant to say was, hey I really like this game! Buy it!!

“Fantasy factor is through the roof.
Superb artwork and writing.”

“This is a great evolution of an already
excellent product set by a dedicated designer.”

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

True Story​

Today, something fantastic happened. I shipped the first ever signed hardcopy of a book I wrote. While a fairly small accomplishment to many, it has such a greater meaning not only to myself, but to other Knights & Legends fans out there. It symbolizes growth, maturity, experience, professionalism.

Being a game developer was never a dream of mine. I'm an avid gamer, yes, but never thought I'd become a writer, or that someone would actually want to buy something I created. It just happened, it's the flow of the endless river of causality. In the last few years my purpose within the trpg community became very clear. To make a fractured community whole again.

Back in 2018, I witnessed the great decay unfold within the hobby. Like a prophecy, I came to you with a 58-page homebrew rpg. What came next was a real test to creative freedom. Mass appeal, or cult following? I chose the latter. Writing games was never about the money, it's about cherishing great times with like minded people, people who really enjoy my work.

Knights & Legends will always welcome new players, good players. Great customers are always welcomed into the dark and infinite world of Ezora. Take advantage of this Dark Ink Core Book community discount and experience creative freedom to its fullest.

Hello friends, thank you for your purchases and support. The Knights & Legends fanbase is a solidifying little by little. For a fairly new dark fantasy rpg, having such small cult following with this much loyalty is simply intense. Thank you!

As a reminder to anyone who wishes to experience the thrills of Ezora, Knights & Legends switched platforms. You can still acquire the game at drivethrurpg at your earliest convenience anytime within the next few months. But if you want to go above and beyond, buy it from, there I get 100% of the funds. You’ll make a much more positive difference towards the future of the series.

If you wish to learn more about this transition, please visit the game’s official website at DTR-2-ITCH – FANTASY GAMES BY FELIX

Dungeon Delver's Guide

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