Press Knights & Legends Reached Its Conclusion

Dear friends, I'd like to inform you that after nearly 6 years in publication Knights & Legends has reached its conclusion. This means there won't be any more Knights & Legends titles in the future. Since Knights & Legends debuted on DTRPG the series remained a bestselling title for 4 consecutive years, and amassed a small but solid fanbase in its mythological dark fantasy niche. So what does this mean?

Knights & Legends is being superseded by a new original IP. More about it will be reveled November 13th, 2022.

Will you still be able to purchase Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e?

Yes, for a limited time. Only @ < click link to go there. Will be taken off the store on January 31th, 2023.

Additionally, a very limited hardcopy of the game was printed, and it will remain on sale at game's official website. This will be the last way to obtain Knights & Legends, whether you want it for your shelf, play, collect, etc. It goes for a hefty sum and it is only intended for those who truly value and appreciate my work. The good news is, shipping is included and it ships the following business day. Once they are gone, they're gone. You can see it here.

Why am I no longer selling at DTRPG?
I personally feel commissions are too high. Good place to pick up a fanbase, unfortunately very challenging to meet profit marks. I left in good terms, but it's highly unlikely I'll return.

I feel is ideal for me, there I can sell both tabletop rpgs and 3D games, and most importantly, it is a long trusted and creatively-free platform, I earn more per sale, the website design is appealing and up to date. Customers don't need an account to purchase my products. However, it's advised to create one in case you wish to redownload a previously purchased book or software. Also, when it comes to Valve's Steam platform, you won't see me there either, for the exact same reasons mentioned above. But of course as the market evolves it's impossible to give a definitive answer where you'll see my products or not. So for the indefinite future it's

Does that mean Knights & Legends will be free to share?
Absolutely not. Knights & Legends isn't free, unless otherwise stated by the author and downloaded from its official website.
I don't care, or can control whether or not you share it with your friends and neighbors. However, web links will be treated as piracy and are subject to DMCA compliance. Friendly approaches always take place before elevated measures. Unfortunately, there are those who opted not to comply in the past, hence the need for such measures. Proven and tested to work.

Sincere thanks!
Stay tuned to learn more about Knights & Legends' successor in the coming days. And as usual, I'd like to thank you for your support in these past 6 years. Special thanks to those who have been with me from the start, your purchase made it all very, very possible. In 2023, let's make tabletop great again!

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Why I Secretly Hate Knights & Legends

It's not very often you hear of an author or creator hating their own creations. Well, now that Knights & Legends is leaving for good I want it to rest in peace. For the last time, I get to write how Knights & Legends was never meant to go public. It was designed as a war game with a fully customized diorama made by me to play with friends.

I had the brilliant idea of bringing Knights & Legends to the public, in this thing called the internet. Unfeasible of being sold as a war game, it was diluted into a digital tabletop rpg with a loose set of rules taking inspiration from the OSR. After introducing a rough draft on Reddit someone told me of this e-store called dtrpg, which I later checked out.

I was in! Knights & Legends was officially self published sometime in 2018 if I'm not mistaken. The damn thing became a bestseller overnight. Like, not super super super bestseller, but bestseller. Coming from a guy no one knew it looked quite promising. Then haters and trolls launched a crusade against me and my game for featuring gender related stat differences. Basically women bright, men dumb and strong. Who cares?

My game started getting uploaded page by page in domains not worth mentioning, I was continuously harassed and defamed simply for exercising creative freedom. Then I had a genius moment! Used the trolls momentum to increase views and purchase-likelihood of Knights & Legends from a broader audience. After all, much easier than going knocking door to door, asking administrators to curb these bullies. In the end most mods could care less. Some even had the audacity to claim I provoked it. No hard feelings, don't care.

But that's not why I secretly hate Knights & Legends. The reason why I hate my own creation is, I'm too hard on myself. It's never good enough. Knights & Legends always pioneered new ideas, some popular others not. And that's why it was so difficult for me to reach perfection with K&L. Nothing was ever good enough, I always wanted to take this or add that.

Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e is as close to perfection as it gets when it comes to what the game was originally intended to deliver. Some will like it, others wont. Its fanbase sure did, 3e was the fastest bestselling trpg created by me up to date and I take pride in that. Knights & Legends brought me fulfillment, pride and joy. No apologies. Don't forget to buy your copy from itch before it's gone forever!

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