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Black Flag [Kobold Press] Tales of the Valiant Design Diary and Discord AMA

Marc Radle

Tales of the Valiant Design Diary and Discord AMA
Today, we have a design diary from the lead designer behind Tales of the Valiant, Celeste Conowitch! This design diary discusses the changes that have happened to Tales of the Valiant since the first playtest packet released in February of this year.

This afternoon (at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern), we're hosting a Tales of the Valiant ask-me-anything with Celeste Conowitch, Wolfgang Baur, and Sebastian Rombach. If you have any burning questions about Tales of the Valiant, they will do their best to answer those questions (keep in mind: they might not be able to answer some questions). For those that can't attend the AMA live, don't worry! We'll have the AMA available on our Youtube Channel sometime after the AMA ends.

To participate in the AMA or simply to toss your question into the AMA channel for discussion, join our Discord.

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