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Well.. with the shutting down of the WotC forums, need a place to share all my d20 stuff. Everything I made are designed for d20 Modern and its expansions (Urban Arcana, Future, etc.) but will generally work with any d20 system. Use it as you want, any comments, suggestions or even requests are welcome. If you use it and post it on other sites, just give credit. I've created stuff for macroasalazarm's Coreline if you want an idea of some stuff not posted in this thread.
So enjoy or complain.

This first post will be a table of contents mostly to allow easier searching for items. Items will be sorted by fictional company, item type, magic, psionics, creatures, feats, skills and optional rules and anything else I've created.
Any pictures added to posts belong to their respective owners that I'm just borrowing. I don't own any of them.

Page #Weapon &
Armour &
Mech &
Misc EquipmentLifeformRobot &
CyberneticVehicle &
Starship &
Fire Drake PAGorilla

WyrmDragon Breath Flamethrower

Rabbit PA

AR32 CheetahDragon Breath Plasmathrower

Cobra PA

Bear Assault Unit

Fire Ant Helmet

Personal Companion


CW4 Sonic Missile

Kinetic AccumulatorGEP RePS
Riding Robots

CW5 Sonic Mine

Repulsion SystemGEP RePP

Lightning Gun

Shock Defense

Colt Rhino Plasma Rifle


Colt 2011


Big Bore 1

Big Bore 5

Big Bore 6

EIPP Weapons

Super 5 Shotgun

Officer's ACP 3


GE Smasher Ion Rifle

GE Stinger

Shocker Series

Plasma Explosive Rounds



3GEPB 01GEA101A2 Mantis Helmet
Gate Crasher


Gunner Defense Robot





GEWS432C1 Sprayer

GEW435B2 Pellet Shooter

Acid Munitions

Acid Fog Grenades

Acid Rain Missile


GEWS4402A1 Storm

GEWS520B1 Triple Iron

GEWS6013A1 Stopper

Aggressor Plas-weapon



Viper Personal Defense Weapon

King Viper


Augmented Energy Packs


Weapon Pods


Heavy Thudder



4H & K Screamer G89

Anti Dominance Goggles


HK 101LS





Stake Shotgun Rounds

Ignis Gladius

HK MG725

MP655 Rattler

H&K 210LS





HP LR100




HP LCP1100

HP LRC2100

HP 340PP

HP 410PP

HP Ruby Series





LTB M1Chirp

LTB M2Free Breather

JebLight Tank

Fox LTB M3Fuel Bacteria

Recon Vehicle


Sherman 2




LTB Badger APC


Thermal Armour


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A.N.I.M.L. is a company that develops animal themed equipment, robots, armour, mechs and vehicles. No one is quite sure who controls A.N.I.M.L., or where their headquarters are located, or why animal themed equipment, but the popularity and quality of their systems is proof enough that A.N.I.M.L. is here to stay for awhile.

A.N.I.M.L. Fire Drake PA

A.N.I.M.L.'s first attempt at power armour is the Fire Drake. Although not a full blown power armour, instead making use of micro assist systems, which helps keep costs down, and learning curve also a minimum. The fire breather has a sleek and aggressive design, with helmet modeled after predatory lizards, or as some people say, like a dragon's head, with the user looking out the dragon's eyes and the snout protruding somewhat from the front and a few frills on the side about where the ears are angling back. It is fully sealed with an integrated air supply to fight against airborne dangers, and when seals, over pressures as part of its NBC protection. In keeping with its namesake, the fire breather comes with some plasma weaponry. The mouth of the dragon's helmet contains a plasma flamethrower. On the user's off arm, at the user's choice, a plasma weapon is mounted, and the gauntlets mount retractable high frequency claws on the fingers. The boots also contain retractable claws, but they are not powered and are used for aiding in climbing. The onboard power systems has enough power to keep the armour and weapons fully functional for 10 hours before needing to shut down to recharge.

A.N.I.M.L Fire Drake (PL6/7)
Type: Powered, Micro-Assist, Tactical
Equipment Bonus: +6
Nonprof. Bonus: +2
Strength Bonus: +2
Max Dex Bonus: +3
Armor Penalty: -4
Speed (30ft): 40ft
Weight: 35 lb.
Purchase DC: 25
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Heads Up Display (HUD), projected on visor with voice activation and attachable keypad. Nanobeacon that tracks the wearer’s position and maps it on the HUD as well as command center computers. HUD Sensor-link with a Motion Sensor. HUD Ammunition Tracker with primary weapon.  HUD Targeting system with primary weapon, environmentally sealed with helmet air filters to prevent gas attacks, NBC shielding, has one hour of oxygen stored, blackout goggles.
Integrated weapons plasma flamethrower, plasma blaster, HF claws
Bonuses: +1 to attack with primary weapon, 60 ft darkvision, +4 to Fort saves against radiation and airborne attacks, +4 to climb checks.

Plasma flamethrower 3d10, fire, 5 ft wide 20 ft long line, Reflex DC 17, unlimited payload
Plasma blaster 3d8, 20 x2, fire, 50 ft, unlimited payload
HF claws x2 2d4, 20 x2, slashing, melee

A.N.I.M.L. Rabbit Power Armour

The rabbit is a fast scout micro-assisted power armour released by A.N.I.M.L. It is lightly armoured to keep weight down to allow for higher speeds and manoeuvrability, with enhanced sensors to gather intelligence. Unlike most power armour, the rabbit has the greatest power assist systems built into the legs for greater speed, stability and manoeuvrability, especially in rough terrain just like its namesake. Although lightly armoured, the rabbit does have several defensive measures, coupled with its high speed make it a difficult target to hit. The armour looks kind of like a man sized rabbit. The legs are reinforced and the boots are wider and slightly longer than normal for greater stability, with four toes to provide better grip. The helmet has two short rabbit like ears on the top which enhance the range of the sensors. The face plate is opaque one way armoured transparent aluminum, which is able to lift up to allow the user to see with his own eyes. Some users have been known to paint various designs on the face plate, including skulls to smiley faces. 

A.N.I.M.L. Rabbit Armour (PL6 Armour Proficiency (Powered))
Type: Powered, Light Micro-assit
Equipment Bonus: +3
Nonprof. Bonus: +1
Strength Bonus: +2
Max Dex Bonus: +3
Armor Penalty: -2
Speed (30ft): 50
Weight: 20 lb
Purchase DC: 27 
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Accessories: Heads Up Display (HUD), Nanobeacon, HUD Sensor-link with a Motion Sensor, HUD Ammunition Tracker with primary weapon, HUD Targeting system with primary weapon, Environmentally sealed with helmet air filters to prevent gas attacks, danger avoidance system, distortion field, integrated blackout goggles, wrist-comp tied to HUD and sensors, satellite datalink, GPS, military radio, audio/visual and sensor recorders, large capacity data storage. Has utility webbing for holding weapons and other equipment, stealth design.
Notes: Batteries provide 14 hours of continuous use before needing recharging. Has 1 hour oxygen supply, provides +4 bonus to Fort saves against airborne toxins and radiation, +5 equipment bonus to Jump checks, which are not limited to user's height. Reduce range penalties for Spot, Search and Listen checks by half, motion sensor range is doubled to 200 ft. Grants +4 equipment bonus to Reflex saves and +2 to Tumble checks. Distortion fields provides 20% miss chance when activated, darkvision 120 ft. All data recorded by the sensors, radio, cameras are recorded up to 120 hours. Provides +4 bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks, reduces thermal signature to that of background temperatures, rendering nearly invisible to thermal sensors (suffer -5 penalty).


A.N.I.M.L Wyrm (PL6/7)

Wyrms are large combat robots designed after mythical large flightless dragons. Wyrms look like large 20 ft long bodied, armoured reptiles, large claws and powerful jaws. Usually designed with frills or spines on the head and neck. All wyrms have several standard built in weapons, with some models have a few different internal weapons, and most also have external weapons which differ between models. 
Wyrm droids are built as heavy shock or assault units. Some have other purposes such as anti-infantry, bunker busters or more support roles.  All wyrms are based on the same base model, then either adding customizations or variant model.

Wyrm Base Model (PL6/7)
Type: Construct
CR: 5
Size: Huge
Hit Points:  8d10 +40 (76)
Init: +3
Speed: 50 ft
Defense: 19 (+8 equipment, +3 dex, -2 size)
BAB/Grp: +10 +5/+15
Attack: +19 melee jaw 2d8+9 piercing, +15 melee 2 claws 1d8+4 slashing
FS/Reach: 15 ft/ 10 ft
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft, Energy Resistance acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10
Special Attacks: 
Saves: Fort +6, Reflex +9, Will +6
Abilities: Str 28, Dex 15, Con -, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 5
Skills: Balance +7, Climb +13, Escape Artist +5, Hide +7, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (Tactics) +4, Listen +4, Move Silently +4, Navigate +10, Search +4, Spot +4, Tumble +7
Feats: Personal Weapons Proficiency, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Power Attack, Advanced Firearms Proficiency, 3 open feats for user choice, 
Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (Multiple Quadruped)
Manipulators: Enhanced Jaws, claws x2
Armour: Duralloy
Sensors: Class IV
Skill Software: Skill Net (Balance +4, Climb +4, Hide +4, Intimidate +4), Skill Net (Knowledge (Tactics) +4, Listen +4, Move Silently +4, Search +4), Skill Progit (Spot +4), Skill Progit (Tumble +4)
Feat Software: Feat Net (Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Power Attack), Feat Net (Advanced Firearms Proficiency plus 3 of user choice)
Accessories: AV Recorder, AV Transmitter, Survivor Array, Gimbaled Joints, Universal Weapon Mounts x4, Oracle Targeting System Mk2, Military Affinity programing (Knowledge tactics, Personal weapons proficiency), Enhanced Jaws, Feat Net x2,
PDC:  35 (Res +2)

The base model wyrm is fairly simple as far as wyrms go, armed with it's teeth and claws, and four weapon mounts available, situated at one at each shoulder and two on the back. The programming is left open to easily be changed depending on the weapons the client installs into the weapon mounts. Basic wyrms are excellent anti personnel units and can easily take on lightly armoured vehicles, usually charging them, in an attempt to knock them over then ripping into them with their jaws and for claws. The front legs have feet designed with opposable thumbs so they can be used to pick up, hold and manipulate objects, but suffer the normal penalties that claw manipulators suffer. This does allow wyrms to aid in support roles.
The universal weapon mounts will easily mount any personal weapon or light vehicle weapon, such as .50 cal machineguns, light laser cannons, up to weapons of large size, or the two back mounts can be combined to support a weapon of huge or gargantuan size, but ammunition dependant weapons will have a limited payload. In theory one could mount a BMP-2 30mm cannon, but would be limited to around 50 rounds or so.

Fire Wyrm
Fire wyrms look like basic wyrms except for the mounted weapons, armour is designed to look like red scales, and two small frills on the side of the head with a pair of curved back horns on the top. The fire wyrm is a part anti personnel part weapon of terror. Armed rapid fire weapons, enhanced protection, speed and of course, a breathe weapon to give it its name. Fire wyrms are programmed like attack dogs, seeking out troops and driving them out of hiding places and destroying them with its plasma flamethrower. The dual laser turret is excellent for keeping infantry pinned down or protecting its rear and flanks, while using the plasma blaster on other targets, and the mini grenade launcher can be used for when it encounters light armour. A favourite tactic of the fire wyrm is charging into combat, using its ranged weapons as it closes, then using its plasma flamethrower against the largest grouping of infantry, then using its jaws and claws against anything foolish enough to get close to it. Against vehicles and fortifications, it's been known for fire wyrms to tear open doors or hatches and releasing gouts of plasma flame, where people inside have less room to dodge.
Make the following changes to the basic wyrm to turn it into a fire wyrm:
Increase Hit dice by 2 die, BAB by +1, Saves by +1, Dex increased by +4 (to 19), Speed to 60 ft
Add Dual laser turret to back. 5d8, 20, fire, S/A, 100 ft, unlimited box
Add mini grenade launcher to left shoulder mount, damage varies by grenade, varies by grenade, type varies, S/A, 80 ft, 100 box, variable ammunition gadget, usually mix of smoke, explosive, fragmentation grenades.
Add plasma weapon to right shoulder mount, 3d10, 20, fire, 80 ft, S/A, unlimited box
Add plasma flamethrower to mouth, 3d6 fire, 60 ft cone, Reflex DC 20, usable once every 1d4 rounds.
Energy Resistance Coat, increase fire resistance to 20
Add Exotic Weapon Proficiency (mini grenade launcher), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Feat Progit Shot on the Run
Increase PDC to 39.

New Equipment
Enhanced Jaws (PL6)
Enhanced jaws are more powerful and larger than previous jaw systems for robots, allowing the jaws to deal greater damage than before. Increase jaw damage by 1 die
Damage: Lethal piercing
Purchase DC: 12 + one-quarter the base purchase DC of the robot's frame

Enhanced Actuators
Enhanced actuators replace the normal actuators and drive systems in legs to grant better speed. Enhanced actuators increase the maximum base speed for a type of locomotion by double the base speed. For example for multiple legs with a base of 30 ft, enhanced actuators grants a max speed of 90 ft.
Benefit: Increases mode of locomotion to double base speed.
Purchase DC: 21

Night Shade Wyrm
The night shade is the stealth form of the wyrm, program for quiet approach, then releasing quick devastation upon its target before fading back into the shadows. Its core programming model was based on several predatory reptiles and wild felines to maximize its attack style. Installed is the best stealth systems available, including radar absorbing materials, thermal and audio dampeners, rubber padding on the feet. The night shade has a very sleek body, covered
Make the following changes to the base wyrm:
Add Optical Camouflage (adds +8 to hide when activated), increase balance, climb, hide and move silently checks by +4 ranks
Add Alertness feat, Track Feat, Lightning Reflexes Feat
Change sensors to Class VII (granting +120 ft darkvision +2 to listen search and spot checks as well as initiative checks)
Add Stealth Suite (based on the same system for mechs) adding +10 to hide and move silently
Change armour to Darkstar Stealth Armour (same as the mech armour from pg 70 d20 Future Tech) granting +5 to Def, Computer Use checks to scan or detect suffer -5 penalty.
Add two modified HK 101LS stealth lasers to the shoulder mounts, 3d8, 20, fire, 150 ft, Semi, unlimited box (these lasers have no visible discharge that is detectable by normal means sensors designed to detect laser weapons do not detect these weapons)
Add a smoke grenade launcher to each leg, holding 6 grenades each
Add stealth tranquilizer launcher to back, 1d4 piercing damage, Fort save DC 21 or unconscious for 2d6 minutes, a successful save means stunned for 1d4 rounds
Add acid dispenser to front paws, used for quietly burning holes into barriers, deals 3d10 acid damage, ignore hardness/DR for 1d4 rounds, has 20 doses per paw.
Add climb speed of 20 ft
Add extendable sensor scope on a 50 ft prehensile tentacle limb, allows night shade to see around corners or other barriers.
Change PDC to 41

Spitting Wyrm
The spitting wyrm is a heavy anti material or tank hunter robot. The spitting wyrm has thicker and slightly shorter legs, slightly wider body, usually with brown scale like armour. The head has a crown of spikes angling back. The spitting wyrm mounts a heavy energy cannon and two missile launchers mounted on the shoulders. The only close in weapons the spitting wyrm has are the jaws, claws and the crown of spikes on it's head can be launched to defend itself from any close quarters attacks.
Make the following changes to the base model:
Add 4 hit dice, increase BAB by +2, increase Dex by +4 (to 19), increase saves by +2, reduce speed to 40 ft
Add Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Rocket Launcher), Far Shot, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Heavy cannon)
Change Oracle Targeting System to Mk 4 (+8 to attack)
Change claws to HF claws, change claw damage to 2d6 slashing
Add Avalanche Variable-Charge Energy Cannon, 10d6 or higher, 20, fire, 150 ft, semi, unlimited. Can be charged as a full round action, dealing an extra 2d6 points of damage per round. If the weapon is primed more than three rounds, it explodes destroying the weapon and dealing 16d6 to the robot.
Add M144B3 LAW to each shoulder, 15d6, 20, fire, 225 ft, 25 ft blast radius, Reflex DC 21, semi, 10 box, ignores 15 points of hardness/dr.
Add Spike Launcher System, 3d6, 19-20 x2, piercing, 20 ft radius, Reflex 20, single, 5 bundles.
PDC 39

The M144B is a modified version of the M144A2 found in the 101 Future Weapons thread. 

Lightning Wyrm
The lightning wyrm is fast, programmed to move in quick, deal as much damage as quickly before moving onto other targets, softening them up for troops following in behind them. This wyrm is more of a dark blue in colour, sleek build, slightly longer legs and has two large frills on the sides of its head and a small crest that runs from the top to about the base of its neck, and a longer, more prehensile tail that ends in a wicked blade. There are several small spike like protrusions at various locations along the body, not large enough to be useful in combat but do give it a slightly more intimidating appearance. From its mouth it can release a devastating electrical blast, and can also when surrounded by targets release a burst of electricity.
Make the following changes to the base model:
Add 4 hit dice, increase BAB by +3, increase Dex by +6 (to 21), increase saves by +3, change speed to 90 ft
Add Multiattack feat, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Grenade launcher), Powerful Charge (dealing extra 3d6 points of damage on a charge with a melee attack)
Add Feat Net with Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Shot on the Run
Change sensors to Class V Ladar version (increase darkvision to 120 ft, +4 spot, +2 listen)
Add Duralloy superstructure (add Hardness 15)
Change claws to HF claws, dealing 2d6 slashing
Add Enhanced Actuators
Add Energy Resistance Coat Fire (raising fire resistance to 20)
Add two Laser/Grenade launcher, one to each shoulder, unlimited laser, carries 50 grenades, mix of fragmentation, explosive and HEAT
Add Electron blaster to mouth, usable every 1d4 rounds
Add Eel discharger to back
PDC 39

Laser/Grenade Launcher
Two combination laser/grenade launchers are mounted at the shoulders are the lightning wyrms primary ranged weapons.
Damage: 4d8 Laser, varies with grenade
Critical: 20, varies with grenade
Damage Type: Fire, varies with grenades
Range Increment: 100 ft, 90 ft
Rate of Fire: S/A, Semi
Ammo: Unlimited laser, 50 grenades, variable ammunition gadget
Uses upgraded 40mm grenades
Fragmentation 5d6 slashing, 20, burst radius 30 ft, Reflex DC 17, PDC 15 for box of 6
Explosive 5d6 fire, 20, burst radius 30 ft, Reflex DC 19, PDC 16 for box of 6
HEAT 4d6 fire, 20, burst radius 15 ft, Reflex DC 17, ignore 10 points of hardness/DR, PDC 17 for box of 6

Tail Blade
Treat as a tail sweep like a dragon, deals 2d6 slashing damage, half strength bonus, or can stab at any target on flanks and rear for piercing damage.

Electron Blaster
The electron blaster is a heavy electrical based weapon which fires from the wyrm's mouth. Just before discharging, the frills and crest will seem to light up with internal arcs of electricity then the wyrm opens its mouth and roars as the blast is released, striking any in its path.
Damage: 6d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Electrical
Range Increment: 50 ft line, 5 ft wide
Rate of Fire: every 1d4 rounds
Ammo: Unlimited
Notes: Ignores 10 points of hardness/dr for every target in its path

Eel Discharger
The eel discharger is a defensive mechanism, which releases a burst of electrical energy from the many spike like protrusions along the body. Foes not in environmentally shielded power armour or in heavier vehicles can also be potentially stunned from the discharge as well.
Releases an electrical pulse in a 20 ft burst radius around the wyrm, dealing 3d6 electrical damage, Reflex DC 19 for half damage. Targets not in armour less than environmentally sealed power armour, or larger mech or vehicles must make a Fort save DC 19 or be stunned for 1d6+3 rounds


A.N.I.M.L. Dragon Breath Implant (PL6/7)

This cybernetic device created by A.N.I.M.L. is designed to give the user the ability to breathe a gout of flame. Two variations of the dragon breath implant exist. One is an actual flamethrower, the other is a plasma based flamethrower. The user has their throats and mouths replaced with cybernetic versions which are designed to withstand the energies that will pass through them. The flamethrower version has a replaceable tank slot built into the chest, between the lungs. The user breathes in deep then blows, releasing fuel mixed with air from their lungs, which is then ignited by a device in the mouth which ignites the fuel-air mixture, releasing a cone, or line of fire, depending on what the person wants. 
The plasma version has further reinforcing of the mouth and throat. Instead of a fuel tank in the chest, a power pack can be placed inside, which can be slowly recharged by the person's own bioelectric field. Full conversion users can have the plasma version run off the frame's power source.

Dragon Breath Flamethrower (PL6)
Benefit: Can create a line 30 feet long, 5 feet wide of fire dealing 3d6 fire damage with a Reflex save DC 16 for half, or a 15 feet long , 30 feet wide cone dealing 2d6+2 fire damage with a Reflex save DC 17 for half. Tank holds 10 uses, and takes 1 full round to remove and replace a tank.
Type: Internal
Location: 1 mouth/throat, 1 body 
Hardness/Hit points: 4 / 8
Base Purchase DC: 22
Restriction: Restricted (+2)

Dragon Breath Plasmathrower (PL7)
Benefit: Creates a 30 foot long, 5 foot wide of plasma fire, dealing 3d8 fire damage with a Reflex save DC 16 for half damage. The power pack provides 20  uses, and recharges at a rate of 1 use per 10 minutes of inactivity, the user also has to eat about 25% more food a day. The power pack can be exchanged for a full one as a full round action.  In full conversion cyborgs, the user has 40 uses before it starts to recharge, at a rate of 1 use every 5 minutes of inactivity.
Type: Internal
Location: 1 mouth/throat, 1 body
Hardness/Hit Points: 5/8
Base Purchase DC: 23

Restriction: Restricted (+2)


A.N.I.M.L. AR32 Cheetah Recon/Quick Strike Robot
The AR32 is a light, fast, recon and pursuit robot, modeled after the cheetah, best deployed against lightly armoured targets and personnel. Resembles a cheetah with a visor like assembly where the eyes are, covered with synthetic fur with a faint webwork of metallic fibers shot throughout its fur. From a distance, the AR32 looks like a regular cheetah, and in areas with cheetahs, has been programed with many of their habits to easily blend in. Although fairly week in terms of armour and strength, it has incredible speed, a light, but hard-hitting weapons array, and several dazzling countermeasure features that insure its survival on the modern battlefield.
The AR32 is designed for quick short bursts of speed for either entering combat or quickly disengaging, and also has a limited flight system that is silent. The primary weapons of the cheetah are its teeth and vibro claws, but also has a weapon mount for a rifle sized weapon on the back. Mounted in the hips are two retractable smoke grenade launchers with 3 grenades each. Three defensive systems not seen on robots before is the blur field which blurs its outline helping it hide even while on the move, and a sensor jammer based on aircraft versions. It also mounts a magnetic field generator which helps protect it from ballistic and missile weaponry. It also comes with hacking equipment and software to aid in its role as a scout for capturing enemy information.

Name (PL)
CR: 3
Size: Medium
Hit Points: 3d10+10 (26)
Init: +6 (+4 dex +2)
Speed: 60 ft, 60 ft fly (good)
Defense: 17 (+4 dex +3 armour)
BAB/Grp: +2/+2
Attack: bite +6 melee 2d4+3 and claws x2 +1 melee 1d6+1, or +6 ranged (damage varies with type of weapon mounted)
FS/Reach: 5 ft /5 ft
Special Attacks: Trip
Special Qualities: Sprint, energy resistance acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10, darkvision 180 feet
Saves: Fort +1, Reflex +5, Will +2
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 21, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10
Skills: Balance +8, Computer Use +8, Gather Information +8, Hide +12, Listen +9, Move Silently +12, Navigate +12, Repair +2, Search +6, Spot +9
Feats: Run, Alertness, Weapon Finesse, Personal Firearms, Advanced Personal Firearms (this feat is dependent on type of weapon mounted. Could be changed for exotic weapon proficiency)

Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (multiple)
Manipulators: Enhanced Jaws
Armour: Duraplastic
Sensors: Class VII
Skill Software: Skill Progits: Gather Information +8 Hide +8, Move Silently +8, Computer Use +8
Feat Software: Alertness, weapon finesse, personal firearms, advanced personal firearms or exotic weapon depending on weapon mounted.
Accessories: AV recorder, AV transmitter, survivor array, sensor jammers, blur field, vibro claws x2, military radio, weapon mount (back), smoke grenade launcher x2 (3 grenades each), cortex mk3, EW gear, GMR flight system, magnetic field generator, computer uplink
PDC: 34

Trip (Ex): When the AR32 cheetah hits with a claw or bite attack, it can attempt to trip the opponent (+3 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack, or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the AR32.
Sprint (Ex): Up to 4 times a day, an AR32 cheetah can move ten times its normal speed (600 feet) when it makes a charge.
Flight (Ex): The AR32 cheetah has a GMR (gravi-magnetic resistance) flight system which provides a fly speed of 60 feet and good maneuverability, but only works for about 30 minutes at a time and requires 2 hours for recharging. The AR32 can reach heights of up to 500 feet.

New Equipment
EW Gear (PL5)
This is equipment used in EWACs in ECM and ECCM vehicles, on a smaller scale. Used to intercept and decode enemy transmissions. The AR32 gains a +5 bonus to computer checks for the purposes of intercepting, decoding and sending encoded transmissions, and when using its computer uplink to hack into enemy computer systems.
PDC 31 Mil (+3)

Blur Field (PL6)
When activated, the blur field blurs, shifts and wavers the outline of the robot. This distortion grants the robot concealment (20% miss chance) when activated. Only runs for 20 minutes before needing an hour recharge.
PDC 25 Mil (+3)

Sensor Jammers
Based on the same sensor jammers used in aircraft and spacecraft. Provides a -5 penalty to targets making a sensor check against the robot. In addition, the robot also gains half concealment from missiles (20% miss chance). This concealment stacks with the blur field. The robot must make a Computer Use check vs the enemy's to adjust the jammers to maintain this penalty against sensors of Class IV or better, as a free action.
PDC 17 Mil (+3)

Computer Uplink (PL6)
This retractable, flexible arm has several universal adaptors, as well as wireless capability through the robot's communication systems, allows the robot to physically and remotely access computer systems for the purpose of hacking and downloading information. When combined with EW/ECCM equipment, this allows a robot to quickly break through firewalls and steal valuable information from a target's computer systems.
PDC 15

Magnetic Field Generator (PL6)
Based on the magnetic field generator used on starships. Missile and ballistic weapons suffer a -4 penalty. The field can only be activated for 10 rounds before needing a 10 minute recharge time.
PDC 17 (Res +2)



The Gorilla, as its name suggests, resembles a hunchbacked, knuckle-walking ape. The robot can waddle on two rear legs, or gallop on all fours. Armor is extremely heavy; meant to handle both combat damage and heavy rough-terrain movement. The design is headless, the robot instead having a bulging, thickly-armored torso covered in sensor blisters and vision periscopes for its crew. 
Weaponry is heavy, consisting of two heavy shoulder-mount weapons systems, and an optional rear missile pod. For close-in defense, the broad chest mounts an array of pulse lasers that can flay off the armor of most power armors, and vaporize lesser targets. And, when it comes to melee combat, the Gorilla can ape-handle most robots and monsters into smash-origami with its brute strength.
The Gorilla is essentially a brutish strong, but not particularly agile, tank on legs. Its ability to drop to a stable four-legged posture allows it to become a stable platform for heavy weapons, so the design has been optimized as a mobile artillery platform, able to bring heavy guns and launchers to bear on the battlefield. This comes at the cost of response time (the Gorilla is not any more agile than the average battlefield robot), and its massive forepaws are not able to pick up and use handheld weapons (aside from telephone poles and other robots).  An extendable sensor boom allows the Gorilla to use its sensors while hidden behind cover, or as a snorkel while lurking in water.
Crews of Gorillas have already garnered such (unflattering) nicknames as ‘Apemen’, ‘Knuckle-Draggers’, and ‘Hunchies’. 

A.N.I.M.L. Gorilla
Size: Large heavy assault
Bonus Hit Points: 100
Superstructure: Vanadium
Hardness: 20, 10 vs ballistic & missile
Armour: Chobham
Bonus to Defense: +7
Armour Penalty: -6
Reach: 10 ft
Strength Bonus: +8
Dexterity Penalty:
Speed: 20 feet (2 legs), 30 feet (on all four)
Purchase DC: 46

Back: Modular Weapon Mount
Left Arm: NKP Puma Pop-up Turret
Left Hand: Combat Hand
Right Arm: NKP Puma Pop-up Turret
Right Hand: Combat Hand
Shoulders: Modular Weapon Mount
Shoulders: Modular Weapon Mount
Torso: Cockpit
Torso: Cockpit
Boots: Class III Sensor System
Comm System

Standard Package Features: Modular Weapon mounts shoulder and back, stable firing platform
Bonuses: +2 Navigate and Spot checks, 90 feet darkvision, 10 ft sensor boom, damage reduction 10 against ballistic and missile attacks, quadruped adaptation, combat hands
Weapons: 2 NKP Puma 8d6 fire, 20, 75 ft, single
2 slam 2d6 bludgeon, melee

Stable Firing Platform
While in quadruped mode, and not moving, shoulder or back mounted weapons fired in autofire have their attack penalties reduced by half. Also, if the user so wishes, can firelink the two shoulder weapons, if they are the same weapon, in either semiautomatic mode or full automatic mode. While firelinked in full automatic, the attack penalty isn't reduced, but autofire area is doubled with the Reflex save DC increased by 2, and damage is only increased by 1/4 instead of 1/2 for firelinked weapons.

Usual armament packages are two M-35 20mm cannon mounted on the shoulders and M55 Crud rocket launcher on back.
M-35 8d6 ball, 20, 110 ft, sa, 200 rds
Tank Hunter includes two Avenger 30mm mounted on shoulders, and either an external pod dedicated to holding ammunition or a A-17 Axel Driller Missile launcher
Avenger 30mm 12d6 ball, 19-20x2, 80 ft, sa, 150 rds
Artillery Unit
25 shot Mini-missile or Mini-rocket pod on each shoulder and choice of larger missile launcher on back. Damage varies by missile/rocket type chosen
Anti-Infantry usually sports M-9 Barrage chaingun on each shoulder, or dual mounted infantry level heavy machinegun, and 25 shot mini rocket launcher on back.

The shoulder mounts can be united to support a single two slot weapon, or the shoulders and back can be used to support a three slot weapon, but only useable while in quadruped mode.

New Equipment
Quadruped Adaptation
This is more a way of designing the mech than a piece of equipment, but does contain certain special pieces of hardware, which allows a bipedal mech to walk on all fours to allow for increased speed. No weapons can be held in the hands, and any integrated weaponry in the hands can not be used while in quadruped mode. Switching between the two is a free action that can be done at any time on the user's action. Adds 10 feet to speed and +4 stability bonus to checks to resist bull rush and trip attempts.
Equipment Slots: None
Activation: Free action as part of a move
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Persistent
Saving Throw: None
Purchase DC: 23
Restriction: None

Sensor Boom
This is an attachment to the sensor system which allows a boom to be raised above the mech to allow it to use all sensors (including visual), around obstacles, cover or while in water. Several different lengths are available to be attached to standard sensor systems. Price is added to the sensor system it is added to.
PDC: 10 feet (+1), 15 feet (+2), 20 feet (+3).

Combat Hands
These are redesigned and reinforced hands for the mech, meant for holding large objects, like mech arms or poles, and smashing, than finer manipulation. With two broad fingers and opposable thumb, the mech can not use hand held weapons except basic ones like clubs, poles and the like. Weapons like swords suffer a -1 penalty to attack due to the lack of fine motor control in the hands. The hands do allow the mech to use a slam attack as if it was one size larger than it is.
PDC: 5 + one-quarter base mech PDC.


A.N.I.M.L. Cobra PA

The Cobra power armour is built more for speed and maneuverability and infiltration than strength, enhancing the user's agility and speed. The helmet is modelled after a cobra's, with the featureless non-reflective faceplate surrounded by the jaws of the snake's head. From the sides of the helmet the cobra's hood can expand or retract from. When expanded, the hoods act as an aquaconverter, and also extend the range of the motion sensor by 50 feet. The hoods also act as an emergency floatation device in the event that the user is knocked unconscious and underwater. Along the right arm is a blade that runs along the forearm to allow for slashing motions. This blade can be extended forward and used like a normal blade for both slashing and piercing attacks. Mounted in the left arm is a laser and a retractable mono-filament whip. The right hand conceals a set of intellipicks. The upper "fangs" at the top of the helmet's faceplate contain aerosol sprayers for delivering toxins or other airborne substances, storing up to 2 different substances with 5 doses each (total of 10 doses). The cobra suit contains technology similar to silent suits, aiding in its stealth capabilities.

Cobra PA (PL 6/7)
Type: Powered Micro-Assist, Tactical
Equipment Bonus: +3
Nonprof. Bonus: +1
Str Bonus: +2
Nonprof Str Bonus: +1
Dex Bonus: +4
Max Dex: -
Armour Penalty: -2
Speed (30 ft): 40 ft
Weight: 30 lb
Purchase DC: 27
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Accessories: HUD, nanobeacon, HUD sensor link motion sensor, blackout goggles, aquaconverter, 2x aerosol dispenser, high frequency arm blade, mono-filament whip, laser pistol, intellipick, stealth design, military radio, unicom, air filters, emergency floatation device, danger avoidance system, distortion field, computer card w/wireless modem, one hour of oxygen.
Notes: +2 Spot from HUD, motion sensor range expanded to 150 feet when hoods extended, +4 Reflex, +2 Tumble, 20% concealment (distortion field), +2 Fort vs airborne toxins and poisons, +5 Hide and Move Silently.

HF Arm Blade
This is a high frequency sword that sits along the right forearm. It can be used while resting against the forearm with the cover retracting away from the blade to allow for its use while being grappled or entangled, or it can be extended past the hand to also allow for piercing strikes. 1d10, 19-20, slashing or piercing, can use Weapon Finesse feat.

Arm Laser Pistol
Built into the left arm's forearm is a standard laser pistol with 50 charges, which recharges from the suit's power system at a rate of 1 charge every minute after 1 minute of inactivity.

Mono-filament Whip
This is a 20 foot whip with a mono-filament end that allows it to make lethal slashing attacks. It can be used to make nonlethal attacks at a -2 attack. Deals 2d6, 20x3, 20 ft reach. Can be used to make ranged trip attacks or entangle a target and still do damage. If wrapped around a target, or object, can ignore 3 points of hardness as it slices into the object.

Aerosol Dispensers
The fangs on the upper 'jaw' of the cobra head on the helmet are actually aerosol dispensers, able to spray any airborne gaseous substance, from knock out gas to inhaled poisons. Two different substances can be stored, with a total of 10 doses stored, with a range of 10 feet.


A.N.I.M.L Bear Assault Unit

The bear assault unit created by A.N.I.M.L. is used for where strength but speed isn't necessary. Modeled after the brown bear as a base, the bear is large enough to be intimidating and powerful enough to smash through many barricades that could stop men or similar sized robots, small enough to still be maneuverable enough to follow infantry, and easily be transported. Three versions of the bear are available, the basic brown unit which is balanced for most environments and foes; the polar bear which is used for winter or aquatic assaults, and the slightly smaller black bear which is used for urban purposes, found in some S.W.A.T. units.

A.N.I.M.L. Brown Bear (PL6/7)
CR: 5
Size: Large
Hit Points: 7d10+20 (59)
Init: +2
Speed: 40 ft / 50 ft
Defense: +5 armour +2 dex -1 size
BAB/Grp: +5/+17
Attack: +12 melee claw (1d8+8), or +12 melee 2 claws (1d8+8 ea) and +7 melee bite (2d6+4), or +6 ranged grenade launcher (varies by grenade), or +6 ranged variable heavy laser rifle (4d8 fire damage), or +2 ranged variable heavy laser rifle (4d8 fire) and +2 grenade launcher (varies by grenade)
FS/Reach: 10 ft by 10 ft / 10 ft
Special Attacks: charge
Special Qualities: critical systems, improved grab, darkvision 120 ft, scent, quadruped adaptation
Saves: Fort +2, Reflex +4, Will +2
Abilities: Str 26, Dex 15, Con -, Int 10, Wis , Cha 5
Skills: Balance +6, Climb +13, Hide +2, Knowledge: Tactics +2, Listen +6, Move Silently +6, Navigate +4, Search +4, Spot +6
Feats: Personal Firearms, Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Two Weapon Fighting

Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (paired and multiple)
Manipulators: Claws
Armour: Alumisteel
Sensors: Class VI
Skill Software: Balance +6, Climb +9, Hide +4, Listen +4, Move Silently +4, Navigate +4, Search +4, Spot +4
Feat Software: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Two Weapon Fighting
Accessories: Military Affinity (Knowledge: Tactics, Personal Firearms), ramming plates, strength upgrade x3, dexterity upgrade x2, AV Recorder, AV Transmitter, weapon mount x2, extendable sensor, grappler tag launcher with 300 feet of duracable on retractable mount, mini grenade launcher (50 grenades, can hold 3 different types, usually frag, smoke and white phosphorus), variable heavy laser rifle, skill net x2, feat net
PDC: 29

The brown bear robot is the basic bear robot. It comes with powerful claws and enhanced jaws for shredding through opponents or obstacles. Mounted in retractable mounts on the shoulders, designed to fire in either quadruped or biped forms of movement are a variable heavy laser rifle and a mini grenade launcher. Mounted on the back is a retractable turret with a grappler tag with 300 feet of duracable.

Improved Grab: To use this ability the Bear must hit with a claw attack. See D20 Modern page 227 for more information.

Scent: The bear robot has powerful olfactory sensors, allowing it to track by scent, even identify people or substances by smell.

Charge: When charging or bull rushing, the bear robot will do 1d6+8 damage. If the bear attempts to break down a door or other obstacle, this damage is added to the Strength check to overcome the Break DC.

Quadruped Adaptation: The bear is able to walk on two legs or all four for greater speed and stability. When on all four legs, the bear gains +4 stability bonus to balance, trip checks.

Variable Heavy Laser Rifle: Mounted on the right shoulder in a retractable semi turret mount is a heavy laser rifle, with a range increment of 100 feet. The laser has the variable charge gadget, but can only be charged for two rounds for a maximum of +2 die increase in damage. This is a safety feature to prevent the weapon from becoming unstable. The heavy laser rifle has a capacitor with 60 rounds, which recharges at a rate of 1 discharge per 1 minute of inactivity, powered by the robot's main power supply.

Mini-Grenade Launcher: Mounted in a retractable semi turret in the left shoulder is a mini grenade, which has the variable ammunition gadget, allowing it to hold 3 different types of mini grenades, usually 10 smoke, 20 frag and 20 white phosphorus, has a range increment of 80 feet.

Polar Bear
The polar bear model of the A.N.I.M.L. brown bear is similar, except that it is designed for aquatic and winter operations. The polar bear has the laser rifle altered to also work underwater with a small reduction in range, the paws have retractable webbing to improve swimming and allow it to move on snow much easier. The synthetic fur is white for snow operations, but is also designed to take on a darker tint while submerged to allow it to blend in the water and the bottom of rivers or lakes. Small water jets are installed in the rear legs and flanks to allow it to move along in the water much quicker than swimming allows, and they are designed for more silent operation to lower their sonar signature.
The mini grenade launcher is modified so that it can launch mini torpedoes, which are mini grenades modified for operation in water. The mouth also mounts a sonic weapon to deal with frogmen and as an additional weapon for use both above and below water.
Make the following changes to the brown bear model for the polar bear version:
Change Climb 4 ranks in skill net to Swim 4 ranks, reducing Climb to +5, Swim +9;
Water Jets added granting Swim speed 30 ft, only having a -2 penalty to Move Silently checks while swimming against sonar based sensors;
White synthetic fur granting a +4 bonus to Hide checks in winter/snow environments, also alters tint/shade when in water to lower its visibility, granting a +2 to Hide checks when in water deeper than 20 feet;
Variable Heavy Laser rifle is fully functional in water with a range increment of 80 feet;
Mini-grenade launcher can fire mini torpedoes (mini grenades modified for launch under water or on land), which have lower the range increment to 65 feet both above and below water;
Add sonic weapon to the mouth, dealing 2d6 sonic damage, 50 ft range increment, 50 round battery before starts to recharge in 5 minutes. When used in water, affects a 100 ft long cone, 50 ft across, Reflex for half is DC bear's attack roll;
Retractable paw webbing grants a +2 to Swim (total +11), and +2 bonus to Balance in snow or sand covered terrain;
Change PDC to 30.

Black Bear
The black bear model is designed more for urban use, being smaller, slightly weaker, but more agile. Its armaments are geared more for urban assault, with stun settings and the grenade launcher is usually armed with tear gas, tangler and concussion grenades. The black bear also has a sonic weapon in the mouth, and the heavy laser rifle is replaced with a sniper rifle with automatic fire module as well as stun module added. The black bear has internal storage compartments that hold handcuffs, which are deployed by small robotic arms when the black bear restrains a prisoner. Also mounted in the front paws are modified stun batons, so it can wade through a riot and stun multiple rioters quickly.
The black bear model has the following changes from the brown bear model:
Change size to Medium, but acts as Large size when it is most beneficial, such as grapples and stability;
Reduce Hit Dice to 6d10 +10 (44 hp);
Reduce Strength to 22, reducing melee damage and Strength based skills by 2, increase Dexterity to 19, increase ranged attacks and Dexterity based skills by +2;
Variable heavy laser rifle is changed to sniper laser rifle, 3d8 fire, range increment 120 ft, with autofire and stun gadgets;
Add sonic weapon from polar bear, with stun gadget added;
Increase speed to 50 ft bipedal / 60 feet quadreped;
Stun baton added to front paws, the black bear can deal bludgeoning damage instead of slashing (not using claws), and can also stun, target must succeed on a Fort save DC (10+ damage dealt) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds;
Two small robotic arms concealed in 2 internal storage compartments that hold 20 pairs of handcuffs each. When the black bear grapples a target and wins the grapple, it can place a set of handcuffs on the victim;
Change PDC to 31.


Fire Ant Helmet PL6
This helmet looks like the head of a fire ant, with large eyes, antenna and large mandibles on the front about where the user's jaw would be. The helmet is compatible with most armours, and can be used with environmental armour, provided it has an air supply, otherwise the helmet has filters granting a +2 bonus to Fortitude against airborne toxins, poisons and irritates. The eyes are polarized to protect the user against sudden bright lights such as from flash bang grenades, as well as a built in HUD that links to armour or smart link weapons. The helmet also includes a motion detector, but with a range of 50 feet, as well as night vision out to 60 feet and built in radio. The power supply is located at the back of the helmet, providing 12 hours of continuous use, but can be tied to a suit of armour's power supply.
The mandibles on the front are functional, allowing the user to use them as a cutting tool or to make bite attacks. The mandibles also have a heat element in them, heating them greatly to deal extra damage.
Benefits: Spot checks with HUD and motion sensors +2 to Spot, motion sensor range is 50 feet, +2 bonus to Search checks, mandibles act as bolt and wire cutters, smart weapon link, +2 Fort against airborne toxins, darkvision 60 feet.
Weapons: Mandible Bite 1d4 (+ 1/2 Str bonus) +1d4 fire, 20x2, melee, piercing.
PDC: 24 Mil (+3)


A.N.I.M.L. Personal Companion

The PC was a project designed to create a base robotic companion, that with different modular equipment packages, can fill a multitude of rolls. The PC is modeled after a canine frame, usually german shepard or small wolf, covered with synthetic fur to give it a more life-like appearance. The AI is also modeled after canines, making for a loyal companion, but also quite intelligent. The base model makes for an excellent companion for children, families and even amateur adventurers, acting as guard dogs, extra set of eyes or even just company on long voyages. The PC's front paws can reconfigure into fully functional hands, allowing it to manipulate objects, such as doors and other objects. The rear legs can also reconfigure to allow it to stand erect for short periods of time.
Equipped with excellent sensors including night vision, long range audio pickup, short range motion detectors, chemical sensors, allows the PC to function as a guard or look out. Although normally programmed to make noises similar to a dog, it does have full vocal capabilities, for warning of specific dangers or calling for help, as well as built in radio and wireless communications for uploading visual, audio and even text information to any system capable of receiving such information on the proper frequencies. The PC can interface with most computer systems either wirelessly, or through a jack that comes out of its forehead from a concealed compartment. The jaws and paws allow the PC to engage hostiles. A small grapple tag and cable on a wench allows it to rescue people who have fallen down wells or cliffs, and deployable lights to allow companions to see what's around as long as the PC is close by, and an internal storage unit are standard features. The different equipment packages add different equipment for different functions, from riot control, military scout, search and rescue, or even combat.

Personal Companion (PC)
CR: 1
Size: Medium
Hit Points: 1d10 +10
Init: +2
Speed: 40 ft / 30 ft
Defense: +3
BAB/Grp: +0
Attack: Bite +2 melee 1d4 piercing and 2 claws + melee 1d4 slashing.
FS/Reach: 5 ft / 5 ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: Biodroid traits, darkvision 120 ft, scent, bipedal mode, detects motion within 50 ft.
Saves: Fort +0, Reflex +0, Will +0
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 11, Con , Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 5
Skills: Balance +4, Climb +6, Computer Use +4, Gather Information +1, Hide +4, Jump +6, Listen +8, Navigate +6, Search +4, Sense Motive +4, Spot +8, Survival +6, Swim +4
Feats: Alertness, Guide

Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (4, 2 temporarily)
Manipulators: Jaws, 2 hands/claws
Armour: duraplastic
Sensors: Class VII
Skill Software: skill net (balance, climb, jump, swim +4), skill net (computer use, gather information, navigate, sense motive +4), skill net (hide, listen, search, spot +4)
Feat Software: feat progit x2 (alertness, guide
Accessories: AV Recorder, AV transmitter, internal storage unit (20 lb), integrated cell phone/radio, tool mount (2), grappler tag and 100 ft of duracable, search light, nanobeacon, Strength Upgrade, motion sensor
PDC: 25

Bipedal Mode: The PC has the ability, for about 10 minutes at a time, to reconfigure it's legs for bipedal motion, standing erect, like a person. The front paws also change shape into a more human-like hand, with 3 fingers and thumb allowing it to manipulate objects just as well as a person. Takes a move equivalent action to switch between bipedal or quadrupedal modes. While in bipedal mode, then PC loses the claw attack, but can still strike with the hands, either lethal or non-lethal damage. The speed drops to 30 feet while in biped form.

Equipment Packages

The engineer package adds a multitude of equipment which makes the PC quite useful to any mechanic. This package adds electronic and mechanical sensors and diagnostic equipment, a hand held display unit that is linked to the sensors of the PC. A multitude of tools on extendable arms, which are also detachable for a mechanic to use. A strength booster is also included to allow the PC to carry more weight, which in quadruped allows for a significant amount to be dragged.
The package provides the following benefits:
+2 Strength, +6 search electronics, +4 repair electronics and mechanical devices, fusion torch, piercing visor with a range of 25 feet, electricomp, mechanicomp, electrical and mechanical tool kits, video camera on a flexible extending 10 foot cable. All sensor information can be displayed on a handheld unit for mechanic to view. If using the Aid Other action to help a mechanic, grants a +4 bonus instead of normal +2.
PDC: 18

The medical package is a great boon to field medics or those who expect to require medical aid but can't get to medical facilities or hire a medic. Medical sensors are installed, as well as various tools to allow it to treat patients, and carries multiple doses of medicine to be used and injected into people. A hover stretcher can also be deployed from the PC's back allowing it to carry a single unconscious person, up to 300 lbs. Enhanced thermal and audio sensors for detecting a person buried in debris by sensing their heat signatures and even picking up their heart beats or breathing. A hand held unit hooked up to the sensors and medical database allows medics or anyone else to use.
This package provides the following benefits:
Treat Injury +4, Listen +2, able to hear a person breathing or a heart beat even through 10 feet of debris, advanced medkit, medicomp sensor, carries injectors that carries 5 doses of up to 5 different chemicals or drugs, for a total of 25 doses. If performing the Aid Other action to help a medic, grants a +4 bonus instead of the normal +2. Search checks using thermal sensors gain a +2. The contents of a search-and-rescue kit are also stored within the belly of the PC.
PDC: 18

This package makes the PC a good companion for guards and police officers. It has many of the sensors of the medic and engineer packages, only scaled down, for finding potential explosives, hiding criminals or victims. Also included are tools for picking locks quickly and fairly quietly, and disabling explosives. Nonlethal weaponry is installed for subduing rioters or criminals. Retractable warning lights are also mounted in the fore shoulders, and enhanced vocal systems for announcing warnings to civilians. Also included are police band radio, the storage compartment is reduced and usually contains handcuffs, zipties or other hand or foot restraints, flares, a couple magazines of ammunition for accompanying officers to use, and usually 50 feet of duracable, which could be attached and added to the cable already used in the PC's wench, or for other uses.
This package provides the following benefits:
Investigate +2, Disable Device +4, Demolitions +2, built in lock release gun, electrical tool kit, back mounted tangler gun with a 30 rd box instead of 20 and range increased to 40 feet, front paws/hands are also fitted with stun module for stunning opponents (on a melee strike, usually nonlethal, Fort save DC 10+ damage dealt or stunned for 1d4 rounds), a 5 shot sprayer from the mouth that releases solvaway for dissolving the compound fired by tangler gun, retractable police lights on each shoulder, democomp sensor grants +6 to search checks for looking for demolitions. If helping an officer disarming an explosive device, the PC grants a +4 while performing the Aid Other action instead of the normal +2, +10 HP
PDC 19 Res (+2)

Light Combat
This package is used by military scouts, adventurers that require a bit of mobile fire power, and even police S.W.A.T. teams.
The basic sensors are enhanced to include thermal, IR, UV, and night vision and motion detection ranges are increased, military tactic programming is added, and the PC mounts a weapon on the back, the demolitions equipment from the police package, laser range finders and targeters are used along with military encryption to transmit targeting information to allies. The fur is replaced with a chameleonic surfacing, allowing it to blend into its surroundings, and the paws have sound deadening material added to make it even quieter. Smoke dischargers are added to the rear legs, and a 3 shot mini grenade launcher added to the fore shoulders.
This package provides the following benefits:
Listen and Spot are increased by further +2, Disable Device +2, Demolitions +2, Knowledge: Tactics +2, +4 Move Silently (not counting Dex bonus), Dexterity +2, Strength +2, +4 to Hide, claw and bite damage increases to 1d6 + Str, 2 smoke dispensers (3 discharges each, fills a 30 foot area with thick smoke reducing visibility to nothing, but thermal and IR sensors still work), darkvision +30 ft, motion detection +50 ft, Feat: Personal Firearms Proficiency, turret weapon mount (mounts any rifle, if energy can carry 4 power packs, with an autoloader, or up to 200 rounds of physical bullets for a ballistic weapon with auto reloader if the weapon does not accept belts), +10 HP, +1 to all Attack rolls from targeting systems, 2 3-shot mini grenade launchers in fore shoulders (use stats for mini grenade launcher, but has 3 shots each, can use any type of mini grenades). Can Aid Others in targeting a target using the laser range finder and targeter to paint targets for laser guided weapons and feeding targeting data to allies, granting a +4 bonus as long as within 200 feet of allies.
PDC: 20 Mil (+3)


Wardens are robots designed to look like trees, often with real bits of trees incorporated into their structure. They function as listening devices, early warning systems, remote repair and healing locations and if placed where an enemy would cross, as a form of defense. Modeled after weeping willows, and similar trees, they have thick trunks, long branches and tendrils and vines. These tendrils and vines are a mix of real and mechanical tendrils, with the tendrils equipped with various equipment from scalpels, power tools, and diagnostic sensors.
Many colonies and outposts will install Wardens near hospitals, repair garages and even along major patrol routes. In such locations they act as early warning against invaders, aid in repairing vehicles, weapons, equipment, and when near hospitals, during a crisis can aid in treating injuries or at least stabilising some while they wait for medical help. Wardens come fully equipped with medical and surgical kits, allowing them to treat and perform emergency surgery to stabilize injured people, as well as all the tools necessary for making quick repairs on any robots, equipment or vehicles.
The sensors allow wardens to scan a person, robot, mech, vehicle or small starship to make a diagnostic and treat or repair it to the best of its capabilities. The range of its senses are also enhanced, allowing it to sense anything, with motion sensors out to 500 ft for as small as house cat sized objects, detect chemicals and radiation or poisons within 500 feet. It comes with a mech level Class Vi sensor, giving it a 100 mile range for detecting and analyzing incoming threats, then sending that information to a command center.
For defense, the tendrils can lash out striking opponents, slicing with scalpels and some even have light energy weapons for defense. The tendrils can also restrain and entangle opponents so they can be picked up by authorities for interrogation later. The tentacles have been reinforced so that they may inflict lethal damage and damage robots and other objects as well as deal nonlethal. Standard armament for a warden is a heavy machine gun with a large ammo supply of varying ammunition from trackers, rubber or stunning rounds, armour piercing and explosive, and a laser rifle. Other weapons can be installed in place of these. These weapons are mounted on concealed turrets and tracks to allow them to fire in any direction, including against aerial targets. The warden also carries a supply of grenades, which it can replace by manufacturing more from internal supplies. The grenades are thrown by the tentacle manipulators.

A.N.I.M.L. Warden (PL7/8)
CR: 6
Size: Huge
Hit Points: 8d10 +40
Init: +1
Speed: 0 ft
Defense: +5
BAB/Grp: +6/+4 /+18
Attack: +14/+11 melee 8 tentacles (1d6 +10 bludgeoning, lethal or nonlethal), or +7 ranged twin thunder (2d10 ballistic) and +2 ranged laser rifle (3d8 fire)
FS/Reach: 15 ft / 20 ft
Special Attacks: Heal, Hold, Repair
Special Qualities: Immobile, Tree From the Forest
Saves: Fort +2, Reflex +2, Will +2
Abilities: Str 31 (+10), Dex 16 (+3), Con , Int , Wis 10, Cha 1
Skills: Disguise +20 (tree), Computer Use +4, Craft (chemical, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, structural) +10, Disable Device +4, Knowledge (earth and life sciences, physical sciences, technology) +6, Listen +6, Repair +8, Search +4/+10 (weapons)/+14 (chemical), Spot +6, Treat Injury +12
Feats: Personal Firearms, Power Attack, Mutliattack, Surgery, Salvage, Cybernetic Surgery, Xenomedic

Frame: Armature
Locomotion: None
Manipulators: Tentacles (8)
Armour: Alumisteel
Sensors: Class VI mech equivalent
Skill Software: Computer Use +4, Craft (chemical, electronic, mechanical, pharmaceutical, structural) +10, Disable Device, Knowledge (earth and life sciences, physical sciences, technology) +6, Listen, Repair +4, Search, Spot, Treat Injury +8
Feat Software: Personal Firearms, power attack, multiattack (tentacles), surgery, salvage, cybernetic surgery, xenomedical
Accessories: AV Recorder, AV transmitter, fire extinguisher, internal storage unit (120 lbs), tool mount (8), weapon mount (2), robot repair unit, sensor robocomp, sensor mechanicomp, sensor medicomp, sensor aramcomp, fusion torch, sensor motion (500 ft range), sensor chemicomp, medical kit, surgical kit, fabricator, biofabricator, twin thunder machine gun, laser rifle, mechanical tool kit, electrical tool kit, Dex upgrade, skill net x4, feat net x2
PDC: 32

Heal: The Warden has enough equipment, drugs and supplies to heal organic beings of injuries and treat most ailments from radiation, poisons, common diseases, and other conditions such as sickened, fatigued and exhaustion. The Warden carries enough internal stores to heal up to 300 HP before needing resupplying. It can treat up to 4 people at a time, two tentacles per person.

Hold: The Warden can use its main tentacles to grab a target up to large in size, then transfer it to smaller vines and tentacles which completely entangles and holds the target. Up to 2 large targets can be held this way without impeding any of its other functions, or a total of 6 large targets, but the Warden is unable to use any other special abilities. Held targets are immobile and held off the ground, and suffer a -4 penalty to opposed checks against the Warden once they are successfully grappled.

Immobile: The warden is rooted in place, unable to move. This grants the warden a +8 stabilization bonus. An added bonus to this is large storage and additional power source can be installed under the warden for it to draw even more power and greater stores for its fabricators.

Repair: Using the built-in robot repair unit and fabricators and tools, as a full round action can repair 1d10 points of damage, and can make more extensive repairs. Normally, after 1 hour of work, with a DC 20 Repair check, 2d6 points of damage is repaired, but for every 5 points the Warden beats this DC, an additional +1 hp is repaired. The Warden can repair up to 2 large or 1 huge, or up to 4 of any size smaller object at a time. Its onboard supplies contain enough materials to repair up to 200 HP before needing supplies or salvaged material to be converted.

Tree From the Forest: Wardens are designed to look like a tree, and will appear as a tree on sensors, except when it's firing any weapons or making repairs on any mechanical devices. This grants it a +20 to Disguise and Bluff to hide as tree, and amongst trees it gains a +10 to hide, as it will be modified to look like local trees. It won't radiate any heat unless doing repairs or attacking with weapons, and energy emissions are also disguised. Sensors designed to detect electronics and robots also have difficulty detecting wardens.


A.N.I.M.L. Riding Robots

From market research, A.N.I.M.L. marketing has discovered that on some colony worlds, and even more developed worlds, people want riding animals. Not only are they a good means of transportation, are useful in various jobs, and can warn against danger, they can also be good companions. A.N.I.M.L. decided to release a series of robotic riding animals, starting with horses and expanding from there. The horses are available in a few different basic models, come with or without realistic muscles and skin.
The advantages of using robotic horses over live ones are many, including they are faster, stronger, can survive greater damage and with built in sensors can detect danger and won't become scared. Combat packages can be added, allowing the robotic horse to join in combat, aiding the rider.
The available models first released are the Appaloosa, Mustang, Arabian and the Clydesdale.

The Appaloosa is the smallest of the robot horses, designed for use by children and other small races. Able to run faster than even full sized horses and haul up to 2 tons, the Appaloosa is good for labour and even in rocky areas. Can come with fake musculature and hide or left looking as a robot. Has the option of either making normal horse sounds or can vocalize words for warnings or other purposes. All appaloosa's are programmed to act like a real horse, however it does not flee or get spooked, even in combat. They are also programmed that in the even that their rider is injured or knocked unconscious, to return to their designated home or to find the closest inhabited area that is safe.
In combat they use their front, or back, hooves like a real horse, although slightly stronger than a real horse's.

Appaloosa Robot Horse (PL6/7)
CR: 1/2
Size: Medium
Hit Points: 20 hp (1d10+10)
Init: +0
Speed: 45 ft
Defense: 13, +3 equipment
BAB/Grp: +0
Attack: Hoof +3 melee (1d4+3)
FS/Reach: 5 ft/ 5ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: darkvision 60 ft
Saves: Fort +0 , Reflex +0 , Will +0
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 11, Con -, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 5
Skills: Balance +4, Climb 7, Listen +4, Navigate +4, Spot +6, Survival +4
Feats: Alertness

Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (quad)
Manipulators: none
Armour: Duraplastic
Sensors: Class V
Skill Software: Balance +4, Climb +4, Navigate +4, Survival +4
Feat Software: Alertness
Accessories: Internal storage unit 20 lb, feat progit, concealed tow cable and winch (100 ft duracable), skill net
PDC: 25
*Note: Even though the Strength is 16 and listed carry capacity for a medium sized quadruped with STR 16 is 50% greater than a bipedal, due to the robotic nature and design, the robotic horse is able to carry far more dragging. The carry capacity strapped to the Appaloosa is more limited due to space, but follows the standard carrying capacity rules: Light load 114 lb; Medium load 230 lb; Heavy load 345 lb. Pull/drag 2 tons, but only at half speed.

Fake Musculature and Fur - The Appaloosa is covered with fake muscles and fur to make it look exactly like a real pony or small horse. Gains a +4 to Disguise and Bluff to act like a real Appaloosa horse. Fur comes in natural colours and even unnatural colours upon request. PDC 9

The Mustang is the 'standard' robot horse, modelled after wild mustangs of Earth's past. This is the robot that is most commonly used, good for general riding, labour and even light combat, and able to pull up to 4 tons.

Mustang Robot Horse (PL6/7)
CR: 1
Size: Large (-1 size)
Hit Points: 40 hp (2d10+20)
Init: +1
Speed: 60 ft
Defense: 13, +3 equipment +1 Dex -1 size
BAB/Grp: -1/+9
Attack: Hoof +4 melee (1d6+5)
FS/Reach: 10 ft/ 10ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: darkvision 60 ft
Saves: Fort +0, Reflex +1, Will +0
Abilities: Str 20, Dex 13, Con -, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 5
Skills: Balance +5, Listen +4, Navigate +4, Search +4, Spot +6, Survival +4
Feats: Alertness

Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (quad)
Manipulators: none
Armour: Duraplastic
Sensors: Class V
Skill Software: Balance +4, Navigate +4, Search +4, Survival +4
Feat Software: Alertness
Accessories: Internal storage unit 40 lb, feat progit, concealed tow cable and winch (100 ft duracable), skill net
PDC: 28
*Note: Even though the Strength is 20 and listed carry capacity for a large sized quadruped with STR 20 is 3 times greater than a bipedal, due to the robotic nature and design, the robotic horse is able to carry far more dragging. The carry capacity strapped to the Mustang is more limited due to space, but follows the standard carrying capacity rules: Light load 399 lb; Medium load 798 lb; Heavy load 1400 lb. Pull/drag 4 tons, but at half speed.

Fake Musculature and Fur - The Mustang is covered with fake muscles and fur to make it look exactly like a real pony or small horse. Gains a +4 to Disguise and Bluff to act like a real Mustang or similar sized horse. Fur comes in natural colours and even unnatural colours upon request. PDC 9

The Arabian is similar to the Mustang, only built for speed and leaping. Structurally the Arabian is slimmer, has thinner legs, has smaller internal storage compartment, and not quite as strong, but is more maneuverable, has upgraded intelligence and has built in jump jets to aid in long distance jumping. The Arabian can be covered in fake fur or left looking like a robot.

Mustang Robot Horse (PL6/7)
CR: 1
Size: Large (-1 size)
Hit Points: 35 hp (2d10+20)
Init: +2
Speed: 75 ft
Defense: 14, +3 equipment +2 Dex -1 size
BAB/Grp: -1/+9
Attack: Hoof +3 melee (1d4+3)
FS/Reach: 10 ft/ 10ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: darkvision 60 ft, jump jets
Saves: Fort +0, Reflex +2, Will +0
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 15, Con -, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10
Skills: Balance +6, Jump +7, Listen +5, Navigate +5, Search +5, Spot +7, Survival +5
Feats: Alertness

Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (quad)
Manipulators: none
Armour: Duraplastic
Sensors: Class V
Skill Software: Balance +4, Navigate +4, Search +4, Survival +4, Jump +4,
Feat Software: Alertness
Accessories: Internal storage unit 20 lb, feat progit, concealed tow cable and winch (100 ft duracable), skill net, skill progit, jump jets
PDC: 29
*Note: Even though the Strength is 16 and listed carry capacity for a large sized quadruped with STR 16 is 3 times greater than a bipedal, due to the robotic nature and design, the robotic horse is able to carry far more dragging. The carry capacity strapped to the Arabian is more limited due to space, but follows the standard carrying capacity rules: Light load 228 lb; Medium load 459 lb; Heavy load 690 lb. Pull/drag 2.5 tons, but at half speed.

Jump Jets - The arabian has a set of vectored thrust jets mounted in the belly to aid in long distance jumps. The arabian isn't limited to it's height (for quadruped large creature maximum height of 8 ft) for how high it can jump. The jump gets grant it an additional +4 to Jump checks for distance and height. The jets can be used to alter direction in mid jump but requires a Balance check DC of half the Jump DC +5. The jets can also be used to slow a decent to land safely, treating falls from heights of greater than 45 feet as if they were 20 feet less, easily landing from heights of 45 ft or less on Balance check DC 15, and to hover up to a height of 45 feet for up to 1 minute.
If the Arabian is carrying heavy loads, the bonus from the jump jets is reduced by half and can only hover at up to 20 feet.

Fake Musculature and Fur - The Arabian is covered with fake muscles and fur to make it look exactly like a real pony or small horse. Gains a +4 to Disguise and Bluff to act like a real Arabian or similar sized horse. The Arabian has a higher quality hide than other models. Fur comes in natural colours and even unnatural colours upon request. PDC 10.

The Clydesdale is the heavy weight of A.N.I.M.L.'s robot horse line, with a bulkier frame, high strength and heavier armour is standard. Not quick compared to even the Mustang, the Clydesdale is able to maintain almost full speed even while pulling a full load, an impressive 7 tons.

Clydesdale Robot Horse (PL6/7)
CR: 1
Size: Large (-1 size)
Hit Points: 50 hp (3d10+20)
Init: +1
Speed: 50 ft
Defense: 14, +5 equipment -1 size
BAB/Grp: -1/+11
Attack: Hoof +6 melee (1d6+7)
FS/Reach: 10 ft/ 10ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: darkvision 60 ft
Saves: Fort +0, Reflex +1, Will +0
Abilities: Str 24, Dex 11, Con -, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 5
Skills: Balance +4, Listen +4, Navigate +4, Search +4, Spot +6, Survival +4
Feats: Alertness

Frame: Biodroid
Locomotion: Legs (quad)
Manipulators: none
Armour: Alumisteel
Sensors: Class V
Skill Software: Balance +4, Navigate +4, Search +4, Survival +4
Feat Software: Alertness
Accessories: Internal storage unit 40 lb, feat progit, concealed tow cable and winch (100 ft duracable), skill net
PDC: 29
*Note: Even though the Strength is 24 and listed carry capacity for a large sized quadruped with STR 24 is 3 times greater than a bipedal, due to the robotic nature and design, the robotic horse is able to carry far more dragging. The carry capacity strapped to the Mustang is more limited due to space, but follows the standard carrying capacity rules: Light load 699 lb; Medium load 1398 lb; Heavy load 2100 lb. Pull/drag 7 tons, at three-quarter speed.

Fake Musculature and Fur - The Clydesdale is covered with fake muscles and fur to make it look exactly like a real pony or small horse. Gains a +4 to Disguise and Bluff to act like a real Clydesdale or similar sized horse. Fur comes in natural colours and even unnatural colours upon request. PDC 9

Further Options
The A.N.I.M.L. has released a series of options for its line of robot horses, from weapons to additional armour. Additional armour removes the ability to add the fake fur. Weapon can be used by the rider with a small control added to the built in saddle or concealed in the base of the neck.

Head Weapon Packages - The robot horses' head can be equipped with a dual weapon system. Any pistol style weapon, energy or projectile, can be fitted. The barrels are hidden within the nostrils. The weapons are fire-linked for slightly greater damage (increase damage of one weapon by half). Energy weapons have an unlimited payload as the weapons will draw power from the robot's power core. For projectile weapons, increase standard pistol ammunition capacity by triple. The robot is considered to be proficient in the weapon installed. PDC of weapon +5.

Combat System - Installed on robots usually with built in weapons, the robot gains +2 to attack rolls, gains Combat Reflex feat. The robot is equipped with a combat computer, allowing it to make best use of the weapons mounted, allowing it to attack with ranged weapons without direction from the rider except directions of targets not to attack. Includes IFF recognition system. PDC 18 Res +2.

Shoulder Weapon Packages - All, except for the Arabian, of the robot horses can have a shoulder mounted weapon, equivalent to a rifle. It can be retractable or left exposed. The weapon can be energy or projectile. Energy weapons will draw power from the robot's power core. Projectile weapons will have their ammunition capacity increased by triple. The robot is considered proficient in the use of the weapon installed. PDC of the weapon +5. The Clydesdale can mount a weapon on each shoulder.

Chest Mounted Weapon Package - The robot can mount a small rocket or mini-missile launcher in the chest that contains 4 rockets or missiles. The robot is considered to the proficient in the user of the weapon. PDC of the weapon +6. The Clydesdale can have the ammunition capacity increased to 10 by increasing PDC by 2.

High-Frequency Hooves - The edges of the hooves are equipped with high-frequency blades on the edges, allowing for greater damage. The hooves deal an extra die of damage. Half damage is bludgeoning, half slashing. PDC 18 Lic (+1).

Light Armour - The robot has improved armour plating, increase Def bonus from equipment by +1 and +5 HP. PDC 20. The Arabian can only carry light armour.

Medium Armour - The robot has greater improved armour. Def bonus from equipment is increased by +1 and +10 HP. PDC 21.

Heavy Armour - The robot is fitted with thicker armour plating. Def bonus from equipment is increased by +2, Dex is reduced by 1, +15 HP, speed reduced by 10 feet. PDC 22 Res (+2). The Appaloosa is unable to equip armour of this level or higher.

Extra Heavy - The robot is equipped with much thicker armour plating. Def bonus from equipment is increased by +3, Dex is reduced by 2, +20 HP and gains DR 5, speed is reduced by 15 feet. PDC 24 Mil (+3). Only the Clydesdale is able to mount this level of armour.


Crystal Works
Crystal Works is an old company, specializing in optics, lenses and of course crystals, producing some of the best equipment available. Crystal works started by growing crystals in orbital facilities for use in lenses and research in crystalline computer memory systems. With years of success and expanding into other fields, they eventually started mining crystals found on other planets or asteroids.
With the discovery of one particular system, which had crystals of various types and sizes. One of the major discoveries from this system, besides the unusual amount of crystals, was the fact that many of the crystals had an extremely high piezoelectric properties. This allowed Crystal Works to create even more devices including power generators that were far cheaper and cleaner than conventional ones.
Crystal Works has taken advantage of these high piezoelectric crystals, and created new ones of their own design, to expand into power generation and energy weapons. Their other products are still top of the line and highly sought after, even with their higher price tags. Although they do produce some fairly cheap, but well made energy weapons.

Crystal Works first, and most successful entry into energy weapons. A very simplistic design, consisting of a handle and a tube attached with a trigger and an opening at the end of the barrel where the emitter is. Inside this simple shell is a large crystal and less than a half dozen moving parts, including the trigger, hammer, spring and safety. The CW1 works on piezoelectric principles, creating a simple, easy to maintain, and doesn't require a power pack. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer strikes the crystal, which creates an incredible amount of electrical energy, which is transferred into the emitter, then ejected in a small electrical pulse to strike at a target.
As it doesn't require a power pack, the CW1 is a favourite weapon for those who need a weapon but can't spare space or weight for ammunition, all one needs is the weapon, as it generates its own power internally. The crystal inside is good for about 20000 shots before it should be serviced and a possible crystal replacement is needed.
Although damage isn't high, the simplicity and advantage of the design makes training incredibly simple, and the weapon well liked by many.

CW1 (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 3d4
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Electrical
Range Increment: 35 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Tiny
Weight: 2 lb
Ammo: -
Purchase DC: 14 (Lic +1)
Notes: Does not require a power pack as the crystal inside generates enough energy to fire each time the trigger is pulled. Can NOT be modified to fire in automatic mode.

The CW2 is Crystal Works rifle version of the CW1. A basic tube with a padded grip and a handle at the back with a folding wire stock. It uses the same principles as the CW1, where a hammer strikes the crystal inside to create an electrical discharge. However, the CW2 uses two crystals for a more powerful blast. It also includes an automatic mode, which when selected, creates a connection to a small motor which draws a little bit of a charge from the discharge to cause the hammer to keep striking the crystals as long as the trigger is pulled back. Comes with basic iron sights and has a mount for a scope and a mounting underneath for lights, mini-grenades or bayonets.

CW2 (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 4d4
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Electrical
Range Increment: 80 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Med, Large with stock extended
Weight: 4.3 lb
Ammo: -
Purchase DC: 15 (Res +2)
Notes: Does not require power packs. Has iron sights, mounting for under barrel weapons, and mounting for scopes, folding wire stock.


Crystal Works Scopes

The CS1 is Crystal Works standard scope, which is comparable to some of the top of the line military scopes. Boasting superior range and clarity over others. It is an electro-optical crystalline lens scope, increasing the range increment for a weapon by double (multiply by 2). Grants darkvision while looking through the scope, plus also includes a range finder, digital compass and wind direction and speed indicators.
Weight: 3.4 lb
PDC: 20 (Mil +3)

CS2 aka Super Scope
The CS2, or super scope is every marksman's dream scope. With superior range and magnifying capability, a sniper can make out the individual freckles on a child to a range of 5 miles, although the darkvision capability only has a range of about 3 miles. Range increments are increased by two-and a half times (multiply by 2.5), includes range finder, compass, wind direction and speed indicator. Also included is a gyro stabilizer, built in computer to aid in wind compensation, gravity, and recoil, if mated to a projectile weapon. A master work scope, granting a +1 bonus to attacks. The compensators reduce any penalties from environmental factors, such as heavy gravity planets, incredibly strong winds, and mild earthquakes up to 2.3 rating.
Weight 5 lb
PDC: 24 (Mil +3)

The CW3 are Crystal Works' most simplest weapons - grenades. These grenades are essentially large crystals with a metallic cap which is part of the safety and clip that holds them in their holders. These crystals have extremely high piezoelectric properties. To use, one merely undoes the clip on the cap to release it from the holder, then throw the crystal. Upon impact, the crystal releases a burst of electrical energy from the kinetic force imparted from the impact. There is a chance that the crystal doesn't break on impact, which allows it to be collected and reused repeatedly. This makes the CW3 a very attractive alternative to normal grenades as the need to replace them is lower. Another advantage is the electrical burst doesn't do severe damage to the surroundings, which makes it much safer to use onboard starships and stations, with a much lower risk of a hull breach.
CW3 grenades come in belts or bandoleers with 8 holders, each containing a crystal grenade. These containers are highly insulated and impact resistant to prevent a premature release of the electrical energy.

CW3 (PL6)
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Electrical
Blast Radius: 20 ft
Range Increment: 20 ft
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1.2 lb
PDC: 17 Mil (+3)
Note: When thrown, the crystal grenade has a 25% chance of cracking and breaking, rendering it useless. If not broken, it can be easily picked up, placed into the holder for use later.

The CAS1, or Crystal Augment Suit is a set of armour which is designed to protect, and also augment the user's abilities. The suit is a set of full body armour including a helmet, designed in a sleek manner with no sharp edges, and a slight glossy finish to the plastic like surface. Along the outside of the arms and legs, and a bar over each shoulder is a panel which lights up when certain features are activated. What makes the suit so revolutionary, and expensive, is the crystals that are embedded in the entire suit, as well as the crystalline battery. Using the piezoelectric properties, as well as energy storage, refraction and distribution of energy of various types of crystals, the CAS1 is able to use various types of energy, kinetic and from weapons' blasts, to power its features.
The crystal battery is used to store energy, which is created when the user moves, as the embedded crystals flex and create an electrical charge. This energy is used to power the sensors, as well as the two built in ranged weapons, a laser and an electric blaster which also has a stun setting, the electric discharge for melee strikes as well as a defensive field.
When the suit is struck by an energy attack, such as a laser, or plasma blast, that energy is converted into kinetic energy, which is shunted to the suit's servos, giving the user added strength and burst in speed for a short time.
The CAS1 has basic sensors, light amplification, night vision, HUD, military radio with programmable encryption protocols, and programmable IFF system, and simple targeting system. Also built into the helmet is an air filter and an attachment for an external air supply. Mounted on the right arm is a laser, and the left mounts the electric blaster. Both hands are reinforced and include electric nodes which discharge on impact.
The defensive field, when activated, is only noticeable by a slight electric hum and the light panels softly glow a light blue. When a projectile or energy blast would strike the user, a bolt of electricity strikes it in an attempt to deflect, dissipate, or destroy it. The field also aids in dissipating area effect attacks, such as grenades. Creatures that come within melee range while the field is active will also be struck by bolts of electricity, as long as the field is activated. Unfortunately the field uses up a fair bit of power, and the light panels briefly flash a brighter blue when the field discharges.
When the suit is struck by an energy blast, the panels briefly flash red, as the energy is absorbed and shunted to the servos.
Due to the nature of the crystals embedded in the skin of the armour, it is immune to lasers of any kind, and offers some additional protection against other energy types. Although the suit will absorb the energy of an attack, and protect the user against some of the damage, it won't save them from the full force of weapons like plasma rifles or particle beam weapons, only lessen them.
While the defense field is activated, the suit's ability to absorb energy is negated as the electrical discharge prevents the suit from absorbing the energy.
These suits were not built for stealth, as the light panels and when the defensive field is activated make for a rather flashy spectacle on the battle field.

CAS1 (PL6 Medium Armour Proficiency)
Type: Medium Tactical
Equipment Bonus: +4
Nonprof. Bonus: +2
Str Bonus: see note
Nonprof Str Bonus: see note
Max Dex: +3
Armour Penalty: -3
Speed (30 ft): 30 ft also see note
Weight: 22 lb
Purchase DC: 35
Restriction: Mil and rare (+4)
Notes: Battery has 60 charges. When the user moves 10 feet, 1 charge is recharged. Each discharge of the weapons, either the laser, electric blaster or the melee discharge uses one charge.
Defensive Field: The defensive field uses 3 charges per round of activation. The user can use any of the weapons built into the suit while it is activated, and can recharge the battery by moving. The field provides a +4 Deflection bonus to Defense and a +3 bonus to Reflex saves against energy area attacks. The field also provides a DR3 to attacks that still strike the user as the electrical bolts have dissipated or somewhat deflected or burned away part of the projectile or energy blast. The bolts will ignore lasers and electrical attacks as the user is immune to them.
Laser Immunity: The suit is immune to laser weapons of any type, from standard to UV, blue-green frequency, x-ray and HI lasers. The energy absorbing ability still works against lasers, the user takes no damage.
Electricity Immunity: The suit is immune to electrical based attacks. The energy absorbing ability works with electricity, the user takes no damage.
Energy Resistence: The suit has a blanket energy resistance 5 which works for fire, unspecific energy and weapons like plasma, ion, particle beam weapons, etc.
Energy Absorbing: The suit provides +2 Strength and +10 feet to speed when the suit absorbs 10 points of damage for 1 round. So if the user would suffer 20 points of damage (damage rolled, energy resistance and immunity isn't taken into account for this), the user would get +2 Strength and +10 feet to speed for 2 rounds.
Built in Weapon: Laser Rifle: standard laser rifle built into the right arm, 3d8 fire, 20, 60 ft range incr, S/A, uses 1 charge per shot.
Electric blaster: 4d4 electricity, 20, 60 ft range incr, S/A, 1 charge per shot, stun setting Fort Save 14, stunned for 1d4+1 rounds.
Melee Discharge: Reinforced gloves act as set of brass knuckles that deal lethal damage on unarmed strike, also add +2d4 electrical damage to melee strike, uses 1 charge.
Integrated equipment: Air filter (+4 Fort save), helmet mounted light, military radio, HUD, hook up for external air supply, IFF system (outlines friendly targets with broadcasting IFFs in a blue outline, broadcasting enemies in red), darkvision 90 feet, low-light vision, suit diagnostic system (notifies when airborne toxins detected, and if filter is insufficient, external air supply level if attached, battery level, notifies when energy absorbing system is powered and for how long).


With Crystal Works' advanced uses of piezoelectric systems, it was no wonder they created a small, easy to transport power generator. The whole system is only about the size of a duffle in a well insulated and tough plastic casing. A hand crank is on one side with a universal power connection on the opposite. When the hand crank is turned, it strikes against a crystal inside the casing which creates electrical power which is transferred into a battery. Power can then be drawn from the battery to power anything up to about an average size house for about 6 hours with 5 minutes of cranking. A warning buzzer and light starts when the battery gets down to 10 minutes of power. It provides about the same amount of power as PL5 gas powered generator of about 3 times its size.
Game Notes: Easily powers a 3 bedroom home for about 6 hours, or can be used to charge several power packs or even an electric vehicle. For weapons that require a stationary power source, it can provide a constant flow of power of one shot per round at best, or use GM discretion.
Weight: 10 lbs.
PDC: 12

CW4 Sonic Missile (PL6/7)
As Crystal Works expanded its weapons research, one team tried an unorthodox line of weapons in space combat: sonic weaponry. Sonic weapons have proven, in the right conditions, to be particularly devastating to armour, particularly when harmonic resonance frequencies can be achieved. The problem with sonic weapons is there is no medium for the sound waves to travel along. To fix this, and taking advantage of various crystals available to them that enhance sonic frequencies, the CW4 sonic missile was unveiled. About the same size as most space fairing missiles, but with just over 50% of the missile consisting of special crystals, which is exposed to the outside. When fired, the exposed crystal glows brightly as the crystal absorbs sonic frequencies from the sonic generator, thus not making it a stealthy weapon. Just before reaching the target, the missile explodes, spreading shards of glowing crystal all over the target. Upon impact, the crystals impart their sonic energy into the hull, causing it to vibrated, ripping the plating apart.
The advantage of sonic weapons is most ships aren't designed to resist their effects, making them vulnerable, plus if one has knowledge of the type of hulls and armour of the ships they are targeting, the missiles can be programmed with the proper frequencies can be more devastating. Normally sonic missiles ignore 10 points of hardness, but when programmed, requiring accurate readings from sensors of armour type, to do one of two effects. This requires a Computer Use check DC 25 and 5+ 1d6 rounds for commonly found armour types plus an additional 3 rounds for unusual armour types. The two effects are: reducing armour capability, which makes the armour far weaker as the sonic frequencies and vibrations weaken, crack and loosen the armour plating; or increase damage by matching the sympathetic harmonic frequencies and causing the ships armour to shake itself apart. The armour reducing capability reduces the armour's hardness rating to 25% (one-quarter) of what it should be for any follow up attacks until repaired. The increased damage multiplies the damage done by triple (damage x3).
These missiles are expensive, plus the time it takes to program them does restrict their use. Some militaries with large budgets, have racks of preprogrammed missiles for various common armours on their larger destroyers and cruisers.
CW4 Sonic Missile (PL6/7)
Damage: 11d8, ignores 10 points of hardness
Critical: 20/x2
Damage Type: Sonic
Range Increment: -
Rate of Fire: Single
Minimum Ship Size: Gargantuan
Purchase DC: 42
Restriction: Mil (+3)
The PDC includes the price of the launcher and 8 missiles. The price of a rack of 8 missiles is 2 lower.

CW5 Sonic Mine (PL 6/7)
The CW5 sonic mine is a mine version of the CW4 sonic missile. The sonic mine has the sonic generator in the center of a ring of crystal, which upon detonation, glows brightly for a second before bursting, spreading a wave of glowing crystal shards that damage all ships in its square and all adjacent squares. The mines can be programmed just like the missiles before being deployed. In its standard configuration, it ignores 15 points of hardness.
CW5 Sonic Mine (PL6/7)
Damage: 8d100, ignores 15 points of hardness
Damage Type: Sonic
Range Increment: --
Rate of Fire: -
Minimum Ship Size: Colossal
Purchase DC: 43
Restriction: Mil (+3)


The CM1 is Crystal Works first fully in-house developed mech, although it doesn't follow many standards of other mechs. The CM1 is quadrupedal in design, lacking arms, with a large spherical upper part that sits upon the leg actuators. The main weapon of the CM1 looks like a series of 5 tesla coils that line what would be the back of the sphere to just past the top on the front. Several glowing circular panels are found on the legs and over the body, which glow brighter every time the mech is hit. To protect the mech, a deflection field to deflect weapons and a repulsion field that helps keep anything from getting too close for a melee attack. The large size of the CM1 at 31 feet tall, and lack of arms does make the CM1 a bit of a target, and should be used with escorts, although it can release a burst of energy against foes that manage to get past the repulsion field. All of the systems developed for the CM1 are unique to it only so far as they are all tied together to function properly and benefit from the systems.

CM1 (PL7)
Size: Huge Quadruped (-2 size)
Bonus Hit Points: 200
Superstructure: Duralloy
Hardness: 15
Armour: Resilium armour
Bonus to Defense: +6
Armour Penalty: -5
Reach: 10 ft
Strength Bonus: +16
Dexterity Penalty:
Speed: 50
Purchase DC:50

Helmet: Class III Sensors
Visor: Oracle Targeting System (+3)
Back: Deflection Field (+3)
Back: Lightning Gun
Back: Lightning Gun
Shoulders: Lightning Gun
Torso: Repulsion System
Torso: Cockpit
Torso: Cockpit
Belt: Shock Defense
Belt: Kinetic Accumulator

Comm System

Standard Package Features: No arm design, class III sensors,
Bonuses: 90 ft darkvision, +2 Navigate, +2 Spot, +3 to attack rolls, +3 Deflection bonus to Defense, +4 stability bonus, electricity immunity.
Weapons: Lightning Gun 12d6, 20, 100, s
Slam 2d6 bludgeoning, melee, reach 10 ft

New Equipment

Kinetic Accumulator
The kinetic accumulator is designed to take kinetic energy directed at the equipped mech, and turn it into energy which the mech can use for various tasks, although the mech will still suffer the damage (count the damage reduced by armour hardness in the total amount of damage dealt). For every 10 points of damage from slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, ballistic, concussion or from missiles, the kinetic accumulator stores 1 energy point. The kinetic accumulator can store up to 10 energy points, which dissipate at a rate of 1 point every 10 minutes. These energy points can be directed to boost various systems. 1 point can be used to do any one of the following: increase the mech's Strength by 4 points, increase weapon damage by 1 die, increase weapon range by 50 feet, increase sensor range by 50%, increase speed by 10 feet, increase defensive system bonus by 50% rounding down, or if defensive system deals damage or has a random numeric value (die roll), increase by 1 die.

Repulsion System
The repulsion system is an offshoot technology of the kinetic accumulator, where any object of medium size or larger that moves within 10 feet of the mech must make a Fort save or be pushed back 1d4x5 feet (DC 20), a successful save the opponent can continue, but must spend double the movement speed to continue moving forward (20 feet of speed to move the last 10 feet forward), and melee attacks suffer a -4 penalty. A failed Fort save is followed by a Reflex save DC 17 to land on their feet, a failed Reflex save means the opponent is knocked prone, dropping any objects in their hands and takes 1d6 points of damage for every 5 feet launched back.

Lightning Gun
The lightning gun is a powerful electricity based weapon, releasing bolts of electricity that deal devastating damage, and can also temporarily disable machines. The lightning gun deals 12d6 points of electrical damage. Mechs, vehicles, robots and other devices must make a Fort save DC 17 or be disabled/stunned for 1d4 rounds, a successful save results in just being dazed for one round.
Equipment Slots: 3
Activation: Standard
Range Increment: 100 ft
Target: Single target
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: See description
Purchase DC: -
Restriction: -

Shock Defense
The CM1 uses an electrical based system to defend itself from opponents that get within 10 feet of it. Arcs of electricity lash out around it, striking anything that gets past the repulsion field. As anything that moves within 10 feet of the CM1 provokes an attack of opportunity, the pilot activates the shock defense as an attack of opportunity, or can be activated before hand, and remains active for 5 rounds before requiring a 2 round recharge period. Anything within 10 feet of the CM1 will be struck by 1d4 arcs of electricity, each dealing 3d6 points of electricity damage. The shock defense system also grants the CM1 electricity immunity.


With Crystal Works' specialization in crystal technology, it isn't much surprise that they released a weapon that is a great boon to psychic people. The CW4P is a fairly standard laser pistol, although there is a large crystal on the top. The psychic can use it as a standard laser pistol, or can pump power points into the weapon to enhance various aspects of it. By pumping in 2 power points, the psychic can increase damage by 1 die, or increase range by 10 feet for the next single attack. To do both the psychic must pump in 4 power points. Both can be enhanced up to 3 times, so the CW4P could gain a maximum of +30 feet in range and +3 dice of damage. Also, the psychic can pump in 3 power points to improve the critical multiplier by 1, bringing it up to x3 for the next attack. This can only be enhanced once. When there is psychic energy pumped into the weapon, the crystal on top glows a soft blue. The crystal can only hold the psychic energy for a short period, and if not used before that time is up, it is released harmlessly as a bright blue light from the crystal.

CW4P (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d8
Critical: x2
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 40 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Med
Weight: 3 lbs
Ammo: 50 box
Purchase DC: 19 (Res +2)
Notes: When used by a character with psionic powers, can pump 2 power points to enhanced damage by 1 die or range by 10 ft up to a maximum of 3 times for the next attack. Or can pump 3 power points to increase the critical multiplier to x3 for the next attack. The weapon can only hold the psychic energy for up to 3 rounds before it dissipates harmlessly as a flash of blue light from the crystal on top.

The CW5P is the rifle version of the CW4P, for greater range and damage. Other than all the same features as the CW4P, the CW5P can have its autofire setting enhanced, but not as much as a single shot. It comes with a CS1 standard scope as its standard scope.

CW5P (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 3d8
Critical: x2
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 80 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Med
Weight: 8 lbs
Ammo: 50 box
Purchase DC: 21 (Res +2)
Notes: When used by a character with psionic powers, can pump 2 power points to enhanced damage by 1 die or range by 10 ft up to a maximum of 3 times for the next attack. Or can pump 3 power points to increase the critical multiplier to x3 for the next attack. On the autofire setting, by pumping in 3 power points, the damage can be increased by 1 die up to two times, or the Reflex save (normally DC 15) can be increased by +1 up to 3 times for the next autofire attack. If the weapon is switched to semi mode before an autofire attack is made, the choice of which parts to be enhanced are carried to the semi mode, but the extra power points are wasted. For example, if 6 power points are pumped in to increase the damage by 2 die, then it is switched to semi before being fired in autofire, the next shot in semi will have +2 die of damage and the extra 2 power points are harmlessly dissipated. The weapon can only hold the psychic energy for up to 4 rounds before it dissipates harmlessly as a flash of blue light from the crystal on top.


Colt Rhino Plasma Rifle 
As laser weapons became quite prolific amongst the world's armies, Colt began research into alternate weapon systems to win new government contracts. This research lead them to plasma based weapons. After some rather explosive set backs, Colt managed to create a usable man portable plasma based weapon, the Rhino.  The Rhino is quite bulky for a rifle and is incapable of anything like burst fire, and can be prone to overheating causing it to shut down for awhile. Although these flaws keep it from making it a standard weapon, it makes up for this for its armour penetrating and destructive power. An interesting side effect of the Rhino being a first generation plasma weapon, and the magnetic containment fields to maintain the plasma discharge can be unstable, the 'bolt' that the Rhino fires has a bit of an area affect upon contact with a target. Although not large, it can be quite effective against tightly packed targets. It is highly recommended not to fire the Rhino at anything closer than 20 ft from you.  

Colt Rhino Plasma Rifle (PL6 Heavy Weapon) 
Damage: 4d10 Ignore 5 hardness/DR, 1d10 to 5' area Ref DC 16 for half which also ignores 2 hardness/DR. 
Critical: 20 
Damage Type: Fire (or whatever type your campaign has plasma weapons as) 
Range Increment: 60ft 
Rate of Fire: Semi 
Size: Large (Just a little smaller than huge in size) 
Weight: 25 lbs 
Ammo: 25 box. 
Purchase: PDC32 +3 Military (Also a low availability.) 
Special: On a roll of a natural 1 the Rhino over heats and will shut down for 1d6 rounds. Requires a strength of 15 to use, otherwise the user suffers a -2 to attack rolls due to the weight and recoil.


With farther experimenting in plasma technology, Colt developed plasma exploding bullets instead of the normal chemical explosive rounds. To premier the new rounds, Colt released an intimidating, heavy revolver, styled after an enlarged python revolver of previous fame. The phoenix uses a .40 caseless magnum round, giving it slightly better range than other revolver calibers of the past. The rounds explode in a small ball of plasma fire, making them for illuminating a dark room during a firefight.

Phoenix (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d6+1 ball +2d6 fire
Critical: 20 x2
Damage Type: ball +fire
Range Increment: 40 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: small
Weight: 3 lbs
Ammo: 6
Purchase DC: 17 (Lic +1)
Notes: Uses plasma explosive rounds, box of 30 PDC 9. Masterwork weapon, granting a +1 bonus to damage. Comes with a gun camera with passive night vision and records up to 3 hours. When drawn, the large weapon provides a +4 bonus to Intimidate checks.

New Ammunition
Plasma Explosive Rounds
These ballistic rounds have a core of deuterium and through a company secret, when the round strikes a target, the impact ignites the deuterium, superheating it into a plasma state, dealing significant damage to the target, far greater than normal explosive rounds. Plasma explosive rounds deal +2d6 fire damage, and require no modifications to the weapon. PDC +4

Colt 2011
The 2011 is modelled after the famous 1911 model, only it's a bit larger as it's chambered in .75 caliber rounds (.75AE). This weapon is designed for use by cybernetically enhanced people or those wearing power armour. Any unaugmented person trying to use the weapon will hurt themselves, as was proven with demonstrations of .600 express rounds, which videos of amateurs firing such rounds are easily found on the net.
The 2011 has gained popularity amongst cyborg gunslingers as the weapon uses the same reliable firing mechanism as found in the 1911, just larger, and the added weight of the weapon allows them to use the weapon as an impromptu melee weapon without worrying about any damage to the weapon.

Colt 2011 (Late PL5 / PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d12
Critical: 20
Damage Type: balllistic
Range Increment: 40 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: med
Weight: 9 lb
Ammo: 9
Purchase DC: 19 Res (+2)
Notes: Anyone without exceptional strength, or a cybernetic arm, with strength rated at least 18, suffers -2 on any attacks after the first attack in a round, and suffers half the damage rolled in subdual damage on any attack made with the 2011. So a normal person, with Strength 18 will suffer half damage in subdual damage each time he fires the weapon, and his second attack suffers -2 to attack roll. While a person with a cybernetic limb of Strength 19, doesn't suffer the subdual damage or the attack penalty to his second attack due to the shock absorbers and gyros in the arm to keep it steady.
When used to pistol whip someone, it deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage instead of the normal 1d4 for pistols for its heavier construction and larger size.
Ammunition: Box of 50 .75AE rounds has a PDC 7.

This is Colt's version of the old Browning M2B .50 caliber machine gun chambered in .75 caliber rounds. This weapon replaces the old M2 as an anti armour weapon or heavy machinegun mounted on vehicles like the humvee. However, since the ammunition is larger and heavier, not many humvee style vehicles haven't switched to the M5011, although newer MBTs have had them installed in the coaxial mounts or used as light anti aircraft weaponry.

M5011 (PL 5 Exotic Weapons Proficiency or Heavy Weapons Proficiency)
Damage: 2d12+6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: ballistic
Range Increment: 110 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Huge
Weight: 80 lb
Ammo: Link
Purchase DC: 23 Mil (+3)
Notes: Ignores 3 points of hardness/DR
Ammunition: Box of 20 rounds of .75 caliber has a PDC 7.


Big Bore 1

The first of the big bore series was essentially a 40mm grenade launcher modelled into a shotgun with a tube magazine, usually loaded with frag grenades or even shot versions of the 40mm grenades. This series was marked as a close combat weapon for the first series of combat cyborgs as they had the strength to carry the weapon easily and it gave them the feel of familiarity of having a weapon similar to what they used to use before being augmented.

Big Bore 1 (PL 5 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: varies
Critical: 20
Damage Type: varies
Range Increment: 70 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Large
Weight: 25 lbs
Ammo: 6 internal
Purchase DC: 20 (Mil +3)
Notes: Constructed strong enough, with the stock and barrel reinforced so that it can be used as a club, dealing 1d8 bludgeoning damage.

Big Bore 5
Following the success of the 2011 with augmented beings, Colt has released the Big Bore series. The Big Bore 5 is a large caliber revolver, in the 20mm range. The 20mm round is a shortened 20mm cannon round, allowing for great damage, but short range, and requiring great strength and usually a cybernetic arm to support the weight and the recoil from this monstrous round.
The Big Bore 5 is made from dense metal and uses advanced recoil suppression technology to aid in trying to reduce the recoil, but there is still quite a lot, making follow up shots more inaccurate if tried to made quickly. This weapon is seen mostly used by heavy cyborgs in urban or other situations where range isn't a major factor. Colt is also releasing variant ammunition, as the large caliber allows for more flexibility. The explosive rounds available are about as powerful as hand grenade with similar blast areas.

Big Bore 5 (Late PL5/PL 6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 4d10
Critical: 20x2
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 30 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Medium
Weight: 17 lbs
Ammo: 5 cylinder
Purchase DC: 20 (Res +2)
Notes: Anyone without exceptional strength, or a cybernetic arm, with strength rated at least 20, suffers -2 on any attacks after the first attack in a round, and suffers half the damage rolled in nonlethal damage on any attack made with the BB5. So a normal person, with Strength 18 to 20 will suffer half damage in nonlethal damage each time he fires the weapon, and his second attack suffers -2 to attack roll. While a person with a cybernetic limb of Strength 20, doesn't suffer the nonlethal damage or the attack penalty to his second attack due to the shock absorbers and gyros in the arm to keep it steady. A creature of medium size or smaller attacked by a BB5 must make a Strength check DC 10 + half damage dealt or be thrown back 1d4x5 feet and knocked prone.
When used to pistol whip someone, it deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage instead of the normal 1d4 for pistols for its heavier construction and larger size.
Ammunition: Box of 25 20mm rounds has a PDC 10.

Explosive Rounds: The high explosive rounds available for the BB5 deals 4d6 damage to a 20 foot radius with a Reflex save DC 15 for half damage. PDC 12 for box of 25.
Flechette Rounds: These rounds split open upon leaving the barrel, releasing dozens of razor sharp needles that spread out filling a large area. The flechette rounds deal 4d6 piercing and slashing damage to everything in a 60 foot long cone, Reflex save DC 18 for half damage. PDC 13 for box of 30.
Gyrojet Rounds: These rounds have miniature rockets that propel the round further. The range increment is increased to 55 feet, but damage is reduced to 4d8. PDC 13 for 25.

Big Bore 6

The Big Bore 6 is a M16 style rifle chambered in the same shortened 20mm as the Big Bore 5, as well as an upgraded version of the suppression system to allow for autofire. Due to its weight and recoil, this weapon can only be handled by those with enhanced strength, usually via cybernetics or those with extraordinary strength. Instead of a standard box magazine, it uses a large saddle style due to the large caliber.

Big Bore 6 (Late PL5/PL 6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 4d10
Critical: 20x2
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 80 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Large
Weight: 35 lbs
Ammo: 20 box
Purchase DC: 23 (Mil +3)
Notes: Anyone without exceptional strength, or a cybernetic arm, with strength rated at least 20, suffers -2 on any attacks after the first attack in a round, and suffers half the damage rolled in nonlethal damage on any attack made with the BB5. So a normal person, with Strength 18 to 20 will suffer half damage in nonlethal damage each time he fires the weapon, and his second attack suffers -2 to attack roll. While a person with a cybernetic limb of Strength 20, doesn't suffer the subdual damage or the attack penalty to his second attack due to the shock absorbers and gyros in the arm to keep it steady. A creature of medium size or smaller struck by a BB6 must make a Strength check DC 10 + half damage dealt or be thrown back 1d4x5 feet and knocked prone. On auto the DC is increased by +2. A Strength of 22 is required for full autofire or suffer an additional -2 penalty to attack, and suffer the full damage as nonlethal damage with less Strength.
When used to bludgeon someone, it deals 1d8 points of bludgeoning damage instead of the normal 1d6 for rifles for its heavier construction and larger size.
Ammunition: Box of 25 20mm rounds has a PDC 10.

Explosive Rounds: The high explosive rounds available for the BB6 deals 4d6 damage to a 20 foot radius with a Reflex save DC 15 for half damage. PDC 12 for box of 25.
Flechette Rounds: These rounds split open upon leaving the barrel, releasing dozens of razor sharp needles that spread out filling a large area. The flechette rounds deal 4d6 piercing and slashing damage to everything in a 60 foot long cone, Reflex save DC 18 for half damage. PDC 13 for box of 30.
Gyrojet Rounds: These rounds have miniature rockets that propel the round further. The range increment is increased to 120 feet, but damage is reduced to 4d8. PDC 13 for 25.

EIPP Weapons

After Colt's plasma explosive rounds research, they began researching electro-induced plasma propellant technology as an alternative to chemical propellants, especially with laser technology starting to become mainstream. This research would eventually lead to Colt's Rhino plasma rifle years later, however Colt would keep making ballistic weapons as they have more versatility over laser and plasma weapons.
EIPP technology gives a cleaner and more powerful explosion to propel the round. A liquid in the weapon is superheated to the point of becoming explosive plasma, which then drives the round out. EIPP weapons have a bit more damage and range over conventional chemical propellant rounds, plus with a variety of rounds available make them still useful for different purposes over energy weapons. These weapons require a power pack to ignite the liquid, which is also contained in the clip in many of the weapons to save on logistic concerns. Empty magazines are returned to the manufacturer or a licensed shop which has the equipment to reload and refill a magazine. A standard power pack will have enough power for about 200 rounds as not much liquid isn't needed to be turned into plasma to fire the round.
This system does make the weapons heavier, but Colt found that many clients find that a good heavy weapon seems to symbolize a powerful weapon. Also the additional weight helps to absorb some of the increased recoil.
Note: EIPP versions of ammunition has the PDC increased by +2.

Super 5 Shotgun (aka EEP)
The Super 5 shotgun is the first shotgun that Colt released using the EIPP technology. It is large and intimidating, partly due to the reinforced barrel and receiver to survive the heat of the plasma propellant. It comes in 12 gauge, however uses special cartridges instead other standard due to the plasma propellant, which does make them more expensive than standard 12 gauge, but Colt has made any currently available 12 gauge round also available for the Super 5.

Super 5 Shotgun (Early PL6/PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d8+3
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 50 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Large
Weight: 14
Ammo: 8 box, power pack 200
Purchase DC: 17 (Lic +1)
Notes: Requires a power pack which allows the weapon to fire 200 times, the liquid required is in the magazine.
Knockdown - Target must succeed a Fort DC 15 save or be knocked prone.

Officer's ACP 3
This is a modern upgrade to the old Officer's ACP concealed weapon for police and other undercover officers, using Colt's new EIPP. A small power pack is included in the magazine, but due to the liquid and battery in the magazine, the Officer's ACP has a lower round count than it's ancestor, but the increased power and range hopefully counters this one flaw.

Officer's ACP 3
Damage: 2d6+3
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 50 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Small
Weight: 3 lb.
Ammo: 6 box
Purchase DC: 15 (Res +2)
Notes: +2 to conceal the weapon. The magazine contains enough liquid and battery power to fire all the rounds in the magazine. To recharge and refill must be returned to a licensed dealer or the manufacturer.


GEWS328A3, aka Thumper

The General Electrics Weapon System 328A3 is a squad support weapon. Usually mounted on a waist support harness, but can also be mounted on a tripod or a vehicular turret mount. The Thumper as it's affectionately named, is a six barreled plasma weapon. Individually each barrel isn't too impressive, but the Thumper fires two barrels at once, one on each side, alternating between sets of two with each firing, keeping the barrels cooler on autofire. Another feature of the Thumper is the mini-rocket launcher that lines its center, adding a little extra THUMP in combat.
Featuring a second trigger for the rocket launcher, as long as the Thumper isn't firing on autofire, the user can fire a plasma burst, then a rocket, then back to plasma again or vice versa or in any combination.
The Thumper can make use of standard power packs, but uses two at once (drawing power from both, so when one shot is fired, one charge is pulled from both. On autofire 10 is used from both). The mini-rockets are loaded in from the top of the shroud surrounding the barrels. A rocket 'sleeve' can be used to quickly reload the rockets (acts as a speed loader holding 6 rockets, disintegrates as the rockets are fired), else it takes a move action to reload one rocket, so 2 rounds to fully reload the rockets individually.

GEWS328A3 (PL6/7 Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 4d10 plasma, varies rocket
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Fire (or whatever type for the plasma in your game), varies by rocket type
Range Increment: 80 ft, 150 rocket
Rate of Fire: S,A plasma, semi rocket
Size: Large, just barely under huge. 
Weight: 32 lbs
Ammo: 50 box plasma, 6 internal rocket
Purchase: PDC32 +3 Military
Has alternate weapon gadget for mini-rockets.
Has a port to allow connection to a power source, such as from a vehicle to power the plasma barrels instead of using normal power packs.

General Electric Pharmacueticals was experimenting with new forms of energy, such as biofuels and energy producting microbes. Taking some fungus with bioluminous powers, combining with DNA from electric eels, GEP has managed to create an organic source of power. The Regenerating Power System is about the size of a fridge, and produces enough power to power a couple dozen homes for year, or a MBT for 6 months of continuous nonstop use. The RePS needs about a litre of water and 1 kg (about two pounds) of a nutrient solution, which can be mixed into the water each day it's used. A RePS can last for 5 years if not used constantly, where the organic mass inside will go into a state of hypernation to allow it to not waste energy when not in use. After about 5 years, more organic material will have to be added and dead matter removed. This is easily done at any GEP storefront for about 11 PDC
Weight: 34 lbs
PDC: 16
Nutrient: 20 kg (approximately 45 lbs), PDC 11

The Regenerating Power Pack is a backpack sized portable version of the RePS. Provides enough power comparable to 5 gas powered portable generators of the past age. Can be used to power anything from a vehicle to weapons. Needs about 100 ml of water and 50 g of nutrient each day of use. Can last up to 5 years before needing to have organic material checked and changed. Can be done for PDC 8.
Weight: 12 lbs
PDC: 17

GE Smasher Ion Rifle
As many militaries went all gunho over lasers then plasma weapons, GE, after making profits on their Thumper squad support weapon, started researching into electric based weapons. Although they did make successful weapons, they didn't get the military contracts they wanted for their ion weapons, although several police agencies have bought large numbers due to the fact the ion weapons come with a stun module as a standard feature, and even though they are shorter ranged than most laser rifles, in urban settings, great range isn't necessary.
Smasher Ion Rifle (PL6/7 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 4d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Electricity
Range Increment: 60 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Large
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Ammo: 30 box
Purchase: 21 Res (+2)
Game Notes: Comes with stun module Fort DC 15 or be stunned for 1d4 rounds, on autofire mode, the user can gain the benefits of the Strafe feat

GE Stinger
The Stinger is the smaller brother to the Smasher ion rifle. Using a very simple, rounded body design to accommodate the insulating sleeve around the barrel, it has gained some popularity amongst police, security and many people for self defense purposes. The stinger also comes with stun module. In some areas the weapon is sold with the weapon locked in stun mode due to weapon laws which prohibit lethal weapons.
Stinger Ion Pistol (PL6/7 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 3d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Electricity
Range Increment: 20 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Small
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Ammo: 30 box
Purchase: 20 Res (+2)
Game Notes: Comes with stun module Fort DC 15 or be stunned for 1d4 rounds, on autofire mode, the user can gain the benefits of the Strafe feat. To meet laws that restrict lethal weapons, the Stinger can be locked in stun mode and deals only nonlethal damage, PDC is reduced to 17 and restriction to Licensed (+1)


Shocker Series
A departure for GE, the Shocker is a melee weapon that can also be powered up for more damage with high currents of electricity. The shocker also has the added bonus of sending a bolt of electricity to hit targets at a distance. Shockers are usually modeled after short or long swords, but daggers and other melee weapons are also available. To recharge the batteries, the weapon must be placed in the sheath and placed on a power dock which recharges the weapon in about 2 hours.

Shocker Short Sword (Simple Weapons Proficiency PL 6)
Damage: 1d6 unpowered add 1d6 when powered, 3d4 bolt
Critical: 19-20 x2, 20
Damage Type: piercing, powered is piercing and electrical, electrical for bolt
Range Increment: 20 ft for the bolt, maximum of 5 range increments.
Ammo: 10 minutes of continuous use, or 10 bolts (one bolt is worth 1 minute)
Size: Small
Weight: 3 lbs
Purchase DC: 12
Restriction: -
Game Note: Shooting the bolt is a little awkward and suffers a -1 penalty to attack.

Shocker Dagger (Simple Weapon Proficiency PL6)
Damage: 1d4, add 1d6 when powered, 3d4 bolt
Critical: 19-20 x2, 20
Damage Type: piercing, piercing plus electrical when powered, electrical for bolt
Range Increment: 10 ft for throwing the dagger, 10 ft for bolt, maximum of 5 range increments,
Ammo: 10 minutes of continuous use, or 10 bolts (one bolt is worth 1 minute)
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1 lbs
Purchase DC: 10
Restriction: -
Game Note: The dagger is easy to point and doesn't suffer any attack penalties when firing the electrical bolt.

Shocker Longsword (Simple Weapon Proficiency PL6)
Damage: 1d8, add 2d4 when powered, 4d4 bolt
Critical: 19-20 x2, 20
Damage Type: slashing, slashing and electrical when powered, electrical for bolt
Range Increment: 25 ft for electrical bolt, max of 5 range increments
Ammo: 20 minutes of continuous use, or 20 bolts (one bolt is worth 1 minute)
Size: Large
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Purchase DC: 15
Restriction: -
Game Note: Aiming the sword to fire the bolt is awkward and suffers a -2 to attack rolls.

Shock Gloves
Shock gloves are a new development from General Electric's weapons department, expanding from the shocker series of melee weapons. Shock gloves are padded, insulated and slightly armoured gloves, similar to gauntlets, with the knuckles that are reinforced and padded to protect the user's hands in unarmed combat. These gloves, when they strike a surface, they emit a large electric discharge. What makes these different from GE's shocker series of weapons, besides the lack of ranged discharge, is that they do not require any power source. They work on a greatly enhanced version of piezoelectricity, where specially grown crystals, when put under physical stress, emit an electrical charge, which is then transmitted through a series of super conductors and transformers, then finally to the emitters in the knuckles.
Shock Gloves (PL6 Simple Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: +1 plus 1d4 electrical
Critical: 20, x2
Damage Type: bludgeoning plus electrical
Range Increment: melee
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1 lb
Purchase DC: 10
Restriction: -
Game Note: If used by a character with the Brawl feat, shock gloves increase the base damage dealt by an unarmed strike by +1, this is in addition to the +1 granted by the shock gloves, and unarmed strikes deal lethal damage. Weight and cost is for a single glove.

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