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(KS) Underworld Races & Classes for 5th Edition and Pathfinder

The Underworld Races & Classes tome for 5th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (two separate books) includes devious drow, deep mining svirfneblin, psychedelic funglets, beautiful, semi-crystalline colliatur and more: a total of 14 new races and over 25 classes clocking in at 250+ pages!

In 2014 AAW Games released the ENnie Award nominated Rise of the Drow mega-adventure along with various source books, injecting a huge dose of the wonder of spelunking back into the deep realms of the games we all know and love.

Critical acclaim and fan demand prompted the creation of individual books, featuring new races and classes born from the darkness and alien splendor of the caves below as well as detailed notes on the cultures and histories of these proud people.

The frontier of the deep, its black horizons with their phosphorescent lights, deserves unique heroes and villains to populate the crystal-studded caverns, black subterranean lakes and mushroom jungles.

Using feedback obtained from numerous fans, play-testers, and reviewers we have completely revised and expanded upon all of our races & classes and combined them into one rock-solid volume for each system, suitable as darker, weirder and more insidious companions to your Pathfinder RPG and 5th Edition core books.
Beyond a ton of revised material, this book features new races and classes as well: The profane apex predators of the realms below, the crocodile-like kraidyl are waiting right here to take a bite out of your foes.

Slicing enemies to ribbons with long, crystalline filaments and lethal, retractable claws, the colliatur reavers are calm centers in the carnage, as the legions of the undead fall around them, as the mirthful mariachis of the cheerful quasi-undead dødelig halflings sing battle-hymn masterpieces while peppering their foes with hot lead shot from their instruments.

You know you want to get in the saddle of that svirfneblin riding slug and explore the fragile, yet gorgeous Amber Roads, even if that quipping, not-so-friendly web-slinging drow is waiting just around the corner!

This tome will include everything you need to create and play new and exciting races from the caverns of the world below. The pages will include new classes, archetypes, origins, and domains.

14 Underworld Races

· Ahoolings, nefarious bat-people of the underworld
· Colliatur, crystal-infused champions of life
· Dødelig, friendly dias de los muertos-style undead halflings
· Draaki, the fallen dragonkin of the dark
· Drow, the insidious matriarchal rulers of the underworld
· Dvergr (dwarf), first of the dwarven races, master sappers
· Dweorg (dwarf), the legendary smiths
· Funglet, the enigmatic fungus-folk
· Gitwerc (dwarf), masters of the infernal regions of Hel
· Hoyrall, multi-armed insectoid interlopers from the realms beyond
· Kraidyl, the profane crocodile-like race of heretic predators
· Svirfneblin, the brilliant scientists of the realms below
· Vestraadi, alien and blind, seeing the world with their unique sonar
· Zwerc (dwarf), isolationist and fey, redefining what 'dwarf' means

25+ Underworld Classes
· Iron Singer - Screech foes apart with lethal sonic blasts. (Ahool)
· Ahool Keener - Emulate or channel the deadly scream of the ahool. (General/Ahool)
· Crystal Cannonade - Fuse crossbows with your crystalline arms and snipe the undead. (Colliatur)
· Colliatur Reaver (+Pathfinder Unchained version) - Wolverine-like claws + crystalline piano-wire-like filaments at range. (Colliatur)
· Day Rambler - The daywalker undead halfling. (Dødelig)
· Mirthful Mariachi - Universal instrument spell-less masterpiece specialist bard/gunslinger. (Dødelig)
· Wyrmblooded - Unleash the full potential of draaki power. (Draaki)
· Master of the Web - Spider-themed monk tradition that can grow arms and use webs...not so neighborhood-friendly. (Drow)
· Mistress of the Web - The perfect deceiver/manipulator (Drow)
· Dour Destroyer - Antipaladin of entropy with an intelligent, magic item consuming weapon and an aura that breaks foes...and their tools. (Dvergr)
· Underminer - Dire badger-riding knight that can erupt from below. (Dvergr)
· Undergineer -Explosives master with an eternal boomstick. (Dvergr)
· Fortune's Smith - Traveling smith that bestows luck on those that wear his crafted items. (Dweorg)
· Smithkin - Military field craftsman. (Dweorg)
· Fungal Hulk (+Pathfinder Unchained version) - Swamp Thing-like as a mushroom-person; leaves a trail of spores when enraged. (Funglet)
· Psilocybist - Throw deadly, exploding mushroom caps and cast far-out spells. (Funglet/General)
· Underterror - Mutating, shape-shifting horror (Gitwerc)
· Hel Savant - Slightly less mutating shape-shifting horror...with an emphasis on the powers of Hel. (Gitwerc)
· Soul Burner - Make soul-candles from foes and burn them; control when spells set off. (Gitwerc)
· Hoyrall Shredder - Unique offense/defense melee fighter that uses four arms to full effect. (Hoyrall)
· Siktauryi Specialist - Shoot foes with an unique symbiote that digests and converts poison. (Hoyrall)
· Primordial Predator - Apex predator crocodile-style savage (Kraidyl)
· Gemcaster - Metamagic specialist utilizing gems. (Svirfneblin/General)
· Svirf Scientist - Who needs magic when you can use SCIENCE? (Svirfneblin)
· Vestraadi Argus - The ultimate blind watchman/spy. Eyes are are overrated. (Vestraadi)
· Stonespeaker - Call the earth to evaporate foes. (General/Zwerc)
· Blind Duelist - Blind warrior, nigh unstoppable in duels. (Vestraadi)

Underworld Races & Classes is running on Kickstarter until Friday 28th April.

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