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[KS] Warstages: The Gothic Cathedral (Epic Wargame/RPG Scenery)


Hi Gang,

Loud 'N Raging just (Toughest Girls of the Galaxy minis) just launched a terrain Kickstarter.
It creates a big Gothic Cathedral, with pieces where you can make it more Sci-Fi.


Warning: There will be sticker shock.
They have 4 pledge levels (S, M, L, and XL)
As the funding goes up, more Stretch Goals are unlocked, as well as Add-Ons.

1. The art looks fantastic
2. All the pieces are modular
3. If this gets big (like their last 2 minis campaigns), the sets will really expand in value

1. The campaign is only for 7 days
2. In the past, Loud 'n Raging has been LATE on Delivery (with minis, though quality is superb)
3. The material is made of "1.8mm thick high-quality super-dense coated colour-printed pre-punched cardboard". This is my biggest concern as the pieces attach with clips. I am worried that over time, the cardboard will get creases in it or fray from lots of clip use.

I grabbed an Early Bird pledge just to see where this goes, but am not fully committed to keeping it yet.

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