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Kulan: Knightfall's Aerie of the Crow God Game [IC]

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World of Kulan DM
Maur looked down into the chasm and under the bridges sides. His darkvision pierces the gloom to almost 100 feet in depth as he looks for traces of other vermin or the bottom of the charm.

As they approach the temple and he listama to the description of group easier encounter Maur considers...
"If it is undead, I should be able to. Depending on what it is exactly. And given your description, if it is in an evil temple it might be waste of power to try."

He taps his helm with the gauntlet, making kind of soft ping-ping sound that nevertheless deafens him for the moment.

"If it is chained, we could maybe destroy it from afar? But the cultist are either afraid of it or they prepared something for you given the changes here. I think we should secure the area first."

"A good idea," Timmins replies. "I'd hate to wander into a pit or be caught off-guard by a monster or these cultists.

"If we cannot defeat the thing and whatever else awaits us in there...I can temporarily consecrate the space. It will penalize the creature whatever is inside."
While examining the room and its entryway, as well as the door with the creature behind it, Maur spots a light coming from down the corridor. The light emanates out from the stairwell that Aureus noted on her map.

”Chains,” Caerth mutters uncertainly. His eyes scan the room, and he growls softly as the dwarf distracts his hearing with the thumping of his helmet.

OOC: Spot: 1D20+8 = [14]+8 = 22
Listen: 1D20+8 = [3]+8 = 11

Edit: Spot should be +9, so 23 total. Listen check failed.
While examining what has changed in the room, Caerth manages to barely hear voices echoing through the corridor outside the room. The language isn't Common or any other language understands, however. He sees the same light (which is getting brighter) that draws Maur out to the doorway of the room.

Phar holds his bow ready and focuses his eyes and ears on the room tuning out the distractions of his fellow adventurers.

Spot and Listen checks: 1D20+10 = [8]+10 = 18
1D20+4 = [17]+4 = 21
Phar easily hears the voices out in the corridor with his sharp senses, but he cannot understand the words being spoken. There is something eerie to the language. He can also hear footfalls on stone of what could be as many as a dozen men climbing up steps, although the sound seems to echo from afar. A dim light appears from outside the doorway and grows brighter, as the footfalls begin to echo louder in Phar's ears.

"How many?" Aureus whispers to Maur.

As the humanoids appear one by one from the stairwell, Maur counts as many as six. They don't seem to notice Maur but they are on high alert with their weapons, maces, and shields ready. Maur can tell the humans are definitely votaries to an evil cult. The symbol on the tabards covering their chainmail is emblazoned with a fiendish crow-like visage. One of them carries a torch with his shield slung on his back.

"Kyye hafr yhyw aeyl! Tarrak, sudd wcul afz muvyw uo sy dyz pary ulzrfvyrw oulv zmyur sih vasl myry," the first cultist to appear says to the others.

OOC: The cultists don't see the group or their light at the moment. The PCs and Aureus have surprise but not the other NPCs. Roll initiative.
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World of Kulan DM
Caerth does not hesitate as he nocks an arrow to his massive bow and lets fly, easily hitting one of the cultists in the shoulder.

Such a vile cult conjuring unnatural fiends should be eradicated completely if one is to save the natural world.

OOC: Shooting an arrow at the closest cultist.
Bow: 1D20+10 = [5]+10 = 15
1D8+5 = [1]+5 = 6

The arrow rings off the man's chainmail but does not penetrate it. It is a lucky break for the villain. The man looks at his shoulder and then down the corridor towards Caerth. He looks dumbfounded to see the half-orc druid there.


World of Kulan DM
The Elf called upon his magic, intoning words of power and moving his lithe long fingers in gestures almost too fast to follow. He ended with a throwing motion and a small glowing coal flew from his hand out to the group of cultist where it erupted in fire, the heat rolling back toward the party.

Fireball: 7D6 = [5, 1, 3, 1, 6, 1, 1] = 18
The fireball erupts in the corridor, just behind the cultists, at the farthest point that Phar can see. The flames engulf the cultists and fill the entire corridor and stairwell. The flames rush towards where Phar and the others are standing. the flames lick at Maur's shield and Caerth's boots but luckily they are not caught in the blast.

OOC: The PCs should probably have to save since the corridor is so narrow and a fireball spell will fill the entire space it can fill. But, I decided against it, this time.

Saves for Cultists: 1d20+4=14 (failed); 1d20+4=20 (saved); 1d20+4=8 (failed); 1d20+4=22 (saved); 1d20+4=11 (failed); 1d20+4=20 (saved)


World of Kulan DM
Quinn follows up on Phar's fireball with a shot from his composite longbow. He takes aim at the closest cultist and lets loose an arrow that finds its mark. The arrowhead digs deep into the cultists stomach and the man clutches at the wound, clearly in agony. The cultist looks ready to collapse but stays on his feet.

"Get them!" He shouts in common before pointing at one of his underlings. "You, go get the others! Sound the alarm!"

OOC: Quinn: Composite Longbow > 1d20+11=27 (hit); Damage > 1d8+5=7.


World of Kulan DM
Timmins holds the entrance to the room and orders the youngsters to wait. "We need to let the others advance first before we back them up. Be ready for anything," he says to Meridith and Brutus who both look ready to rush out into the corridor." The veteran warrior nods to Caerth and Quinn. He turns to do the same to Aureus but the hutaakan rogue has disappeared into the shadows and slipped out into the corridor.

"Where'd she go?" He muses to himself.

In the corridor, the cultist with the arrow in his gut grimaces as he plucks it from his body. "Heal us!" He orders the other cultists. Three of them incant healing magics with two of them targeting the leader and the third himself.

The leader casts his own magic, mumbling in a divine tongue. A red flash appears around the man before dissipating. He shouts at the trailing cultist holding the torch. I said go get the others! We will hold them here!"

The man nods and rushes down the stairs and out of sight. You can hear him yelling out in the same language they were speaking before.

The last of the cultists licks his wounds and casts a spell. Once is words are finished a cacophony of sound bursts out around those gathered in the corridor, as well as Timmins in the doorway. The ear piercing noise rattles teeth and bones. The noise stops Aureus in her tracks and she howls as it penetrates deep into her senses. She can only stand motionless as her head is wracked in pain.

OOC: Cultists (x3): Cure Moderate Wounds > 2d8+4=10, 2d8+4=17, 2d8+4=10
Cultist Leader: PCs can use Spellcraft to determine the spell he just cast.
Cultist: Sound Burst (Sonic Damage) > 1d8=3, Aureus, Caerth, Maur, Phar, and Quinn must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or be stunned for 1 round.
Aureus: Fortitude Save > 1d20+5=9 (failed) | Stunned!
Timmins: Fortitude Save > 1d20+6=16 (saved)
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Caerth curses under his breath as he draws another arrow, and is about to say something when the burst of noise seems to erupt right next to his ears.

With a growl, the half-orc drops the arrow and instinctively covers his ears, his massive bow bumping into the side of his head awkwardly.

OOC: Fortitude: 1D20+8 = [5]+8 = 13

So Caerth is stunned for this round.

HP 55/58


World of Kulan DM
Meridith pushes past Timmins after hearing Aureus howl. She sets her crossbow and fires and the cultist leader while standing next to Caerth. The bolt flies true and sinks into the man's side. "I'll cover you," she says to Caerth, not realizing his state.

OOC: Meridith: Light Crossbow > 1d20+6=23 (hit), Damage > 1d8=4


World of Kulan DM
Quinten sees both Caerth and Phar succumb to the sound burst and he balks. Timmins curses quietly and nods to Gareth. The two old warriors move into the corridor in unison. Gareth takes the lead into the corridor; he comes to a stop next to Maur and fires his crossbow at the lead cultist but the man blocks it with his shield. Timmins enters the fray and charges the cultist next to the leader. His blade finds the mark but it barely makes a scratch.

OOC: Gareth: Light Crossbow > 1d20+5=15 (miss)
Timmins: Longsword (w/charge [+2 to hit, -2 AC]) > 1d20+9=19 (hit), Damage > 1d8+1=2


World of Kulan DM
AC: 20 (due to charge)
HP: 75/75

Maur comes out, calls out...
"Nu, villains. Heave to!"
... and charges out

The crunch of his weapon meeting the foremost cultist echoes in the cavern.

Charge and attack if he can move far enough
Charge; damage: 1D20+15 = [9]+15 = 24; 1D8+7 = [7]+7 = 14

Just move and cast bless, ready an attack if he cannot charge
The cultist is completely unprepared for the onslaught. Maur's warhammer dents the man's shield and batters his arm and shoulder. His eyes go wide and he shouts to the others. "Get up here and protect me!"

"Protect yourself," one of the healers mocks. "If you die, one of us will take your place."


World of Kulan DM
Quinten finally gets his head on straight and he exits the room into the corridor. He takes up a position behind the others and takes aim with his bow, making sure not to hit Timmins or Maur. His shot goes high and breaks on the stone ceiling.

Brutus follows Timmins lead and moves towards the cultists. He notes that there isn't room for him in the fray, so he stops short to throw his spear at one of the cultists closer to the stairs. However, he misjudges his footing and falls down on the stone floor. His spear snaps in half against the corridor wall.

Wieland follows Quinten's lead with nearly the same results. His bow shot comes closer but still skids along the stone wall next to Maur and the lead cultist.

Quinn unfurls his spiked chain and rushes into the corridor. He takes up a position behind Timmins and slashes over his allies head at the cultist in front of him. The chain slices past the man's shield and clips the cultist's chest. The spikes dent in the foe's armor.

OOC: Quinten: Shortbow (-4 for firing into melee) > 1d20+4=10 (miss)
Brutus: Spear (thrown) > 1d20+7=8 (miss) 🤦‍♂️
Wieland: Shortbow (-4 for firing into melee) > 1d20+3=16 (miss)
Quinn: Spiked chain > 1d20+15=21 (hit), Damage > 2d4+7=10

End of Round One


World of Kulan DM
Aureus's ears finally stop ringing. She rights herself and decides to retreat back to where Maur had been standing a moment ago. She readies her composite longbow and takes aim at the cultist leader, hoping that if he falls the others might retreat. She aims carefully, so that she doesn't hit Maur. She misjudges the moisture on her fingers and the bow slips from her hands onto the floor and the arrow snaps in half. She curses her bad luck.

The cultist leader casts on the defensive, trying to keep Maur off him, but he misjudges his words and the spell fizzles. He steps back five feet from the dwarf, clearly rattled. The other cultist next to him slams his mace against Timmins shoulder, jarring the old warrior's bones.

"You will fall!" He boasts.

The cultists behind the others all cast spells. The first utters a bane spell. The second utters a cause fear spell targeting Maur (who is immune). The third heals himself.

OOC: Round Two
Composite Longbow (-4 for firing into melee) > 1d20+9=10 (miss) 🤦‍♂️ :rolleyes:
Cultist Leader: Casts Inflict Moderate Wounds on Maur (defensively) -- Concentration check [DC 17] > 1d20+6=10 (fails, loses spell)
Cultist fighting Timmins: Heavy Mace > 1d20+4=20 (hit), Damage > 1d8+1=8
Cultist: Bane > All within 50 ft. (-1 to attacks, -1 vs. fear effects) | Will save negates (DC 14)
Cultist: Cause Fear vs. Maur > Maur is immune since he has more than 6 HD.
Cultist: Cure Moderate Wounds > 2d8+4=11


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: And once again, I cannot fail DC 14 (but rolled 29 anyway) - should I roll? Does 1 always fail for saves?
AC: 24 (no charge penalties and +2 from not moving this round)
HP: 75/75

As Maur stops at the end of his charge and settles in the battle stance, the plates of his armor slide and click, locking their edges and closing small openings normally left between the plates.

He swings the hammer twice, connecting once and undoing any healing the patrol leader received.
"You lot, run away before my companions wake up. You cannot harm me. Nu! Run!"



the magical equivalent to the number zero
Caerth growls as his ears stop ringing enough to focus again, and the half-orc's concentration is enough to prevent the bane spell from taking hold of him.

Narrowing his eyes, the druid mutters a few sylvan words and motions for a creature from the very earth itself to come forward, preferably behind the cultists of an evil air demon.

OOC: Will save: 1D20+9 = [14]+9 = 23 (saved)

Spontanious casting Summon Nature's Ally IV (instead of Scrying) in order to summon a medium earth elemental behind the cultists.

HP 55/58

Spells prepared:
Level 0: (6) create water (x2), detect magic, detect poison, purify food and drink, read magic
Level 1: (5) cure light wounds (x2), entangle, speak with animals, obscuring mist
Level 2: (4) lesser restoration, barkskin, gust of wind, warp wood
Level 3: (4) call lightning, cure moderate wounds, plant growth, dominate animal
Level 4: (3) scrying, ice storm {I guess I prepared 1 too few of level 4. So I'll add another version or ice storm}