Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [IC]


World of Kulan DM
Authority Figures: Her Ladyship, Elisabeth Pendour (female human); Lady Melantha Pendour (female human); The Guardian, Sir Ghalib "Ghal" Ebal (male human); Sir Gareth Porthglaze, sheriff (male human); Elijah Wortham, semi-retired soldier (male human); and Raius Bellath, guard (male elvenblooded human).

Other Local Characters: Aeron, local healer (male human); Ailward Stepney, Sir Ghal's page (male human); Dorn Unger, Mabron's apprentice (male human); Gangrell Jag, scribe (male catfolk); Mabron Bronzethegn, blacksmith (male dwarf); Brutus Wruck, guard initiate (male half-ogre); Maggie Porthglaze, Sir Gareth's wife (female human); Marabelle, head cook at Pendour Manor (female human); Meridith Bowen, ranger (female human); Ol' Timmins Walmsley, retired guard (male human); Quintin Mohren, wharf keeper (male human); Rosemergy, owner of the Gurnard's Arms (female halfling); Shamus Taggart, weaver (male human); Wieland Bowen, retired guard (male human); Wilbur Anthonyson, fisher (male human).

Stats: Conventional/Nonstandard; AL LN; 100 gp limit; Assets 1,900 gp; Population (needs to be updated); Mixed (79% human, 9% halfling, 5% dwarf, 3% half-elf, 2% cat races, 1% half-orc, 1% other races).

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World of Kulan DM
OOC: You all can now post a PC introduction if you want. The party is just outside of Carnell heading west towards Gurnard's Head. It is raining with a strong wind.


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Lorien held down his hood as a gust of wind blew rain on his face. Even soaked he managed to look like a noble he was. The silvery hair and piercing green eyes shined from beneath the hood and he tried to keep the spirits up by humming to a soothing tune. With a flick of a wrist he could have conjured an instrument to play, but the rain would have just ruined his performance, and he hated nothing more than playing poorly.

He took a look around the group and looked back on how he had come to know such individuals.

There was the other elf from his homeland, Sheyla. Faithfull of Corellon no less. That's all Lorien really knew of her, and he didn't even know wether she knew he was of noble house or not. It didn't matter, it felt good to have someone from home to talk to. He hadn't been back to Silverleaf for over a decade.

Then there was the barbarian from the north. He was from a tribe allied to the elves Lorien had spent nearly two decades with. It made him feel safe, for they were fierce warriors.

The druid seemed a bit strange, but Lorien appreciated his knowledge of the wilds.

And lastly the gladiator they had picked up recently. Lorien hadn't yet made up his mind of this human.

So he trudged along, the weather weighing down his mood, but confident that they were going to succeed on their task.


First Post

As the rain started, Sheyla had put her weapons and some other equipment into her backpack, to keep them dry. Even though, the weapons are much longer than the small backpack, they vanished entirely within. Magical with no doubt. The flames flickering around her wrist were unimpressed by the rain, another obviously magical effect, but that was clear even before the rain had started.

Judging from her weaponry and armour, one would easily mistake her for a warrior or a ranger, the quite typically elven dress pointing more to the latter, but during the travels it quickly becomes obvious, that she is, in fact, a cleric. Every morning, when the dawn breaks, she sits down in meditation and prayer to Corellon, whose symbol she wears with pride.

Having seen a few dangers in her adult life already, Sheyla has become watchful and vigilant, even now, that they are approaching the village of Carnell, her emerald eyes are scanning the vincinity.

The hood from her cloak drawn over her head, she holds on to it with her right hand, when another gust of wind blows over the fields.

“The settlement is a welcome sight. A few walls and a rooftop will do wonders against the wind and the rain.”


First Post
Halmar the Unseen

The tall barbarian drew his enchanted cloak tighter around himself as the rain and wind picked up, trying, unsuccessfully to keep the rain off him. Halmar had been traveling a long time and a great distance from his tribe in order to prove himself worthy to lead his tribe. The barbarian had only heard of the skill and grace of the elves from the elders of the clan, but after spending time with his companions, Halmar thought the tales were understated.

He leaned his head back and felt the cool rain fall onto his rough face, his long hair, normally wild and unkempt, sat flattened against his head. Halmar had been trained to be nearly as silent as the elves, and even been gifted some items that assisted him keep out of sight. The human carried a large greataxe at his side, its haft nearly dragging on the ground, and a longbow across his back. Halmar's most prized possession lie hidden under his cloak, the mithril breastplate was as light as a simple chain shirt and didn't impede his movements in any way. His father had given Halmar the treasured heirloom from their family before he left on his quest.

Turning his thoughts to the situation at hand, Halmar looked upon the settlement and at Sheyla's words he turned and smiled. "I must agree with you on that, it would do well to have a few moments of rest and a warm meal.
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World of Kulan DM
If you hadn't been searching for the thorp of Carnell, you might have missed it in the rain and wind.

The rumor was that a noble lady named Elisabeth Pendour needed help to find some sort of family heirloom, a key of some sort. Something that that was lost when her husband died suddenly.

The barman of The Wet Whistle (named Keth) in the town of Kells, to the northeast, had told you that the Lord Pendour had been a soldier or perhaps even an adventurer. Keth had recommended that you travel to Carnell and seek out a man named Sir Gareth Porthglaze, the small community's sheriff. Porthglaze would be able to introduce you to Lady Pendour.

Keth also recommended an inn/tavern called Gurnard's Arms. He said to ask for a woman named Rosemergy.

Dark clouds are gathering overhead. Lightning flashes in the sky above and the blowing rain turns to a driving torrent of sleet in the late afternoon Spring air.
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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
As they get to the village Lorien looks at the sign of the tavern and smiles. Now this was his stage. The local gathering place where knowledge was free if you knew how to ask, and where people were always delighted to hear a good tale or listen to some music.
Well. Shall we get our cloaks dried and see if we can find this Sir Porthglaze? If he's anything like the other constables of these country villages, he'll propably be at the tavern warming by the fire.


First Post
Halmar will follow the lead of the elf, having long since learned to trust his instincts in matters of dealing with people. Halmar was always uncomfortable dealing with the Southerners, and was usually too blunt for their liking, a trait respected amongst his people. However the idea of the warm fire overcame any misgivings about entering the town and the tall barbarian nods to Lorien.

Dog Moon

Reneg squints through the hazy rain, seeing the village in the distance. All these Druid spells he has, he thinks, and there isn't one to make him travel through rain as if it wasn't there. He didn't think that spell would be particularly difficult to learn, especially for him...

Oh well, there was nothing he could do about that now. That crazy old shaman who lived alone in the hut atop the hill had told them he would find his girlfriend in time, but only if he joined with the first group of travelers he encountered, which happened to be these people. They seemed alright, at least, except maybe the Bard. He always seemed to be making strange noises and talking a lot. At least the Bard seemed to appreciate his knowledge of the woods. That was something. As they approached the small village, Reneg realized he could probably appreciate the Bard in return very shortly. If the Bard could deal with people that meant he, Reneg, did not have to.

"Let's go, Broo," he says, patting the horse's neck gently. "We may be heading towards city-folk, but at least it'll be dry."

OOC: Sorry about the delay, I totally missed the creation of the in campaign thread until this morning.


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