Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [IC]


World of Kulan DM
"I got us into this. Now to resolve this before that caster " thinks Rockhorn as he releases his lance in its holder, useless in this cramped quarters. He urges Spritewing to attack.
"Get him! I'm changing weapons."

Spritewing rears back and crashes back onto the loyalist who hurt his rider. Bite following it snaps in the air as the cultist is driven back by flailing hooves.

Rockhorn draws the axe, preparing to attack.
The Loyalist quickly raises his shield and blocks Spritewing's kicks and the follow up bite. The man is steady on his feet and seems to be a seasoned warrior. Either that, or he is well protected by magic.

A moment after Akos materializes by the genie, the thug on the floor brought back from the brink of death by the bugbear cleric's magic begins scanning the floor around him for his weapons. As he spots his sword, he notices the Loremaster's arrival behind the genie.

"Careful!" He calls out to his fellow Loyalists. "The fey cleric is behind us! He's by the genie!"

"Blast! How'd he get over there? Isn't this room warded against teleportation?" The soldier protecting himself from Tim says out loud.

"Perhaps not," the bugbear says. He looks back over his shoulder towards where Akos is standing. "But, no matter, I see him." He looks at the thug still on the ground. "Get up. gather your weapons. Get into the fight."

The thug nods.

"Mitrik. Redcap. You are with me. Get up close and personal with the Loremaster. Keep him distracted if you can," the cleric orders. "Parch. Keep your soldiers on the others. Don't let up and guard yourselves from the knight."

The thug next to Vincenzo stabs the Sectarian once with his poisoned dagger and then tumbles away towards the other side of the room. The other thug tumbles away from Custodio without attacking the Vanquisher cleric. Both are soon within 20 feet of the Loremaster, their shortsword and daggers in hand.

Akos notes that neither of them is wielding a cold iron blade... that he can see.

"More healing, cleric!" The Loyalist wounded by Tim pleads.

"You complain like an old man, Reyson. You will fight for your Master, and pray I don't tell him of your cowardice. Do not back away from the knight again!"

OOC: Brelish Thug - Poisoned Dagger vs Vinny: 1D20+10 = [17]+10 = 27 (hit)
1D6+2 = [3]+2 = 5
@ScottDeWar_jr, that's 5 points of damage to Vinny, and I need a DC 17 Fortitude saving throw. If he fails the save, he is automatically drained of 1 point of Strength.

Brelish SF Thugs - DC 17 Tumble checks (half speed movement):
1D20+13 = [12]+13 = 25 (success; move [15 ft.])
1D20+13 = [14]+13 = 27 (success; double move [30 ft.])

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Aust Thale

Upon making contact with the Construct, he mentally asks the construct: “How?” He recalls a number of facets regarding their 1st encounter with the portal room and the subsequent interrogation of loyalists. Almost as immediately, he whispers a command word in Draconic (edit in progress), clicking his right heel and crouching simultaneously.
With a “bamf” of air rushing to fill where he was crouching, he appears immediately to the east (right side) between the genie and the altar, facing the alter and touching with his left hand. (Boot of Dimension Stride 40’; 3 charges). Telepathically, he asks the construct whether it can heal the genie or allow Falen to act in the Knight’s stead.
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World of Kulan DM
Upon making contact with the Construct, he mentally asks the construct: “How?” He recalls a number of facets regarding their 1st encounter with the portal room and the subsequent interrogation of loyalists. Almost as immediately, he whispers a command word in Draconic (edit in progress), clicking his right heel and crouching simultaneously.
With a “bamf” of air rushing to fill where he was crouching, he appears immediately to the east (right side) between the genie and the altar, facing the alter and touching with his left hand. (Boot of Dimension Stride 40’; 3 charges). Telepathically, he asks the construct whether it can heal the genie or allow Falen to act in the Knight’s stead.
"The portal feeds off me, and the djinni," the construct replies telepathically. "It is a strong dark magic, but not completely infallible." Falen senses that the construct is fighting to mentally speak to him through the dampening power of the portal. "An alienist... yes... yes, you are aware of him. He has corrupted this sacred place."

A magical barrier seems to block the metal link for a second, but the psionic altar latches onto Falen's mindsight and holds on, tight. It makes the half-hobgoblin's head ache. "Forgive me, it is hard to stay in contact. The portal gains its power from the darkness beyond the ceiling. No, no! Don't focus on it! That is a gateway to the Unseen Abyss, what some call the Far Realm. The view is eonic, but still very dangerous."

"I cannot free her... what was her name again, its been so long, I for- Wait! Yes, Eeldai. And, cannot heal her. The portal prevents my abilities... I can only speak to you because of your mind. I'm sorry if it hurts. I cannot do anything about that. But you are best chance I, she, we all have to be free of the alienist."
The construct's mind tries to expand, but the magic of the portal blocks its attempt to reach out to the other Exemplars. "You, and your companions."

"The portal can be... refocused... away... from this room,"
the construct says. "I will try to help you as I did with the knight, although he didn't know that I was helping him. He cannot sense my presence. His mind is unknowable, yet, I was able to grant him a part of my essence, through the portal, to allow him to do so. It causes him pain. Sometimes great pain. But your mind is open, stronger, the dark magic should hurt you less, if at all."

Falen's mind is flooded with knowledge of how to refocus the portal. The mental energy is nearly overwhelming, but the half-hobgoblin gets a clear picture in his head. If he can properly manipulate the altar's... controls..? That seems to be the right word, then the portal will refocus to another part of labyrinth. Then... Falen's mind is flooded with a map of the labyrinth! The underground planar realm is a lot larger than just the corridor and this room! Multiple levels! Traps! Dangers!

It's Too Much All At Once!

The mental map fades away. The altar pulls back its mind from Falen's. "Sorry, sorry, are you all right, mindbender?"

OOC: @Aust Thale, roll a DC 20 Will saving throw. If Falen fails the throw, he takes 1d4 points of nonlethal damage from the power of the altar's psionic mind. A successful save negates the damage.

To refocus the portal to another part of the labyrinth, Falen must make a DC 20 Use Magic Device check. He takes a -2 penalty due to the dark arcane magic used to create the portal. Refocusing the portal automatically causes 1d6 points of nolethal damage (no save)... even if the check is successful. However, if Falen fails the check by 10 or more (a mishap), he takes 2d6 points of (untyped) magical damage instead.

If Falen succeeds on the check, the portal will refocus to another (random) location in the labyrinth. Anyone looking through the portal will be able to see that location clearly, but no one can step through to that room. The portal is still only a one-way portal from Phelix's planar enclave. If the alienist tries to send any more loyalists through the portal, they will end up in that location instead of in the portal room. The portal will remain refocused for 1 hour (labyrinth time).

Any healing magic that comes into contact with the portal heals the genie. Trying to heal her through the magic circle is impossible.

More details in the spoiler below.

Falen could try to force the portal to shift elsewhere in labyrinth, but it a lot more dangerous for him to do so. The DC is 40, and Falen would automatically take 2d6 points of nonlethal damage or 4d6 points of magical damage on a mishap. On a Natural 1, Falen takes 8d6 points of magical damage.

While Phelix's portal would still remain tied to the portal room, the Renegade would lose access to the room for an hour (labyrinth time). This would temporarily free the construct, but not the djinni (see below). Note that damaging the floor where the teleportation circle is etched into the floor will set off a magical trap. The trap will also go off if anyone kills the psionic construct.

The djinni (named Eeldai) was trapped in the Teleportation Circle of the Ancients long before Phelix discovered the labyrinth. The unique teleportation circle also acts as a magic circle against good. The genie is also under the effect of a dimensional anchor spell and, of course, temporal stasis. She was trapped in the teleportation circle centuries ago by a evil 20th-level sorcerer named Sansal Akalin. (DC 31 to dispel the magic spells.)

You may roll Knowledge checks to have Falen try to make sense of all the mental knowledge that the construct (living altar) dumped into his head. The checks have a -2 circumstance penalty due to the overwhelming psionic energy forced into Falen mind. However, if you failed the Will saving throw, the checks are at -4.

Aust Thale

This moment is unique in Falen’s adventures, and perhaps even his life. He’d always been deeply fond of his own innate grasp and understanding of languages, and not simply for eavesdropping, studying magic, keeping his identity, or the occasional cocktail party he found himself attending in search of the stray bauble or secret. He liked being able to share a meal with another, and perhaps gain a friend. He looked at the altar and saw a reflection in the shine on it. Scars. Between the magic and his concentration, his magical hat no longer held his concentration, and the scar on his lip, his right cheek, and his hairline stared back at him before he shook himself and the illusion reset. He had far more scars than friends, not to mention family.

This new telepathic communication was more intimate, or at least its novelty pretended as such. The construct, as sentient as this edifice might perhaps be, seemed nearly starved of allies…nay, perhaps friendship. Perhaps it was his imagination among the myriad of facts flooding his mind, his knowledge framework stacking as much as possible on mental bookshelves in his head, and compartmentalizing what he clearly did not understand so he could attend to it later.
The labyrinth map was a three-dimensional puzzle in his mind, with shadows and light and colors. He hoped he could draw it later, or better, communicate it telepathically to others. He searched the map for this room’s connection to it. If the construct was successful, and the portal shifted even for a little while, he’d like to know where he’d find more trouble.

His eyes and mind caught jolted into a sliver of reality as his fingers might encounter a hangnail. He saw the bugbear and sensed the two soldiers coming for Akos.

He focused back on the construct. “Let’s get this portal off our back for a moment, and secure this room for you.


World of Kulan DM
He focused back on the construct. “Let’s get this portal off our back for a moment, and secure this room for you.
Falen is able to decipher the 'controls' on the living altar. It is very complicated, and when he finally gets the right sequence of dials and strange toggles, he feels a slight bit of feedback from the portal. He is lucky. It could have been worse.

The portal, which has been emitting a low hum all this time, goes silent. The hazy image of the other side, Phelix's enclave, disappears. Falen watches as a different room appears in the portal. He isn't sure where it located in the labyrinth, but the portal shifts to it, which opens a second portal in the room. It looks like some sort of temple.

"S- Straevok's t- temple," the living altar mentally says to Falen. The altar is straining to stay connected to Falen's mind. It might have been hurt by the portal being shifted away. It hadn't warned Falen of that possibility.

Falen can clearly see the face of this Straevok in his mind. A necromancer. Powerful in his day. Falen's not sure how long ago the man lived, however. The altar isn't able to tell him any more.

Out in the corridor, the young knight considers his options, and his oath to the trapped genie. He won't abandon her, but he won't be able to help her if he dies. The man looks at the strange horned horse in the corridor. The magical creature likely saved his life. Another debt owed. He grips his sword and half walks, half stumbles back into the portal room to stand behind Tim and beside Vitus.

The knight knows the cleric has given him a bit of extra health, but it isn't much. He gestures to the young cleric of Tyche for more aid, if possible. He readies himself for any foes that come near him.

OOC: The knight takes a move action into the room and readies an action to attack any Loyalists that come within 5 feet of him.

@TaranTheWanderer, roll a DC 20 Heal check.

End of Round 2


World of Kulan DM
The thug on the floor picks himself and steps over to pick up his blade. It still has the knight's blood on it. He looks around for the knight. "Now, where'd you go." He doesn't see the knight standing behind Tim.

The man named Reyson who retreated from Tim considers his options. He knows he can't stand toe-to-toe against the Tall Knight, but if he retreats, the bugbear might just kill him. He takes a step towards the Vanquisher cleric while keeping an eye on Sir Tymbeck. He swings his blade but Custodio blocks the attack with his shield. A moment later the woman tries to slice another wound against Custodio, but he just manages to bring his shield around and block her strike as well.

The Loyalist facing Rockhorn looks at the wild dwarf with an evil glint in his eye. The man, Parch, moves as if to attack Rockhorn but then shifts his stance and blade and cuts a deep wound on Spritewing's neck. "Ha!"

The last soldier swings his own blade and manages to cut Vincenzo's arm. "We came prepared for you this time," the man sneers at the Sectarian.

OOC: @ScottDeWar_jr, you're up for Vincenzo. He is at -1 to hit with Lil Vinny or his dagger due to his reduced Strength.
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"Well, you just might know I would use Bertaccelie's defense against you, but instead I use cheppanel, instead! Ha ha!"

A quick twist of his wrist proves different as Vincenzo +feints+ and instead uses his Aggripa!

Action: feint [standard action, as he does not have improved feint feat.]
Roll is on discord

The loyalist is caught off guard by the deceptive twist of his wrist and Vincenzo slips past any dexterous guard that might have thrown off Vinny's attack!
[Attack and damage on discord]
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World of Kulan DM
(Posting for @Tellerian Hawke)
Sir Tymbeck brings his sword up and then down at Reyson. The man tries to block Tim's sword strike with his shield, but the large knight cuts a huge gash through the shield and the man's shoulder. The Loyalist buckles under the hit and falls to the floor unconscious. Tim brings his sword up and around in an arc at the woman fighting against Custodio. The Vanquisher cleric knows to duck down slightly but the woman sees the attack coming and leans back and parries Tim's blade with her own.

Custodio tries to catch woman off guard with his own attacks, but she easily blocks his attacks with her sword and shield.

Behind Tim, Tuck quickly reloads and fires his crossbow at the Loyalist fighting against Vincenzo, but with both Rockhorn and Vinny in between him and the soldier, his bolts cannot find the mark. The soldier deflects the first shot away with his shield and the others disappear, literally, into the ceiling.

The cleric looks towards Akos for a moment but then turns to set his gaze on Big Tim. He steps back towards the wall. His eyes glint evilly and then those eyes flash a bright blood red. He says nothing but a powerful miasma quicly spreads out around Big Tim to hit all those nearby. The Loyalists don't react to the unholy blight, as it doesn't hurt the evil men.

The miasma takes Custodio by surprise and the Vanquisher cleric yells out in pain. He shudders in agony and immediately begins to feel sick in his gut. It also causes the young knight pain and the man crumples to the floor next to Vitus.

"That should be the end of my employer's traitor," the bugbear says proudly.

Out in the corridor, the summoned unicorn is also hit by the power of the unholy blight, but it manages to shur off the worst of the blight's effects.
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The loremaster starts the spell of anti-magic to free the genie. He looks at the threatening cultists and feels relieved the caster didn't try to affect him. On the other hand, maybe his spell resistance would protect him.

He gets temporarily distracted by trying to identify the spell, faltering in his reading and then completely fumbles it when he sees the boy crumple down.
"We need the caster down!"

In Sylvan to the unicorn
"Keep healing the knight until he rushes away from you or someone else falls. Use your best judgement after that. Do not approach me."

Unicorn heal: neurotic: 2D8 + 5#unicorncuremoderatewounds → 8( (1 +2) + 5)#Unicorn cure moderate wounds only 8hp to the knight :(

Free: activate Charm domain power +4 charisma for 1 minute
Standard: neurotic: D20 + 16 + 2 + 2 + 2#usescrollofanti - magic → 23(1 + 16 + 2 + 2 + 2)#Use scroll of anti-magic - the bot hates me (the roll is +2 from Nymph's kiss, +2 from synerty and +2 from extra charisma
EFFECTIVE ROLL 13 (with -10 from 1) and maybe a mishap?

Move: retrieve second (last) scroll of anti-magic

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