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Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [IC]


World of Kulan DM
To Custodio,

"If you need it, there's a wand of curing on my belt"
While Custodio hears the young cleric of Tyche, he is keeping his focus on the table by the wall.

"Shield and mace are strongly magical! Also, all loyalists have conjuration potions, probably healing on them. Collect what you can, but don't waste time on it. If it's on the way, grab it. Otherwise ignore it! Lives are more important!

Also, there is magical dagger up there where Rockhorn fought!"
Akos words cause the Vanquisher cleric to turn his head towards the man lying dead next to him. He looks at Akos. "I'll get the dagger... and the potion on the table! Don't wait for me!"

TaranTheWanderer said:
"Tyche, goddess of travel and luck, guide the enemy's blade away from myself and my allies."

With a prayer, Vitas moved to the hallway, next to the enemy, doing his best to look threatening...which was difficult considering he could hardly carry his own (disguised) armour.
Vitus moves into the corridor and tries his best to avoid provoking the Loyalist, but the man is canny and he swings his heavy mace around and catches the cleric of Tyche on the shoulder. It is only a glancing blow, but it still heavily bruises Vitus.

"Foolish child," Kellam says in a mocking tone. "You dare challenge me?"

Rockhorn urges Spritewing.
"Let's go! Go as fast as you can ignore the fighting and if we have to chose between that rock and you, I choose you. Bolt if you have to, it will remain aloft for some time. And if it crashes, you'll know you don't have to wait for me. I'll be right behind you. Wait only for Tuck to fasten the wizard and rush out."

"Don't die, idiot! Rush until you rejoin with others. You cannot protect anyone while in here. And leave the treasure!"

Spritewing puts his wings forward and down for kobolds easier access to his cargo, cradling the statue between them.

"Right!" huffs Rockhorn "My turn! Vitus, move that knight aside, I cannot charge like this!"
Still, his movement greatly improved by the haste spell, he rushes forward pulling tanglefoot bag as he goes and activating his giant felling gauntlets. He's not sure if it will work on green fire thingy, but it is better than nothing.
So intent on both Eeldai and Vitus, Kellam doesn't sense the danger from Rockhorn's thrown tanglefoot bag until it is too late. The bag hits the Loyalist Fanatic's back and explodes all over the man. The greenish light emenating from Kellam's body dims as the goo holds him fast.

"What is this now?" He says in surprise as the goo sticks him to the floor. "You dishonour me with a child's weapon!"

"It worked didn't it?" Eeldai mocks. She laughs.

Kellam Black silently fumes.

TaranTheWanderer said:
"Lady Eeldai, our mission was to rescue you and the Knight. Please retreat."

The teenager's voice was calm and polite but there was a pleading concern in it - desperation, perhaps, as the boy faced enemies against whom he was completely outmatched.
The noble djinni seems unwilling to retreat, but she knows her strength is limited while still affected by the powerful effects of the blasphemy. "A strategic retreat does seem to be in order, but we must not let them get by us. Guard your flank, young Tychain."

Neurotic said:
Akos takes his own advice grabbing the clerics shield on the way to the altar. He cannot really help with the statue and maybe a good dispel will help. Or confusion.
"OK, altar, guide me. Quickly."
The living altar speaks directly into the Loremaster's mind as several hidden mechanisms slide up out of it. "First, turn the three centre dials all the way to the right, one at a time, starting on your left. Yes, yes, your left. There, good. Now, hit the blue panel. No, that's the dark blue one! Don't touch that one! The one at the bottom on your right. Yes, that one. Good. Now push the large lever all the way to the top. Yes, just like that. Now turn the centre dials all the way to the left, one at a time, from right to left."

From somewhere in the living altar, a strange sound begins humming. "Don't worry about that. My temporal core is warming up. Now, slide the lever down... No! Not That Lever!" The altar shudders. "Too close. The other lever near the top, the horizontal one. Slide it all the way to your left."

Akos finishes the long process and the the time dilation decreases. The mechanism slide back down into the living altar to be hidden by mechanical doors once again.

"There, you've done it! Now get out of here!"

OOC: The time dilation has now been set to the lowest level. One second on the Material Plane is now equal to two seconds in the Labyrinth of Lost Souls.

Later in the Round:
"Stay back Gattas, you must live, as we all."
Gattas looks at Vincenzo and then towards the leader of the Loyalist Fanatics. "That won't hold him long," he warns. He looks at Falen next to him and gives the healing potion to the half-hobgoblin. "Take it!" He almost forces the potion bottle into Falen's hands.

Then, he leans against the wall and deftly raises his right leg so that he can get at his boot. He flicks a hidden latch and a tiny palm-sized holy symbol falls into his other hand. The symbol appears to be a red raven against a silver moon.

Before Vincenzo can object, Gattas says a quick prayer and touches the Sectarian on the back. Healing energy flows into Vinny. "I can do that a few more times," Gattas says as he steps back. "I will heal as much as I can."

"You're a cleric," Eeldai says, surprised.

"One of many talents I learned as a member of the Red Ravens," Gattas replies.

OOC: @Aust Thale, @ScottDeWar_jr: Gattas delays until Falen's action and then hands the potion to him (delays; free action). He then takes out a hidden holy symbol from his boot and heals Vincenzo in front of him. He spontaneously cast cure light wounds on Vinny. casts He then takes a 5-ft. step back.

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World of Kulan DM
Another Loyalist comes around the low wall by the stairs. She stops next to the dead orc and incants a spell. A force missile shoots out from her fingertips to hit the noble djinni. Eeldai winces. "Yes, definitely time to retreat."

After Tuck finishes, the pegasus deftly navigates between and under the large genie and few allies and rushes away carrying the petrified wizard helping to stabilize him with his wings and protecting him from bumps and scrapes.
Tuck looks at the dead Loyalist lying in the antimagic zone. "No time for that," he says to himself. He rushes over to Spritewing and ties the petrified wizard to the dungeonbred pegasus's back.

"This is going to take more than a few seconds," Tuck says to Spritewing. "Hold still."

The kobold gets to work tying the stoned man firmly to the pegasus. The kobold urban ranger is forced to climb on Spritewing's back.

OOC: @MetaVoid, it seems that tying a knot, while only a DC 10 check, is a full-round action. Spritewing will have to remain motionless until Tuck's turn next round.

Tuck - DC 10 Use Rope check: 1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13 (success)
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Aust Thale

Mentally spotting the loyalists coming up the stairs, he’s left somewhat taxed in his communications to his mates. He manages two words telepathically, “Contact North!”

Verbally he urges the genie and Vitus,”Eeldai, hug the wall! Vitus, this way!! Quickly!!

In a whisper, He conjures a magical grease attack behind the green-glow loyalist right where the hallway opens into the north part of the corridor.

Bottleneck the corridor,”Falen directs, speaking aloud again after casting the spell.


World of Kulan DM
Mentally spotting the loyalists coming up the stairs, he’s left somewhat taxed in his communications to his mates. He manages two words telepathically, “Contact North!”

Verbally he urges the genie and Vitus, ”Eeldai, hug the wall! Vitus, this way!! Quickly!!

In a whisper, He conjures a magical grease attack behind the green-glow loyalist right where the hallway opens into the north part of the corridor.

Bottleneck the corridor,” Falen directs, speaking aloud again after casting the spell.
Falen isn't sure if the entangled Loyalist in front of the genie notices his casting. The man, this Kellam, seems more concerned with the goo entangling him. The magical grease shimmers into place in between the green-glowing man and the other Loyalists. Then, from inside Falen's pocket, Ting shouts out a warning that only Falen and those near him can hear.

"More of them are coming through the portal!" The tiny psicrystal warns. "Time to flee!"

In the portal room, the living altar mentally warns Akos that more Loyalists are about to pour through the portal in the temple.

"Loremaster, more of these villains are about to arrive. You must make haste or they will overwhelm you all."

End of Round Two


World of Kulan DM
Vitus can hear the sound of more footfalls on stone beyond the visible Loyalists at the end of the corridor. Then a voice speaks a harsh word. "Autar! Stop right there! You almost set off the summoning trap!"

"Where is it?"

"Right there, in front of you. Be more careful!"

"Yes, commander."

Gattas quietly says to Falen and Vincenzo. "I know that voice. Phalix has sent more than one of his commanders." He looks at Falen. "Kefax Fetolsson. He's a soldier. Tougher than most." The spy shakes his head. "But I doubt he would be able to stand against your knight friend on his own."

Vinny listens to Gattas' warning as he casts a spell on his shield. The shieldbearer magic causes the shield to float and he mentally commands it to protect the genie in front of him. The shield moves forward and puts itself between Eeldai and the Loyalists.

A moment later, the woman standing on the other side of the low wall pops her head up. She has a bow ready to fire. She takes aim at Eeldai and shoots but the arrow skids on the greased floor instead and slide between the genies legs past her. The woman curses and then shoots again. She aims at Vitus but her arrow shatters against the walls beside the young cleric of Tyche. She curses again.

The masked Loyalist shouts out a warning to his allies. "The goblin! The one called Falled. He cast... something." He raises his sword and shield, as if he's going to charge forward.

"Wait!" The woman standing in front of him had also seen Falen's movements and understood he was trying to cast secretly. She tries to decipher Falen's movements and words, but she cannot see enough of him to recognize the spell.


"I don't know. Be careful."

The man nods and moves forward past her carefully towards Vitus. He is soon standing on Falen's grease spell. "The floor is slippery." He manages to stay on his feet and traverse the area of the spell to stand in front of Vitus and swing his sword at the young cleric once.

"Ah, I see now. A Grease spell. Very clever but not unexpected..." the woman says.

Another Loyalist soldier appears around the corner of the low wall. The woman tries to warn him to be careful, but the man moves into the area of the grease spell anyway to try to get to the entangled Kellam and help free the man. He falls on his butt. "Damn!"

"I did warn you," the woman mocks.



World of Kulan DM
Eeldai uses the distraction of the Loyalist falling to the floor to retreat down the corridor. A moment later, Tim rushes towards where she had been standing and bring his blade down towards Kellem. The man manages to somehow avoid the Tall Knight's blade.

A moment later, the Loyalist commander roars in anger and bursts out of the goo of the tanglefoot bag. Bits of dried goo bounce off Tim's shield and hit Vitus on the face and arm before falling to the floor.

"I will not be defeated by the likes of you!" Kellam screams in anger.

OOC: Kellam escaping from the goo of the Tanglefoot Bag is a full-round action. (I think.)


World of Kulan DM
"Time to go!" Custodio yells to Akos and the others still in the portal room. He rushes out of the room past the knight and the others in the corridor.

The knight follows suit and is soon standing just in front of Eeldai near the southern section of the corridor leading towards the entrance of the labyrinth. He turns to guard her until she moves again.

A moment later, the weakening effect of the dead devil-kin's blasphemy ends. Strength returns to everyone's limbs as the dark magic fades away.

OOC: @TaranTheWanderer, you're up for Vitus.

Eeldai has now retreated and Tim is standing in her place behind Vitus. Kellam has broken free of the goo next to Vitus, and a Loyalist soldier is standing right in front of Vitus (after saving vs. the grease spell). He attacked Vitus, but he missed. Another soldier failed his save and fell.

I'll update the map later. I need to take a break, as my arm and shoulder are starting to ache.

Rockhorn had an idea to charge the green-fire man, but between the young knight, big knight and the wall, he cannot use his best tactics. And he is slowest of the group. He decides to move behind them and then keep the line.

Full round action: RUN! he gets behind the group as far as he can, then turns and holds the line.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
While Akos would like to have some extra time to cast, he realizes the group needs to be together and not moving right now might trap him with the gaggle of fanatics. But once he is at the door he realizes unique opportunity of they position and concentrates on the chaos of his heritage.

Calling upon confusing whispers from beyond the mortal ken, he afflicts the enemies with them. Akos considered even including Vitus and Kellen in the effect, but the resistance of the creature is still an unknown and Vitus, while strong of will is still only a human. He decides he would rather affect any unseen enemies behind the corner.

Move: toward the door
if he can see the corridor (i think he can), cast confusion (WILL DC 18) so he catches all visible enemies except Kellam (it is 15' blast) positioning the center so it potentially catches up others behind that corner
if he cannot see the corridor, keep moving down the hall

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