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Naked and living in a barrel
They seem to be missing an opportunity. I'm not a tactical combat fan, but a god system, one that I gave my imput on, might draw me to it. If only for some fights from time to time.

Now they are back at doing stuff they think we want or just stuff they like.


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That's worth bringing up but misses half the point. The half point it misses is that taking ten for a thief acrobat leaves you in the 15-20 range aiming at DC25. (Or did. They stripped that as an example out of the latest playtest packet and left almost no guidance). When taking ten leads to a miss by five or more on something that should be routine and that you can't take 20 on we have a problem.
Everybody, starting with Mearls, agree the "math" is a bit off. But not that much : according to the latest playtest, a lvl 3 Rogue with expertise in Acrobatics and 16 Dex has +2+5+3=+10 on any Dexterity (Acrobatics) check, which is enough to casually (taking 10) overcome DC 20 challenges. I do think mundane tightrope walking is definitely a DC 20 task (not DC 25, I agree with you), so the system is not as broken as you say... I am OK with non-specialist having only the slightest chance of succeeding this kind of task.
I am more preoccupied by Saving Throws math, and by giving meaningful choices to players before rolling...


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I don't have any particular faith in their ability to get all these new subsystems right. We'll see. They could be anywhere from seriously flawed to fantastic.

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