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L4W Discussion Thread III


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This thread is a continuation of the second discussion thread (which had grown to prodigious length).

This is for general discussion. If formally making a specific rules proposal, please begin a new thread for your proposal.

Generally Useful Links
Character Creation Guide
L4W Forum
L4W Wiki (Main) - includes a lot of important but somewhat random information
The Transitive Isles - the wiki that explains the setting; includes links to more detailed sections

If you have an idea about what character you want to play you can also just join us in the Tavern and roleplay.

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Lord Sessadore

This is just a repost of my last post in Ye Olde Discussione Threade (because it should have been here ;))

Speaking of the PHB2, someone over on RPG.net just got theirs today/yesterday (they live in Japan, so what day it was depends where you are ;)). Here's a link to the thread, some nice spoilers there. :D


subscribing too. Several bloggers have gotten copies of PHB2 so that they can review and post on them on the launch date. Look for lots of blog activity that day. Some are answering general questions like over at Criticalhits.com.


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are there any other places on ENworld I could create a character and have them adventure? play by post style... I'm not picky, except I like 4e rules... which I suppose is pretty picky!:p

Lord Sessadore

Well ... on ENWorld, this is about it. There is the general PbP forums (look in the "Talking the Talk" forum for recruiting games), but there's a real shortage of 4e games there. The last 4e game that got posted there filled up with 6 characters in under a day. L4W is your best chance for some 4e PbP action on ENWorld ;)

That said, I'm sure there's other forums on the internets that have PbP with 4e games. But no community is as nice as ENWorld :D;)

Edit: Ninja'ed by garyh, haha. There is also Living ENWorld and Living Eberron, if you'd like to try out some 3.5 play by post.


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Thanks for the quick reply!
I suppose this will be my home for some time then, I might as well make myself comfy. I really like the community here, it has a nice ambience. :cool:
Suppose the best thing for me to do is learn how to run a PBP game, and become a DM.
Depending on how that goes, maybe become a judge.
I DM at home but it's nothing like this.
The map thing is the most daunting for me so far, I'm good with the 4e system. PBP isn't hard to understand, and the community is knowledgeable enough that running games for players shouldn't be too difficult.
Getting used to the PBP and mapping will take some time, but the rest should fall into place nicely.:D

Lord Sessadore

Well, I think once you're used to being a player in PbP (I'm thinking especially of combat), being a DM is sort of the same, but more. And then there's the map, but covaithe demonstrated a really simple (and old school ;)) way of doing up a decent map in the Hoofchew adventure.

It's cool to see people jumping into the community - it makes it that much more enjoyable. Haha, listen to me try to sound like a vet. I've been here, what, 5 months? (Wait ... it's been 5 months?? :confused:)


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Regular non-Living play-by-post games recruit in the Talking the Talk forum.
Like... Like "Undead PBP"? Are recruiters required to be necromancers? I'm guessing the zombie posting frequency makes for pretty slow games, eh?



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Massive Expansion

Rejoice, all you swordmages, warriors, and warlocks!

The following sources have now largely been approved, with some adjustments:
  • Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
  • Martial Power
  • Wish Upon A Star (Warlock article)

I have updated the Charter and Character Creation Guide to include these new character options.

Presents for Goblins