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Is this the up to date version of the retirement rules?

You have two options when replacing a character:

A) Create the new character at the same level as the old character. It will start with the following wealth, based its level:

  • Level 1: 100 gp
  • Level 2: 780 gp
  • Level 3: 1750 gp
  • Level 4+: full starting wealth as outlined in the DMG on page 143
B) Create the new character at least one level below the level of the old character. Any XP lost in this way (a minimum of one level's worth) is divided in half and credited to the player, tracked on a wiki page, and can be spent on another character, with the DM's discretion. When credited XP is spent on a character, that character receives time gold, as if the XP gained were time XP.

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I believe that's up to date, yes. Do you think otherwise?
For some reason I thought there was a change to the rules from last year, but when I looked up the post it was just the second option :)

The reason I ask is that I was thinking of retiring someone to make a Tempest Fighter, though I am still unsure if I will do so.

Mal Malenkirk

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Anyone has a table of how much gp worth of treasure you are supposed to have for each level?

I'm trying to do a spread sheet that tells me exactly how much treasure you are supposed to get based on how much XP you earned.


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I have a question--how do you get map images to show up as those clickable thumbnails that open up their own windows? I like those.


Like this?
Antechamber 5.jpg It shows up in the editor as{Attach}#####{/ATTACH} with square brackets of course, where ##### is the file number associated with your picture.

Hey! it's not supposed to work like that. What gives?

I think I'm going to stick to adding photobucket images to sblocks until I can figure out why stuff like this always happens to me :(
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I'm hoping a judge might be able to help me out. Devinihm, my wilden druid, is being considered for an adventure with a minimum level of 5. Devinihm's 9 xp away from that, so the DM has suggested he may just accept him and give an early time xp award or something similar to bump him up.

Problem is, Devinihm isn't yet approved for 4th level, so I think that would make him technically ineligible for any XP award. He has one non-judge approval, just needs a judge, I believe. If anyone could take a look, I'd appreciate it.

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