Lady Despina's Virtue - Continued


Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
I don't even know how to respond, no one has ever made words good enough to praise this. What an emotional rollercoster.

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Thanks All

Earnest thanks for your praise and compliments - also to the players who are an inspiration.

If I were to fully 'novelize' it, it would require some serious tweaking in terms of style, continuity and pacing, as well as a lot of background info that hasn't been included.

Also, I've got concerns because it is very definitely in the D&D genre. I'd either have to aim it at that audience, or compromise its style and language if I wanted it to have a wider appeal.

I'll mull it over.

Btw, I've changed the name of the new thread to "The Heretic of Wyre." Referring to Eadric, of course.


First Post
What a fantastic ending to one of the best SH on the boards.

I loved the final scene. It had such a great atmosphere to it, so pensive and full of potential. Can't wait for the next installment.

Kai Lord

For anyone new to the boards who hasn't read this utterly amazing Story Hour, I'm bumping this for you. Honestly, I think all of these should be consolidated into one thread and then permanently stickied to the top. I never, ever thought any other group could match the stories and drama of the campaigns I have played in until I read this. Absolutely riveting entertainment.

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