Lancer RPG Suspends Kickstarter Fulfillment

The popular mech-themed Lancer RPG, which Kickstarted successfully with almost half a million dollars in 2019, has announced that it is suspending development on Field Guide to Harrison Armory, Field Guide to the Aun Ecumene, and the No Room for a Wallflower campaign Pt. 2. The core book rewards shipped successfully in 2020.


In a Kickstarter update today, Tom Parkinson-Morgan (otherwise known as Abbadon) and Miguel Lopez posted that life commitments and the impact of COVID on the publishing industry was causing delays on the original timeline. Parkinson-Morgan works full time on the Kill Six Billion Demons comic book; additionally, one half of the two person company, Miguel has gotten a full-time job with WotC.

"The option we have chosen is to produce the Kickstarter content we have close to finishing, and canceling scheduled production on the rest. We will therefore be producing and publishing the Field Guide to the Karrakin Trade Baronies due out likely late this year or early next year, and at the same time deferring or suspending production on the upcoming Field Guide to Harrison Armory book, the Field Guide to the Aun Ecumene book, and Wallflower part 2.

What this means is that after the KTB book comes out, we will effectively be finished with our production of Lancer content under Kickstarter obligations. We are not stopping production on Lancer content, or even production on the books listed - we still plan to release them if possible. We would just prefer to work on these books at our own pace without the obligation that comes from Kickstarter goals. If and when we produce these books, we'll announce them as normal, and backers will still receive them for free."

They go on to note that the publishing duo intends to continue work on those products, but at their own pace. When they do come out, backers will still get them for free.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Lore manuscripts for Harrison Armory, Karrakin Trade Baronies and Aun Ascendancy, and playtest manuscripts for Wallflower (pt 1 and 2) were also put up for free on their Discord since ages ago, long before the Wallflower pt 1 book came out. So Lancer GMs have got enough material to work with for the time being.

Will be nice to see what their new schedule looks like after they reshuffle everything.

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