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wannabe RPG writer
Hello guys!
I'm Alex and I'm a sous chef from Greece. Of course I am currently uneployed thanks to the pandemic but no hard feelings, that gave me the chance to try something that I might love even more than cooking, which is fiction, games, rpgs and recently D&D, that lead me to jump into the struggle of writing an One-shot RPG for 5e (maybe two-shot). My english is a work in progress because I sendomly had to write something or speak, mostly I used to read and listen to English through games and serries on TV. Anyway, enough about me!

My adventure is going to unfold arround a century old village that it was built near the mountains for their precious iron. The founder of the village was Kaspar, who found an old crumbling tower on a small hill near the mountains, so he decided to start building the village arround it, and make the old tower his own home. Little did he know that the old resident of the tower who was put in deep sleep centuries ago was somewhere close and one of his ancestors would wake him up in the years to come. The years were passing and the village grew larger as more people was coming to start their lives there, prosperity and financial growth was drawing people like the honey draws the bear to the beehive. Kaspar died and left his ancestors to continue the governorship of the village.

Firgil, Kaspar's only grandson was the one that found the old tower's resident resting place, or should I say prison? It was a hateful Night Hag, born and raised in the 113 layer of hell along with her vile sisters, which came first to the world of the living to forge a portal to make a passage for her sisters and the dark creatures of hell to bring doom and despair. She have been stopped before, by a powerful cleric which imprisoned her in a sacred chamber, deep in the caverns of the mountains. Alas, Firgil's rush decision released her in the world one more time, and this time she is going to be cautious and watchful, planning her evil shemes in the shadows. She needs 9 pure lives to forge the portal, the PCs will arrive at the village when she gets the last two. They will have enough time to stop her and reverse the situation.

There is going to be a big plot twist that I am not going to reveal until the release. Any advise about writing and setting an adventure is more than welcome. I wasn't sure what to reveal so I kept most of the information for myself as I am not entirely sure if I will include them all in my adventure. I just wanted to give you a small glimpse and get some feedback. I have already written the 3/4 and made 2 high resollution battlemaps and one regional. Thank you for your time!​
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Any advise about writing and setting an adventure is more than welcome. I wasn't sure what to reveal so I kept most of the information for myself as I am not entirely sure if I will include them all in my adventure.

Some advice from a GM's perspective. An adventure you want people to play as an rpg is not a novel, and shouldn't be structured in the same way. Twists and surprises are cool; but they are to surprise the players in the course of the game, not to surprise the GM reading your pdf. When you're structuring your adventure, don't hide the twist for a big reveal - put it there plain and centre at the start for the GM to understand what's going on.

Maybe this advice is very obvious, but it seems to me that many people writing adventures (including big, professional publishers) don't seem to get it.

Good luck with your adventure.


wannabe RPG writer
First of all I love your name, it reminds of Gothic II, one of the very first quests was to work as a farm hand and colllect turnips all day for a few gold pieces. It was one of the best RPGs I have ever played. Any advise is good and I understand why you said it but it will be all there, at the adventure background. I am just not sure how this is going to work yet and I really want to tweak it until I am really happy and content about it before revealing anything. I want to finish the first draft and then start tweaking it sentence by sentence. My perfectionism is both with me and against me I guess.

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