Just starting a game and was wondering what to do with languages. For example, a Dwarf in 5e knows Dwarven and Common. The native tongue in Risur is Primordial. Is a Dwarf constable given a 3rd language, Primordial? Does he replace one? Does the answer change if he is from Risur/not from Risur?
On the principle that Language barriers are boring.
Any RHC Constable will know Primordial and Common as Primordial is essential to talk to natives and Common is vital to talk to foreign visitors and if the characters cannot speak both it will make huge sections of all adventures into pointless clunky language problems.
I would also let the Dwarf speak Dwarven .
An NPC dwarf from Drakr would speak Dwarven and Common but not primordial


Risuri natives and other people working with RHC for a long time are likely to know Primordial as bonus language. There are very few language barriers in AP: sign language for adv4 (unlikely to be known by anyone in the party), Draconic for some possibilities in Ber, probably Elven to speak more freely with natives of Elfaivar. Almost everyone in the world can speak common, the exceptions would be some savage tribes - goblins in adv.6, giants from adv.7 and so on.


Interesting read, since for me it was obvious that common would not exist and racial language were converted to national languagrs.

I based it on the language overview. I told them that they all got Risuri as the base language and as agents they would be encouraged to know Danoran.

I also encouraged them to cover all the language of the Major nations.
I consider Common to the the Crisslyan/Danoran language, Primordial to be a fey/human language and a cruder version of Elven spoken in Risur and Elfaivar , while the Eladrin and Elves with their long lifespan also learn the complicated elven tongue. Drakr I have mainly speaking dwarven , I expect that during the Demonocrocy there was was also a Hybrid Infernal/AByssal tongue spoken as the common tongue of the Demonocrocy but which was abandoned when they fell