Dragonlance Larry Elmore Shares Dragonlance Character Art

“Found this in the flat files drawer.”


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Do you know there is special software whose algoritms allow to create a picture imitating certaing artist's style?

Is there any artist with a style as Elmore?

Anyone know what the percentages mean?

I always pictured Derek as younger, more like the spikey-haired blonde jerk you'd see in 80s-era movies set in high school or college (but with a mustache, naturally).


Larry Elmore was the very best for me for defining the look of the Dragonlance saga. I actually collected the older Boxsets adventures because of his cover artwork. And yes, I helped fund his Kickstarters. Though his latest art piece, The Women of Dragonlance was not top of his game.

Urriak Uruk

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Just curious, when is the last time Elmore did a cover for a Dragonlance book? I believe the new trilogy is supposed to start release this year.



Larry Elmore's art is gorgeous.

I hope someday, he can put out another artbook that also includes any new art he has made since 2014.

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