Last Day to Back Summoner Class, Spells, and More in the Creed's Codex Kickstarter, Plus Shard Version for Free

Kickstarter Campaign ends 5/18. Last chance to back Creed's Codex: Arcane Secrets of the Summoners, a player supplement for fifth edition. Creed, an adventurer in pursuit of legend and lore, has delved into the secrets of the summoners, followed whispers of fearsome weapons wielded by warriors of the Burning Summit, and ventured deep into ruins looking for details on the fabled power of convergence. Details on his findings have been compiled into a 100+ page 5E supplement providing a mixture of new mechanics and lore. With new options for every character in 5E, make your character feel truly unique with a wealth of new choices. This book works with any fifth edition setting.
For a preview of what's inside, download the free digital version.

We've also just partnered with Shard Tabletop and will provide a free Shard Tabletop version of the summoner class to all backers of the digital copy!

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