DDAL Legacy of Worlds, Cross Planar Adventurers League Live Stream and new Epic.


I crit!
Legacy of Worlds! It's an Adventurers Leuge stream celebrating the worlds of D&D but it looks like it includes a four hour epic that allows for cross campaign play. The epic in, based in Sigil, will be available later for wider play.
Legacy of Worlds is an ongoing weekly epic streaming show that will visit many of D&D’s most famous worlds. The cast of characters includes the Dungeon Master by The Tome Keeper Devin Wilson ( he/him), Melf, played by Luke Gygax (Creator of Gary Con, he/him), Elminster by Ed Greenwood (Creator of Forgotten Realms, he/him), Merrix D’Cannith by Keith Baker (Creator of Eberron, he/him), Vladeska Drakov by Elisa Teague (Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, Betrayal's Widow's Walk, she/her), Loholt Lynnvander by Tommy Gofton (Buffy, Star Trek Alliance, and Legacy of Mana, he/him) and a host of famous guest stars including Bee Zelda (they/them), Deborah Ann Woll (she/her), Todd Stashwick (he/him), and others!

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