D&D General Legal way to pick up any version of Caverns of Thracia pdf?

The title.

I've read Wikipedia and the reviews. I'd really like to get a copy of this, but it's not available at DriveThru or DMs Guild from what I can tell.

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Copies of this might be available but I imagine they go for a lot. Judges Guild Deluxe: Dark Tower, Caverns of Thracia, & More

Consider buying this when it comes out, it’ll encourage them to do more of them. From what I understand none of the money goes to judges guild or the jg principles. I think Jennell is involved on a consultation basis.
Yeah, I hope Goodman Games can salvage more of this stuff...but I'm not optimistic.


I would just download it from wherever I could find it and then donate an amount equal to original cost to a progressive cause to assuage any guilt over what amounts to victimless piracy since it cannot be purchased from the publisher anymore.
Not cool. Regardless of someones unpleasant views, piracy is still against the law and downloading still requires the permission of the copyright holder.

So far, to my knowledge, the only place you can get a Judges Guild related product/pdf is the 5E Tegal Manor on Frog God Games' website.

Now the good thing about that is that Frog God Games had something contractually made up where ALL sales proceeds made from it, book or PDF, can ONLY be used towards the failed Kickstarter fulfillment of the Overlord of the Invincible City and its backers. Bob Bledsaw II can't touch a single cent of it for any other use, personal or otherwise, from those sales generated.

Other than that, yeah I think Judge Guild games and its stuff is pretty much finished.


I am just saying what I would do. I find absolutism uncool. :ROFLMAO:
It is against board rules.
Yeah, @el-remmen ... just for your own sake, you may want to delete the post advocating what you did because the mods tend to come down on people who suggest it. And since it doesn't sound like you are really all that invested in the idea, you might as well save yourself the grief. :)


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Thanks for the warning. I'd actually rather have the mods contact me if they want me to delete it. I used to be one! I guess I forgot the strictness of that rule. I definitely do NOT advocate pirating stuff still in print!

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