Legend of the Five Rings Fifth Edition Actual Play [Shadow of the Bayushi]


Relaxed Intensity
We just finished a 4-month run of Legend of the Five Rings Fifth Edition. It was a profoundly fun experience. Our game specifically leaned very heavily into clan politics, interclan marriages and the relationship between the Great Clans and the Minor Clans. We played fairly fast loose with the lore.

The game basically started as a request from me and my best friend, Jason, to one of the other players in our group (Nick) who had previously only ran Dungeons and Dragons. Jason and I have been the primary GMs for our group for a while now and wanted to get a chance to actually play a game together instead of just being in each other's games all the time. So, we asked Nick to run L5R, but to really focus on intrigue and samurai drama. He agreed and ran a phenomenal game.

We started with character creation first, before the initial scenario was setup. I'll put up a post later today or early tomorrow going over how Character Creation helped to setup the initial scenario our game would end up focusing on.

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